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Playful Kiss Episode 7 recaps

So I’ve decided to carry on with the recaps for this episode. (:


Ha Ni realised that Seung Jo might probably be sort of toying with her feelings hence that kiss between them [that made thousand of fangirls squealed, I can just imagine] is kinda ‘not real’ in that sense. She decided to follow Seung Jo to see what club he would be in and realised that he was invited to join Top Spin, a tennis club. Now, as dramas go, the evil love rival had to be in the same club too. Oh did I mention, she was as smart as Seung Jo, as good as him in tennis [ she won the girls’ division, him the boys’] and also as good looking. Naturally, she liked to poke fun at Ha Ni, but right now, she’s not too mean yet. [ ah well the potential of love rivals is immense]

The new freshmen had to take a test to test their tennis abilites. Everyone failed terribly as the guy below hit all sorts of ridiculous balls. Love Rival, a.k.a Yoon He Ra managed to hit all the balls though, and so did Seung Jo, who happily and dashingly walked towards the guy and said "Good Job". Gah, that got the guy really pissed off, and guess who’s up next! Ha Ni, of course. She joined the club despite not having any prior experience and hence, she couldn’t hit any of the balls that were coming really fast and quick. Worst still, she was hit by her own racquet and fainted with a nosebleed.


While the club was in a pub[I don’t know where is this place], He Ra started talking about what Love is, which got everyone really confused. Even I was confused, though I must admit, it was pretty cool. So there was He Ra talking about Love, when suddenly Seung Jo cut in and finished the sentence for her.

He Ra was pleasantly shocked while other club members observed the similarities between them. Ha Ni was really down because of this, though she still retained some hope as she told her friends later. Why? Because she had managed to sign up for the same lecture as Seung Jo!
She said hi, and Seung Jo turned around, but turned back again. Then he asked if she had brought that boy/that fool along with her. Ha Ni turned around to find

who was already working in the cafeteria to keep tabs on Ha Ni. LOL. They were attending an English lecture and the teacher asked Ha Ni some questions. Naturally, Ha Ni couldn’t answer them and Seung Jo wouldn’t help her. She fumbled with her answers and came up with this "Shut the mouth" answer to the teacher. Everyone laughed while Joon Gu spoke up for her. The teacher turned his attention to him, but he, like Ha Ni, couldn’t answer as well. He Ra, who was sitting next to Ha Ni, turned around and smiled arrogantly, all the while saying that " I hate stupid boys". Sounds familiar? Yes, because that’s exactly what Seung Jo said to Ha Ni, except it was " I hate stupid GIRLS" [ uhm obvious]

Ha Ni realised their similarites even more and lamented to Seung Jo’s mother that Seung Jo might like someone who was pretty and smart, like him. His mother [ I love his mother:D] assured her that she and Seung Jo were made to be, like the pot and its cover. She then went on and said that no matter how great the other girl was, she wouldn’t fit, like how a bigger pot cover would never fit with a smaller pot. Eun Jo called to say that he needed his calligraphy materials and Ha Ni brought them to his school. She noticed him looking at a girl, and teased him about it, saying, "Oh she’s pretty!" Eun Jo said that actually they were all prettier than her [ hahah I just love the brother, he’s so cute.. though quite mean at times]

Ha Ni decided to help Eun Jo by inviting the girl to their house. She and the mother peeped into the room while Eun Jo was sitting silently and the girl was fiddling with the pieces. After an awkward silence, she threw the pieces on the table and said she didn’t want to play anymore. He tried to entertain her, but she didn’t want to eat anything [" I would get fat" like seriously?! When I was her age, I was happily gorging on anything I could find] or some Korean game ["Boring…"]. Is it just me, or do I have a really bad feeling about this girl? Seung Jo came home and entered his room. Yes, even I get dazzled by him, so it’s a given for that small young girl to like Seung Jo immediately. Eun Jo started to feel that something’s amiss when the girl wanted to stay for dinner, even though she refused just seconds before Seung Jo entered.

While having dinner, Eun Jo couldn’t stop staring lovesickly at the girl [ lol I realise I have no idea what’s her name.. I think it’s Sarah] when she asked Seung Jo if he believed in love at first sight. Die, if this is what I imagine it’s going to be… Seung Jo replied by saying he’s not sure [ his reply coupled with a smile, ahhh save me]. The girl [ ahh should stop saying that] went on to say that she couldn’t see anyone but "Seung Jo oppa", thus causing Ha Ni to choke and Eun Jo to be upset. The mother tried consoling him but to no avail. Ha Ni apologised to him and told him that " I think if someday, two people will like each other mutally, it’s almost a miracle… Will that miracle come true for me too?" [ this totally just hit me somewhere in the heart]. Ha Ni’s father heard and asked himself if they should move out. 
And -after skipping details like how Hae Ra came over to their house to do a project and that Eun Jo really liked her cuz SHE’S PRETTY [heh you boy, I dont like you anymore><] – Dad [Ha Ni’s] decided to move Ha Ni out. Admist lots of tears, Mother [ Seung Jo’s] protested but Dad insisted. After Seung Jo heard, he was disappointed and sad, like as if he could not imagine life without her, not in the dramatic sense, but rather, like missing a small part of his life.. He went to find Ha Ni but could only bring himself to say, " Live Well". After Ha Ni left, he went to her room to find the doll that he gave her lying on her bed.

– the end-

Can’t wait for tomorrow where English Subs will be out for Episode 8! Apparently, episode ratings for this episode has increased twofold, so that’s good news for all of us! 😀 I find it really tiring to do recaps, and somehow, it’s not really my style, so after this recap, I will change back to review. Besides, I’m having my exams so it will take less time and be a more comfortable avenue of sharing for me as well(:

Hope you guys like this recap! I like this episode, but I admit it was kinda spoiled for me because the vikki player in Mysoju kept breaking down. It’s either that the videos won’t load, or that there will be ridiculous ads at the end of it when the show hasn’t even finished. GRR>< If you guys have any suggestions as to where I can watch better qualities of Playful Kiss, please tell me!

On another note, I’ve fallen in love with the new Baek Seung Jo look! 😀 He still looked like something had exploded above his head, but at least he looked cool and cute now:D 

    11.11 happens twice a day, because everyone deserves a second chance.


  1. Anonymous says


    I think it’s better to watch directly at viikkii because there are no ads so each video loads quicker.


    • Re: vikkii

      Yep! I have taken to watching at vikki directly because there are no more ridiculous ads grrr. I have enjoyed episode 8 so much more than episode 7 because of that:P

      Thanks anyway!:D


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