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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Review

I’m not sure how many people actually know about this, but yes Hana Kimi has a Japanese Remake! (Okay to be honest, I can’t really remember why I knew that there was a remake either:O) 

It’s a relatively new drama with only five episodes out, and so far, four episodes subbed. Of course, having a remake isn’t an easy job, especially when there’s already a Japanese version merely four years ago, which was super famous and spurred Toma Ikuta and other leads to quite high grounds. So comparison is inevitable, and I will be doing that too!

I’ve watched both the Japanese Hana Kimi and Taiwanese Hana Kimi. For the Taiwan version, I really like the OST and Jiro inside. As for the Japanese version, the overall was really good — nonsensical but funny. In this Remake of Hana Kimi, Maeda Atsuko takes the role of Ashiya, Nakamura Aoi for Sano and Miura Shohei as Nakatsu. I will have to admit that Horikita Maki makes a cuter Mizuki, and Toma Ikuta’s rendition of Nakatsu remains my favourite, but this means that (even though this could either be an compliment or an insult) it makes more sense for people not to suspect that Mizuki is a girl. Which is far more logical! I mean, even with cropped hair, Horikita Maki still looks like a girl — a very cute girl in fact, whereas for Maeda Atsuko, she doesn’t strike me as particularly cute, not even with long hair on her… so it does make much more sense that no one suspects her true gender. 

To be honest, I like Remake’s Sano better than the Sano in the 2007’s Hana Kimi. Because of his looks, and some tweaks in the plot, Nakamura Aoi’s portrayal of Sano is kinda different from Oguri Shun — which again, can be a good or bad thing depending on each individual. I like this Sano because of the slight changes in his character, and besides I’ve always felt that Oguri Shun looks too mature as Sano. But that’s me, there are others who felt that Oguri Shun manages to bring out the cold aura of Sano much better than Nakamura Aoi, who has a smaller statue. 

I find it quite cool that the poster for the 2007’s version and this one is the same:P with the same set used for acting.
Plot-wise, expect some twists and changes done. Of course! There must be something different, or there will be not much point watching a Japanese version again. I personally don’t mind it. In fact, those changes make the plot more logical, while retaining its fun at the same time. There’s just something about the Japanese Dramas, that allow themselves that element of fun, don’t you think? It’s funny to watch the characters in Hana Kimi cross-dress and I don’t know, lots of funny festivals, sports events and what-not that spurred the plot forward. This is why I’m not looking that forward to SM’s version in the future. I mean….. Kdramas…. are just not that type! -sorry, instantaneous flashback of City Hunter hahahahah- I’m definitely going to watch its version with an open mind, and I will praise it with no qualms if it does do a good job. That is, if it does a good job and not depend solely on its charismatic and popular cast to pull the ratings. (: 

I’m hooked on the Remake that’s for sure….but whether that was by virtue of this version of the story, or because the story itself is appealing, I have no idea. Oh well! 

When more episodes are up and subbed, I might even do recaps. 



  1. Anonymous says

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    • Haha well it depends on what you are looking for^^ I rather like it, that’s why I’m doing recaps on it now(: It’s more of a comedy kind of romance I guess. Have you watched previous Hana Kimi before?


  2. i have nothing to download (and since am download-addict) my friend suggest me the Hana Kimi korean ver to watch.
    oh. well..am not really into korean remake.
    thought might give this 2011 remake a try first before move to korean one. still doubt either to download or not til come across your review. oh well..Nakatsu and Nanba-senpai of 2007 version still the best for me. but i think why not give the 2011 a try? ^^


    • Haha I’ve not watched the Korean Remake! So have you given it a try? Personally I liked the 2011 version a lot(: I felt that they took out some of the illogical points in the 2007 version and made it better(:


      • havent watch the korean version yet. thinking to watch after finish the Japanese 2011 version ..XP
        but didnt found any subbers who sub all complete episode for the 2011 ver yet *sigh*
        maybe i need to give dvd shop a try..


      • So have you been able to get your hands on the 2011 version?:D I was quite lucky because I watched it when it was on release, hence Tudou had chinese subs for the episodes(: Haha I’m quite sure DVD shops stock up on the 2011 version:D


  3. Okuda says

    I personally love this version wayyyyyyy better than the original Japanese version. It is funny and entertaining without being splastic a lot of time in which the original version had.

    The original is entertaining but forgettable but the remake version? I cannot wait to hit the replay button all over again πŸ™‚

    It is the best and to be honest, I don’t want tp watch the SM version since even with crappy performances by the actors, the “die hard” fans will still watch the korean versions (roll eyes). A lot of the korean actors don’t know how to act and when they do romantic scenes, their eyes popped out like their romantic partners are doing disgusting stuffs to them. Duh.

    Still some of the korean dramas are still quite good. Sorry for my rant. I really love love love this remake hehehhe

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    • Did you check out the SM version in the end? I didn’t so I can’t compare haha! But I’ve never really liked/checked out Korean remakes, always found the originals nicer. As for acting though, I find that Kdrama acting is really top-notched nowadays! I find it rather lacklustre in the Taiwan industry on the other hand. Anyway thanks for your comment!<333


      • Okuda says

        No. Hmmmm, based on my experience watching korean dramas like Boys Over Flowers, they have better budgets and costs, better scenery compared to the Japanese Hana Yori Dango but I find it very lacking on the Korean version lead actors’ acting skills.

        Because of that I kind of do not want to watch Korean versions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        But still some Korean dramas are quite good and I really like to watch over and over again πŸ˜πŸ˜„

        Still, I don’t prefer to watch K-dramas that have “wooden” actors and that big-eyed-shock-looking-face when they do kissing scenes. It is horrible and ughhhh, better just do a hugging scene if the script of the dramas are very awkward by involving that kind of weird wide eyes kissing scenes.

        The Taiwan version I don’t watch it yet so I could not comment hehhe


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