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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 19 Recap

Kate, Isabelle, Ashley and Hanna waited for the principal to appear and Kate was just sulking all the way. When the Principal came in calling for Mrs Marin and both Isabelle and Ashley replied. Oh oh, awkward moment. 

Spencer traced the ticket found in the book Lolita that Hanna took from Ali long time ago and found that it's for a raincoat. Aria asked if she could touch it, and Spencer was like, "Yeah it's a raincoat Aria, it's not a mummy."

Hahaha, sometimes you really got to love Spencer's smart lines. 

Aria found a number tucked in the raincoat, and Emily got provoked into calling the number to prove that she wasn't scared. She got into the voicemail, and Aria took the phone over to leave a message. 

Back in the office, Isabelle insisted that Hanna should be punished heavily, while making a jibe at Ashley, "She has been off the hook for some time, her mother is never at home." Ashley replied indignantly, "Her mother is a divorced woman who works full time because her husband left her for YOU." The principal told them that there would be an event the next day called Truth Up and till the truth about this matter was found out, he wanted Kate and Hanna to be in the same group. Ashley offered her help in this event.  Poor Hanna got a lot of stares from her schoolmates because they felt that she went too far with her bullying. 

As Aria helped Holden with the papering of the walls, she tried to find out more about the bruise on his waist.

A bag of pills fell out from his bag, and Aria noticed. 

Jason came back to Rosewood and Spencer was shocked. He specially told Spencer to tell her dad that he's back in town. Ella came over to ask Jason for his help for Truth Up and he offered it after hearing that Spencer's parents would be there too. Ashley came into Hanna's room to have a talk with her, but Hanna didn't want to tell her anything.

Ashley asked her to confide in her, and that this matter was so serious that she almost got expelled that day. "Did you send that message out?" Hanna couldn't keep her tears in.

She didn't reply till her mother was almost out of her room, "I didn't send that message," but Ashley just gave her a look and walked away. Aria was very cold to Holden and told him that she's scared he's addicted to drugs since he had the bruises and the pills. Holden told her that she's way off from the truth but didn't tell her anything. Caleb came into his room to find out that Jenna's in his group too, and Aria skidded in to find the same fact.

Hahaha, I love the ingenious pairing of this two. Aria was shocked to find out that her group facilitators would be Jason and Spencer's mother. 

Ashley happened to facilitate the group that Emily was in, and in that activity, the students had to take a step forward if they felt that ______ was something that they agreed upon. Emily took many steps forward when Ashley read out the statement regarding feeling unsafe and unwelcome in this school. The principal heard and took her a side, telling her that she should watch her attitude instead of attacking him like this (because Emily was denied back into the Sharks, her swim team, thanks to her bad history). 

Aria got a text from A who said that the truth may hurt her new pal more than her. She looked around and saw Jason sitting with his back facing her. Jenna had both hands in her bag, but it happened that she was only taking out her sweets. Caleb was watching her too, thinking that she's the one threatening Hanna. 

Noel, Hanna and Kate were in the same group, and Kate 'confessed' that she didn't like this school because her old school had nice people. Noel made jibes at Hanna saying that she's a big bully, and Hanna couldn't stand it any more. She asked Ella if she thought that she was the one who sent the message too, and Ella didn't reply. Ouch, as Hanna walked away in hurt and anger. 

Emily apologised to Mona for being so mean to her when Alison was around. Mona had tears in her eyes but they were gone when she turned around to talk to Emily in an airhead manner. She insinuated to Emily that the principal accepted bribes from parents whose kids wanted to be on the soccer team. 

Jenna's group had to write down a few sentences of the truth but Jenna professed that she didn't trust anybody. Spencer's mum asked if she had been mistreated before, and she brought up the incident where she was trapped in the bathroom and was smacked (by Hanna). Caleb asked Aria if she was talking about Hanna, and Aria gave a nod. At the same time, Spencer's mum asked Jenna if she ever reported this incident, and Caleb interrupted, "Well she couldn't, because if she did, then she would have to admit that she took the first punch."

Love you Caleb. 

Aria called back on the number found in Ali's coat, and the person told them that there's no Vivian around there, before hanging up angrily. Holden asked Aria later, if they wanted to eat together, and Aria told him that there's no way she could still carry out their deal (pretending to go out on a date) when she didn't know what he's doing and that he could possibly be dealing with drugs. 

Hanna and Caleb were on the rooftop as Caleb comforted Hanna. Hanna was frustrated that only four people believed in her, and Caleb offered to check her cellphone so that the IP address could be traced. 

But Hanna told Caleb to just hold her, and that would make her feel better.


Mona called Emily up into the principal's office, and hacked into his computer. She dragged up files that showed the expenses showed in school. Despite knowing that this was wrong, Emily went ahead to lock the door so that no one would walk in on them. Ashley, Ella and Spencer's mum sat around to talk about their daughters, and Ashley&Ella felt that the girls were like this ever since Ali died. Spencer's mum pointed out shrewdly that she felt the moment started not since Alison died, but since their daughters knew Alison. 

Mona managed to find evidence that the principal accepted bribes and printed the evidence for Emily. Emily said that she couldn't be threatening a school official but Mona happily said that she couldn't be a shark if she's not ruthless enough. 

Spencer's mum ran into Jason and as they quarrelled a little over Spencer's dad, Spencer happened to hear this conversation. She suddenly remembered long time ago, her dad got into a huge fuss over how Melissa and Jason were caught making out in his car. Spencer had commented that it's not like they would get together, and Ali smirked in her usual way that they'd better not, "Let's just say that they would be frowned upon by the gods."

While sitting around, Hanna noticed a birthmark on Kate's waist when she took off her sweater. She looked at the photo from Emily's phone again and noticed that there was no birthmark on Kate's waist in that photo. Suspecting that the photo was photo-shopped, Hanna turned to look at Kate. Later, she confronted Kate in the bathroom, and Kate was provoked into telling the truth that she was the one who sent the photo because she didn't want to sit around for Hanna to send her old school photos to everyone. (the embarrassing photos that Spencer had) Ta-da, turns out that the three other girls were hiding in the toilet cubicles and they had recorded the conversation down. 

Hanna needed to find her mum, so she told Aria to find Caleb and tell him to stop working on her phone. Aria ran into her classroom only to find Noel and Jenna looking at the messages on the wall. (There was an anonymous message on the wall that he/she knew who killed Alison). Noel said that Caleb might just be thrown out with the garbage. Pft, Caleb's so much better than you, Noel. 

Aria went up to the rooftop to find Caleb, and she stacked a few bricks against the door so that it would be propped open. Spencer saw Jason and walked towards him, while the camera swivelled to show Caleb sitting in a classroom. She took some time, but in the end, Spencer managed to ask Jason if they had the same father…and Jason affirmed it. Back on the rooftop, the door was kicked shut and Aria panicked. She climbed a ladder and Noel grabbed her leg, asking her where Caleb was. Holden suddenly appeared and kicked Noel in a martial-arts way, so that Aria could escape. Noel was left on the floor as he shouted that he wasn't going to hurt Aria. 

Aria asked Holden where he learnt to kick like that, but Holden still didn't spill any secrets. Mona told the principal that some footballers loved to talk when they were not on the field (about his bribes) and basically, Emily's back in the team! Mona asked for a  favour back from Emily but it was just fashion tips. Isabelle came hurrying into the office, demanding to know what Hanna had done to Kate this time round. However, Ashley was calm and told her that she might want to get rid of the rot fruit under her family tree before she started to point fingers the next time round. Hanna and Kate came out of the office, with Kate looking all defeated and angry while Ashley and Hanna hugged in triumph. 

Hah, hah, hah. Who doesn't love it when a good character wins the bad guy?

Deep into the night when everyone else was sleeping, Emily discovered that she had six missed calls from the number found in Ali's raincoat, and she answered the next call. The guy on the phone said that he had some questions to ask and they decided to meet. Wow, next step to finding out the truth, achievement unlocked. 

Someone took Caleb's laptop from his bag when he was sleeping.

-the end-

We're just about a few episodes away from discovering who is A, and that means I'm really excited to see the show pick its pace to a new frenzy exciting one. I really like it that Caleb is getting more involved into the whole A thing, even though he may be barking up the wrong tree, seeing that he thought Jenna was the one threatening Hanna, and I think it's pretty safe to say that she wasn't.

I also love it that Hanna managed to win her own battle in such a smart way too! Kate's such an annoying character. I would rather see more of Toby. Yes, where's Toby?? I haven't seen him in agessss. Actually, Ezra's not in this episode too, but I guess they want to develop the Aria-Holden line further at this point of time. I don't think they will actually go ahead with that pairing though, because if they do, I bet so many viewers will ditch the show. 

I thought the scene on the rooftop was a bit fishy. If both Holden and Noel were up there, I wonder who was the one who kicked the door shut and still roamed behind Aria while she panicked (Yes, there was flashes of a person wearing black walking behind her). In fact, maybe there were two people up there — one person who kicked the door shut/A/person with bad intention, and Noel who was honestly looking for Caleb…because it doesn't feel like Noel was the one walking around behind Aria. 

A longer recap this time round! Hope you guys like it(:



  1. Heyyy.

    I’m really hoping that no one would be so stupid as to make Mona A, because that’s just 1. stupid, 2. stupid because the books went along that line and 3. er…right.

    I feel that it’s so suspicious she’s suddenly such good friends with each of them!

    I’m not sure if I’m just over thinking the end scene though, haha, old habits die hard, especially when I’m usually spot-on with my over thinking.


    ME TOOOOO. I’m so glad you agree with me here, because it seems like the whole world out there loves Aria-Ezra, and I’m like whyyy he’s so useless. Oh oops, who have I offended now.


  2. I really like Hanna/Caleb and Spencer/Toby.

    But I have no problems with all the other pairings (Well major ones anyway) except Aria/Ezra.

    Who’s your favourite couple?


    • Oh me too!((: Hanna–Caleb is my top favourite, while Toby–Spencer takes second seat.

      I don’t mind all the other couples too, except yes the ‘Ezria’ couple.

      In fact, I quite like the Aria–Holden pairing.


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