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Guest Post – Side Effects

It’s time for another guest post!! I am very excited to publish this post by one of my readers, Shountz, who is very sweet and touches me with her presence here. Although I started the project with the plans of approaching drama bloggers, I really like the idea of having guest posts by my readers too. When Shountz approached me for the opportunity, of course I was super happy with the idea! I hope you guys like her post as much as I do!

Hey everyone my name is shountz and I’m an Asian drama lover in Jamaica. Thoughtsramble was wonderful enough to let me do a guest post. Hope you all enjoy part one of my Side Effects post.

Over the years as my drama addiction has grown I’ve noticed some changes to my life. I like to term them “side effects”, So here’s  5 of them. Tell me if you can identify with any of them. This list specific to Korea but I’m curious to know if addictions from other parts of Asia share of these. Here we go:

1. Everything sounds Korean.

After a particularly long Kdrama binge complete with headphones and sleepless nights, I have reemerged to EVERYTHING sounding Korean .My neighbor randomly yelling in the distance, my mother asking me what I want for dinner, I had to sit in silence for a few hours to realign my brain to English. Even after that, English sounded a bit funny. I also keep expecting subtitles to pop up on everything I watch. Please tell me I’m not alone here.


2. Expanded Vocabulary 

Omo!”, “otteke?”, “ Aish”, “Aigoo”, “Yah!”, and Wae!”. Squee and recap are added at no extra cost too. I now randomly but appropriately mix these Korean words into everyday speech and internal dialouge. I get strange looks all the time at my exclamations of “AISH!” when I spill juice everywhere.  “Oh my Gosh!” just doesn’t have the same PUNCH as “Omo Omo” x100. Y’know?

3. Consuming all forms of K Entertainment

K movies, variety shows, K pop, K hip hop ,K indie and manhwa ; You name it, I’m into it. K dramas are the gateway drug for many . Soon after you drink that drama Kool-Aid, you’re neck deep in all other things Korean. Have you read Cheese in the trap yet? No? I didn’t think I would either.Let us not forget Korea’s booming film industry, nothing soothes my drama blues like good K movie. The same goes for variety shows. I don’t know why but I love We Got Married S4 and my fave couple is Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang. Aren’t they cute ?


4. Becoming a ramen addict( by extension becoming a Korean foodie)

I blame the drama Let’s Eat. All that deliciously shot food made me salivate, Every .Single. Time.  I had to watch it on a full stomach or I would have to pause it and go make some ramen at some point. Some of us are blessed to live in major cities around the world where you have easy access to authentic Korean food (Sooooo luckkyyyyy).  For others of us (like me) we have to be satisfied with slurping ramen. But the upside is that by becoming a ramen addict you also become a ramen expert. I’ve created new recipes based on what I’ve seen in dramas. I am pleased to tell you that I’ve taken my ramen game to the next level.  Cheese, eggs, veggies.. all of that. Now all I need is one of those bronze pots.


5. Being totally or mostly out of touch with Hollywood or Western media

Friend: Girl did you watch the new episode of [insert show here] last night?

You: What?! Is that a new show?

Friend: Now it’s on like season 4. Where have you been?

In DRAMALAND that’s where.

I get all my pop culture knowledge after everyone else and it’s mostly from blogs or other news sites. I hardly catch anything in real time anymore.


That’s it for part one folks. I’ll see ya around for part two J


If you guys enjoyed reading the post, do leave a comment and you will make two of us very happy!





  1. Points 2,4 & 5 are def relateable to me. At one point, every vocab used to express my surpise, worry, anger …all my emotions were korean. I weirded myself out..i am yet to fully grasp my language and yet i am all in with the words i learnt from drama. Hehehe…now i am more subtle with them. 2012-mid 2014 was alk Korean. I forgot my favorite Western shows and its numerous seasons…but mid 2014…i had a slump of drama because dramas lacked the quality and the special magic that made it unique…so i resumee my western shows n nonasain dramas. Now i am atva point of balance btw both worlds.

    This is a fun post


    • Shountae says

      Thank you for thinking its fun. And I use ur usrname all the time lolol as part of number 2. What Western shows do u watch, I only watch criminal minds and im looking for some others as well.


      • Haha….that was my to go phrase, people started getting irritated…”aigoo i need water”, “aigoo, i am tired” “aigoo…just because i want to say aigoo” hehe

        Now, i watch scandal and how to get away with murder, but i think i will lose interest soon. The way the writer portrays her characters are begining to get recycled and tiring.
        Downton Abbey is ending 😦 so i am up for any period drama that will catch my interest. Any recommendations? If any??

        I do watch Jane the Virgin, Crazy ex-girlfirend, Younger and Being Mary Jane. They are others i watch…(30 mins comedy shows i often catch)


  2. lol – yes to all of the above! Or I try watching some show and after one or two episodes I’m like, “Meh – Asian dramas are so much better” and I drop it. 😉


    • Shountz says

      Lol I know right. I try ti explain my love but ppl just dont get it… why are they so much better?


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