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7 Reasons to Watch Are You Human Too

Are You Human Too (너도 인간이니) is a KBS2 drama which aired on 4 June 2018 and ended its run recently on 7 August 2018. Starring Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon as the leads, this drama may have been off your radar this summer as the two are relatively new in terms of helming a show. They wouldn’t be strangers to Kdrama fans though – Seo Kang Joon previously appeared in Cheese in the Trap as well as Entourage while Gong Seung Yeon was our fiesty female lead in Circle. What’s the show about? Basically, it’s about a mother, a great scientist, who gets separated from her son when he’s about 5 and resides in Czech. Out of longing, she creates an AI robot that looks exactly like her human son. 20 years later, human son gets into an accident. In order to not let the bad guys win, the mother sends her AI robot back to Korea to stand in for the human son, so that no one in Korea will know that the …

Spencer has a twin (and she’s A.D) theory

I’ve never written a theory post on Pretty Little Liars even though I’ve been on it almost since the very start (and so has this blog), but I just thought it would be apt to do one up now because the show is ending. Yep, for those who haven’t been following, Pretty Little Liars is finally finishing next week!! I’m still in disbelief because I grew up (kinda, not really) with this show, but at the same time, I can’t wait for there to be some closure. Good closure. But read on to find out why I think what I think about Spencer. Or her Twin!

Warm and Cozy Episode 13 Recap

It seems like the main theme for this show, whether intentionally or not so, is ‘misunderstanding’/’the could-have-been-saids’. If it wasn’t for the fact that I really like the visuals, the cast, the acting, and some attachment to the characters, I would have dropped this show. Thankfully, I spam-watched the existing episodes (12 of them) in 1.5 days so I wasn’t too bogged down by all the verbal hurdles that the characters had to face. A conflict which could be solved simply by having a conversation is one of the worst conflicts to drag out, in my opinion.

Hits, Pageviews and Uniques

I've been wanting to write this post for a very long time (since the middle of last year), and I figured that I might as well write it before another wave of crazy things hit my way!  So! If you'd stuck around for a very long time (by that I mean like more than a year), you would have noticed that sometimes, I do an oddball entry that doesn't seem to fit in anywhere on this livejournal, and nothing can be more 'oddball' than this entry http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/15615.html on the different widgets I've been trying out to count my hits and uniques. I knew it didn't fit, but I had been playing around with about five sites, and I was really eager to share with whoever was reading it. Turns out that the information was useful, at least to some, and even though this entry has, for some reason, attracted lots of spam comments (with varying content, but most with rubbish urls) I'm still glad I wrote it.  Thus today, I'm going to share a little more of …