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I Remember You Episode 16 Recap (Finale)

I don’t know if I was very tired when I watched this, but the ending was a little draggy for me. I can’t pinpoint which part of the episode could have been faster, because I admit that everything mentioned was important and relevant…but it just didn’t end with that tension which I’ve expected from an open ending, or that over the top crazy fangirl-feels expected from the romance. That being said, I still like the finale very much. I love the idea of an open ending! Even if they don’t make Season 2 (I won’t even harbour hopes for that because Kdramas rarely make second seasons with the exact same cast), the storyline is apt for that sort of storytelling – every end brings with it a new set of questions, and new beginnings. Disclaimer: LOADS of screenshots, so do let the page load before you begin reading!(:

I Remember You Episode 12 Recap

I LOVE this episode! What’s there not to like – that wonderful kiss-on-the-forehead scene (I just mentioned two days ago on another recap that I love forehead kisses. Who’s with me!), the reunion, Hyun’s persistence to break down Min’s walls and that cliffhanger at the end. I’ve not really teared from any recent dramas (I have a bad memory so I don’t know if you should trust me on that…) but this reunion was so bittersweet, I couldn’t help myself.

7 Reasons to Watch Are You Human Too

Are You Human Too (너도 인간이니) is a KBS2 drama which aired on 4 June 2018 and ended its run recently on 7 August 2018. Starring Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon as the leads, this drama may have been off your radar this summer as the two are relatively new in terms of helming a show. They wouldn’t be strangers to Kdrama fans though – Seo Kang Joon previously appeared in Cheese in the Trap as well as Entourage while Gong Seung Yeon was our fiesty female lead in Circle. What’s the show about? Basically, it’s about a mother, a great scientist, who gets separated from her son when he’s about 5 and resides in Czech. Out of longing, she creates an AI robot that looks exactly like her human son. 20 years later, human son gets into an accident. In order to not let the bad guys win, the mother sends her AI robot back to Korea to stand in for the human son, so that no one in Korea will know that the …

When I See You Again Episode 20 Recap (Finale)

I quite like this finale! I love it that there was a point to the ending – many drama finales dedicate 60 minutes to pure happy endings, which is great because on top of seeing the main couple being lovey dovey and sweet for an hour, I almost always stop having drama blues haha. I think a good ending does it just right in the sense that it satisfies you with enough couple time but leaves you wanting to see more of them. I know I will definitely miss this couple and the entire cast a lot!! Note: long recap ahead, do let all the screenshots load first!

When I See You Again Episode 19 Recap

I don’t know how they do it, but in my honest opinion, each episode just gets better in this show! And that ending, wow great editing that foreshadows what’s going to come in the next episode (finale) and yet manages to end this episode on a cliffhanger of sorts. And I thought I signed myself up for some Ferris Wheel, pleasant rom-com ride from Episode 1 to 20. This episode just proved me wrong with its thriller bits hahahaha (disclaimer: author’s heart is *really* weak so what thrills her may not thrill you hoho). Lots of screenshots and possibly long recap coming ahead!

When I See You Again Episode 17 Recap

I really like this episode! I think it has its fair share of plot, good acting and comic relief. As usual, I love the small, inconsequential dialogue between Zhi Lin and Mei Wen – they make everything so cute and funny! Although our couple has met with an obstacle this episode, I believe that it wouldn’t pose too much of a trouble, since the whole show has been sort of that pleasant Ferris Wheel ride you take instead of a roller coaster – cruising along with highs and lows instead of plunging the viewer constantly into fright and anticipation.

When I See You Again Episode 14 Recap

This episode should be titled ‘An Xi’s monologues’. Haha jokes aside (okay I’m not even kidding), I quite like certain parts of this episode!! I think the drama’s strongest point isn’t in the plot, since it can be quite slow and draggy sometimes, but I do think that they write nice dialogue most of the time, and they know how to capitalise on their leads’ chemistry.

You who came from the stars Part V

"You should say your farewells ahead of time, because when the time really comes…you won't have time to say your farewells." Somehow I love it a lot that the script went back to this line. It's like an echo that resonates. Even though he loves Song Yi, and not the girl who looks like her, that girl from a long time ago does play a part in his 400 years on Earth. Him remembering his experience and lessons from the girl has a much nicer significance than if the girl was just a fleeting crush-of-sorts. I teared a lot from this episode because we are finally nearing this point, the point when he leaves. It's tomorrow in the show, and quite literally, tomorrow when the episode releases. [or today, not sure when I'm gonna post this post exactly] <3thoughtsramble