Missing 9 Episode 11 Recap

Appreciate this rom-com episode, for we will be going back to the screwed-up, frustrating life it is in the world of Missing 9 next episode!

Blood Episode 15

Episode 15 was reallyyy good, I enjoyed it! I’m really glad that Blood is one of the hotter dramas online right now. Favourite moments of the episode: When Ji Sung beat up the (lousy and sucky) security and Ri Ta is secretly amazed, I know she is. When Ji Sung compliments Ri Ta with a really bad praise, and then proceeds to hold her hand When he quietly rolls hair off the floor and then hugs her When he shouts at Director at the end of the episode Anything with Hyun Woo inside is always good:D P.S I miss Luvvy Based on the preview, I’m guessing that the third vaccine is going to cause everything to break apart, and then we are going to find out more about Ji Sung’s journey towards being human + a kiss between the couple! This is my favourite drama of Goo Hyu Sun, and honestly Ahn Jae Hyun is not bad as well. He needs improvement in his acting, but I think he has potential and he has a …

Blood as of Episode 9 and 10

Finally had the time to post these screenshots (yep, the busy-me excuse is popping up again!) Anyway, I’m indeed semi-hooked on Blood. It’s awesome that it’s an on-going drama because if not, I would have devoured all 20 episodes by now. I really loved this scene where Ji Sung tells Ri Ta that he was the vampire who saved her. But is it just me or does Goo Hye Sun look REALLY cross-eyed here? “This is not a dream right? I always wish that I can meet that boy again, even once…” While she falls asleep, Ji Sung’s really-cute-friend is busy running the data programmes etc. Ri Ta then wakes up the next morning and proceeds to verify the story which she just heard the night before. Ji Sung feigns ignorance, then says, “If you want to tell the story, say it properly.” “Am I a flea? How can I jump 30 metres into the air?” HAHAHA. And kiss? What kiss?? Yes Ri Ta, I hope you are slightly mortified now because it’s really hilarious. …


SPOILER ALERT: Can I just say how triumphant I feel that my conjecture #2 has proven correct!!! *throws confetti* I love the revelation that she was actually that girl who had ‘died’ so many years ago – I did not see that coming. Did you see this coming? Let me know! <3thoughtsramble P.S Follow me on Twitter @thoughtsramble now!


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Review of Blood as of Episode 8

I still think this is a decent drama and if you have some time on your hands, you should watch it! I just have a few comments WHICH  YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT STARTED ON THIS DRAMA. I have a few conjectures at the moment. Maybe Episode 9 and 10 have already proven me wrong, but I thought that I should just write these thoughts down anyway – guessing is always part of the fun in watching dramas! CONJECTURE #1: Love is the way to become ‘human-like’. When Ri Ta holds Ji Sung’s hands, he calms down (alternatively, gets distracted) almost immediately. Similarly, his mother was the only one who did not have human blood before. This could be out of the idea of ‘love’, since his parents were the only two infected people who married and had a child. Possibly nice and heartwarming touch to the story, but if done wrongly, this could be SO CLICHE. I’m hoping that it will be the first. CONJECTURE #2: Mysterious girl learning all …

Kill Me Heal Me

This drama would not have been successful without Ji Sung's wonderful, wonderful acting. He created 7 different personas all by himself, and these personalities were all SO distinct, that they might as well have been 7 characters. I teared so much when Perry Park left, and then when Yo Na left too…and then Se Gi. What kind of soccery drama is this that makes me tear THREE times over what is basically THE SAME GUY? Ji Sung, you have won me over once again. It's such a unique concept, but the drama has carried it off perfectly. I don't think I can describe this feeling of weirdness hahaha, that I miss all these personalities and I wish I could see them again, but I know they have to disappear in order for Do Hyun and Ri Jin to lead a good life. It's like watching my favourite three characters die, you know?? Anyway, I'm feeling this temptation to watch Save Your Last Dance For Me all over again – it's the drama where Ji Sung …


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