Hello there!(: Thoughtsramble has officially relocated from Livejournal to WordPress! If you are an old reader, I THANK you with all my heart for following over. New readers, I love you just the same and do leave a comment whenever you are around! I have been drama-blogging since 2009, but my site is not just limited to dramas – occasionally, I talk about the books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, or simply just any rambling thoughts I have in mind. With this relocation, I am finally rolling out projects which I’ve only entertained in my mind for YEARS.

I’m so excited for this new journey and I hope that you are too(: Thanks for coming and do stay around!


  1. Hi! I used to read your livejournal in the past and just stumbled upon your wordpress again. Glad to see you here and recapping dramas I’m interested in! (Imagine my joy when I saw ‘When I See You Again’ recaps the first thing I arrived πŸ™‚ Added you to my blogroll as well πŸ˜€


    • Hi Kate! Sorry for the late reply! I’m so glad that you have stumbled upon my WordPress. Have you been watching When I See You Again?

      I looked at your site and it looks great – awesome focus on c-dramas and variety shows!


      • I haven’t been watching it because I’ve been real busy and didn’t want to commit to a currently-airing drama but I have been reading recaps on another blog and it’s always fun to compare recaps to see what different people notice in different dramas and gain more insight (especially since I’m not watching the drama haha). I might consider marathoning it in the end if it’s good though because Jasper and Megan are cute! Haha.

        Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m trying to expand my watchlist to increase kdramas and jdramas and would hopefully start blogging about those as well in the future πŸ™‚


      • Oh is it NinjaReflections? I read her first few recaps too!(: I tried to find your twitter on your blog but couldn’t find one, do you have any? Also when you mean blogroll, do you mean the one on your site!


  2. Oh man, I only now realized you moved over to WordPress. I used to be a silent lurker on your Livejournal blog back in the day. So many old blogs have disappeared or become inactive, good to know you’re still here πŸ™‚

    Adding your new site to my blogroll and I also followed you on Twitter. See you around!

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    • Hello there!! I’m so glad you found me HEHE you have no idea how happy that made my day. I will be sure to add check out your blog and twitter too!


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