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Fall In Love With Me Episode 18 Recap

I'm not sure what you guys think (do share with me!) but I like this episode much more than the previous one. Even though there were some moments where I felt that the characters were being real stupid, I like that at least there was some action and movement in plot. I can't help but recall all the previous build-ups and lies, and wonder what the purpose in foreshadowing was, since they ultimately don't serve as big a function as we were led to think.

Fall In Love With Me Episode 17 Recap

THIS EPISODE makes me so…angry at some points. I liked the build-up and the script but now that the scriptwriters are trying to go down a different plot line than what was foreshadowed, I'm just a little frustrated with the story and wish that they would get on with it. Worse still, it seems like they're trying to make Evil Mother realise her mistake and turn good, which is the most unsatisfactory ending you can give to an evil character. They are also taking away our satisfaction of Tian Xing realising that he has been LIED to and manipulated this whole time.

Fall In Love With Me Episode 16 Recap

This episode…I hated some parts and I liked some parts. I think it's starting to be draggy, even though they are inserting different plot elements each time – like this episode is our couple's supposed last night together, and Huan Huan steps up on her game, but really in the overall grand scheme of things, I don't think we have moved very much and that irritates me a little. Of course, I was happy to see the return of cute OZ moments and some good kissing between our leads.

Fall In Love With Me Episode 15 Recap

I was quite okay with this episode, but as I was doing the recap, I felt an increasing sense of frustration. This episode is meant for build-up. There's not much plot movement but it plants seeds that are useful for future plot development. I get it, but I just feel that they are pushing Tian Xing into an unbreathable corner, and I'm impatiently waiting for some sort of release.

Fall In Love With Me

A few readers have asked me if I knew how many episodes this drama has so I did a quick search. However, I couldn't find anything definitive and different sources say different things: Wikipedia says 23 episodes. Soompi says 30 episodes. The Chinese version of Wikipedia (which I think is maintained by different people from the English version) seems to have quoted 17 episodes and have even listed the next drama to take over the same timeslot starting from 3rd Aug 2014. Does anyone have any idea what the real number is? Personally, at the pace they are going and the things they have to solve, I think 17 episodes will make more sense than a drawn out one like 30 episodes. Also, once again I will be Internet-less for about a week. This time round, I'm quite sure I would want to do a recap on Episode 15, but it will come really late, estimated to be around 16th/17th July. So I hope you guys will still check back and support the recaps!(: Love you …

Fall In Love With Me Episode 12 Recap

I like this episode in that there's more comic relief and a sense of our olden, ancient days where characters were happily fooling around. However, in reality, the pace of the drama has slowed down and there's nothing much that happened in this episode. I understand that it's necessary to deal with the fall outs from the previous episode's conflicts so I shall eagerly await for the day when we can see cute moments from our main couple once more!:D

Fall In Love With Me Part ll

someone has abs now:D This drama is really growing on me. I was initially rather disappointed that we can't see Puff and Aaron again, but to be honest, the pairing of Tia and Aaron is growing on me too! While I don't think they have that great chemistry off-screen, on-screen wise I think Tia has done a good job of being Tao Zi and now I can't really vision Puff bringing a better Tao Zi (we might actually be seeing Liang Liang). I think the script for Fall In Love With Me might be a bit stronger than Just You, in that the script is really funny when it's supposed to be funny. I love scenes between Tian Xi and Fu Bo, hahahah they are like father and son! Quite eager to see what else the drama has in store for us:D <3thoughtsramble