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Fall In Love With Me Episode 12 Recap

I like this episode in that there's more comic relief and a sense of our olden, ancient days where characters were happily fooling around. However, in reality, the pace of the drama has slowed down and there's nothing much that happened in this episode. I understand that it's necessary to deal with the fall outs from the previous episode's conflicts so I shall eagerly await for the day when we can see cute moments from our main couple once more!:D

Continuing from last week's episode, the members of OZ pack up and leave the office. Xu Mi Bao runs eagerly into Tian Xing's arms outside of the office, and he asks why the office is closed at such hours.


Tao Zi ignores his questions and brings Xu Mi Bao away, thus provoking Tian Xing into following them to the martial arts school to explain.

Faced with an audience that is armed with weapons (LOL), Tian Xing is unfazed because he feels that he did not lie to them. Tao Zi's mum gives him the chance to explain and he finally tells them his story of how he accidentally ended up in OZ as Xiao Lu and how he was inspired by Leo's words to stay with a bunch of people who had the passion to chase their dreams. He reminds them that he did try to let Tao Zi fall in love with his real identity by leaving. It seems as if Tao Zi's mum is softening towards Tian Xing but she gets angry thinking of how OZ is 'cheated' away by Tian Xing. Leo calms the dad down and speaks up for Tian Xing, "If he really habours evil intentions, he won't be here explaining."

Tao Zi asks about Huan Huan's condition and Tian Xing replies that while she's all right now, he can't answer about her future situation.


Tian Xing leaves the house and gets a call from Auntie who informs him that Huan Huan has been eagerly waiting his return.


This is the start of an unhappy Tian Xing spirit stuck in his duties.

Tian Xing indeed rushes back to the hospital and brings Huan Huan's favourite food and flowers.


 Huan Huan lights up upon seeing Tian Xing and the three of them chat lightly about her impending physiotherapy sessions.

Tian Xing is asked to return to Tian Ji for a meeting with Lance and his mother. He knows it's about the matter of him staying in Tian Ji, and the truth is, Xiao Lu no longer exists. Lance asks, "Does this signify that you are still Tian Ji's production manager?" He pushes for a more definitive promise and guilt trips Tian Xing.

"Don't cause my mum and my sister any more sadness."


Tian Xing smiles and promises, "I will stay."

Lance then asks for OZ's performance reports, which calls for Tian Xing's displeased face and sinister background music, so I assume he has evil intentions for asking for these reports, such as potential future shutdown of the company.


As Tian Xing leaves, Helen and Ting Wei leap up happily to greet him and he tells them to follow him to OZ so that they won't stay here and do things that dummies do. Lance hears that so I guess that's a subtle win for you Tian Xing. Lance not so subtly reminds Tian Xing that Huan Huan is waiting for him to visit her and Tian Xing replies that he will be there after visiting OZ.

Tian Xing returns to OZ but all the members are 'skiving', playing games and watching videos.


Tao Zi ignores his presence and he tells them that if they still have any lingering affections for OZ, they must gather by the discussion table now. Miao Miao mutters that he's just playing with them because obviously OZ means a lot to them. Expecting to be fired, the members are all very surprised when Tian Xing announces that OZ should continue on its current assignments. He instructs "Ma Ga Xian –" "It's Jia Gai Xian" "Fine, Jia Gai Xian" (reference to the Xiao Lu days where he pretends to mistake Jia Gai Xian's name) to print out some information that Ting Wei has already sent to him the previous night.


I feel that Jia Gai Xian is already softening towards Tian Xing hehe. While Ting Wei and Helen arrive, Tian Xing continues on his announcement that there will be no changes in manpower and duties. Leo will still be in charge of directing, but Tao Zi will now take over Xiao Lu's role as a scriptwriter.


This is a challenge posed to OZ to see how they will survive without Xiao Lu's help, since they all think that Lu Tian Xing is a baddie. Their assignment is to come up with a viable and great idea for the crackers which his brother had done a memorable advertisment for.

After Tian Xing leaves, Jia Gai Xian quickly hits on Helen, asking her why she doesn't like him, "so that I can figure out a way to make you like me."


Look at her exasperated and mildly disgusted face hoho.


She quickly escapes, leaving Ting Wei and Miao Miao alone. Ting Wei apologises for the accidental kiss the other time and Miao Miao shyly dismisses it. He thanks her and she questions, "For forgiving you or for shaving Xu Mi Bao's hair?"


Ooh do I sense a hint of an impending romance here? Ting Wei gets tempted into going near to Xu Mi Bao but ends up in sneezes again.

Leo finds Tao Zi on the balcony and she assures him that she's all right. Later on, Tian Xing returns for the meeting but is unsatisfied with Tao Zi's idea. Jia Gai Xian quickly offers his — which is to write the name of the girl he likes on every single packet of crackers, so that she will understand his love.


Hahahahaha, Tian Xing's face.

Tian Xing asks if Helen would like to follow Jia Gai Xian and learn how to be an assistant director or follow Miao Miao and decide on the fashion and artisitc direction. Well, no prizes for who Helen chooses. Tao Zi leaves the office and Tian Xing quickly follows, asking her where she's going.


Turns out she wants to visit Huan Huan at the hospital, but when Tian Xing offers to drive her there, she refuses and drives off herself.

I'm beginning to be tired of this moodiness.

Tian Xing appears at the room to find Huan Huan in tears.


She just went for a physiotherapy session and the doctor said that it might be difficult for her to walk again. She's a bit afraid and scared to disappoint Tian Xing. Tian Xing consoles her gently, that since she's such a kind and cute girl, good things will happen to her. For Tian Xing, Huan Huan nods and tries to believe that good luck will befall on her.

Tao Zi comes into the room with a bouquet of flowers.


The Mother is a bit unhappy when she found out this is Tao Le Si, but Huan Huan quickly stops her, "She's my friend," and professes her thanks for Tao Zi’s visit. Tao Zi asks about her health and Huan Huan realises that Tian Xing didn't update her. Upon knowing that Huan Huan's spine is injured, Tao Zi becomes a bit dazed with guilt and worry.

Back at OZ, the girls (Helen and Miao Miao) have a fun time battling with the guys (Jia Gai Xian and Ting Wei) in a game. When Tao Zi and Leo return with food, Miao Miao expresses her unhappiness that whatever ideas they have will be shot down by Tian Xing. Helen and Ting Wei immediately speak up for him, "His ideals and thinking are really admirable." Awww.

On the way home, Leo observes that Tao Zi seems to be happier these days. She replies that she tries to forget anything that she doesn't want to think about, and she reminds herself that as long as she can breathe, it will be okay. Leo reminds her of the scissors paper stone game which Leo and her brother always played. The loser gets a painful flick to the forehead.


While Leo gently prods Tao Zi's forehead when she loses, she flicks her fingers swiftly at his hahaha and the two of them walk home in laughter.

Lance visits Huan Huan and she asks about the situation between Tao Zi and Tian Xing. Lance reassures her that based on his knowledge of Tian Xing, she will be his top priority as he's guilty that she was injured because of him.

Technically, it's because of you Lance, and because of her platform heels…

Huan Huan repeats in a duller tone that she's the most important to Tian Xing now. I'm not exactly sure why she replies with that unexcited tone. Is it because she is in disbelief? Or that she doesn't actually want it to be this way, to be important to Tian Xing because of his guilt? Lance casually massages her legs, "Your legs still have no feelings?" Huan Huan happily informs him that there has been a bit of feeling and the doctor said it was a good sign. She quickly gets up, eager for her next session but Lance pushes her down firmly.


"If you want to be happy, don't stand up."

Huan Huan's face changes as she finally understands what Lance is insinuating. She repeats her brother's words but in a more firm tone, "If I want to be happy, I should not stand up."

Later, she plays a game of catch with two hospital children. One boy throws too far and she misses the ball, prompting another boy to ask if she will be on the wheelchair forever. Tian Xing quickly steps in and replies that she will not be on the chair forever. He kneels down and massages her calf, touching a spot which either tickles her or causes an involuntary reflex, because her leg jerks in response.


Tian Xing looks up with hopeful eyes, asking her if her legs have feelings, but Lance's words ring in Huan Huan's head.


Lance watches worriedly at a side but Huan Huan ultimately chooses to lie that she cannot feel anything at all.


And you guys allow yourself to watch Tian Xing's face of disappointment?


Lance pushes things further by droping a (fake) bomb on Tian Xing, that the doctor had spoken to him earlier, notifying him that it's unlikely Huan Huan will ever walk again. He hands a letter over to Tian Xing, presumably a fake official letter from the hospital.


And we watch Tian Xing crumbles, while Huan Huan shifts uneasily.


Tian Xing retreats into an empty stairway and starts to tear.


Unable to hold the grief any futher, he clenches his hands and lets out a heartwrenching yell.

Fu Bo arranges for a meeting with Tao Zi because he wants to apologise on his Young Mister's behalf, but Tao Zi replies determinedly, "It's not your fault. It's Lu Tian Xing's fault." Fu Bo replies that it's not his fault. He really wanted to help OZ and felt that by having OZ in his hands, he would be able to make OZ stronger. Xiao Lu represents the cutest part of Lu Tian Xing, but Tao Zi doesn't want to hear anymore and interrupts Fu Bo.


"I can't believe him anymore." She thinks it's her fault that OZ's shares have been lost because she believes others too easily. "I should thank him for giving me a lesson."


Fu Bo is worried about Tian Xing because his phone isn't on and he's not at home. He laments that he can only stand at a side, helpless, unable to do anything for Tao Zi and him. Tian Xing protests that he has contributed a lot. The Mother wants Fu Bo to remind Tian Xing to bring Huan Huan back for physio sessions, "Let's hope a miracle will happen." Tian Xing replies tiredly, "I know, I will accompany her."


Fu Bo asks if they should get rid of the house since Xiao Lu doesn't exist anymore, but when Tian Xing doesn't reply, he continues that since the apartment has memories of them in every corner, "Let's just keep it."

Tao Zi is hard at work trying to think of new proposals to please Tian Xing. While stretching, she notices her bracelet and remembers the sweet words that Xiao Lu has said to her. She tears up but stops herself and immerses herself in work again. On Tian Xing's side, he gazes at a photoframe. It's the selfie which he has taken when Tao Zi was asleep.


He recalls the incident where the both of them were trapped in the warehouse and we get reminded — this is the only photo which Tian Xing and Tao Zi have taken together.

Next day, Tian Xing chances upon Tao Zi agonizing over the proposal in the park. He tries to talk to her but no words come out of his mouth and Tao Zi tries to leave.


He finally asks about her proposal but she tells him straight out that she doesn't want to talk to him, not as Lu Tian Xing, OZ's manager or even Xiao Lu. He protests, "That half of me, isn't he still in your heart?"


"He's someone you created, Xiao Lu is fake. The memories with Xiao Lu are fake and the love is fake. The one I love don't exist." "How about me? I exist right?" Faced with Tian Xing's persuasion, she leaves quickly, "I don't care who you are." He watches helplessly as she storms away but rushes immediately to her side when she gets knocked down by an oncoming bycicle. He quickly wraps her bleeding knee with a hankerchief, and I think in that moment, Tao Zi sees the Xiao Lu side of him.


Even though she says that she can walk, Tian Xing sweeps her into a piggyback effortlessly and smoothly. "If you get hurt again, how can everyone at OZ depend on you?"


Aww, this is the closest you can get to any couple moment in this episode.

OZ is surprised to see Tao Zi perched on Tian Xing, and when she is let down, she asks Tian Xing if he wants to listen during the meeting. He hastily suggests that he will brew coffee for them and there is a sense of shy awkwardness between the two of them, which I'm quite sure I'm overthinking. Another way of interpreting is that Tian Xing knows Tao Zi has no ideas and does not want to embarass her.

True enough, she admits during the meeting that she has no good ideas and Jia Gai Xian sighs, "If only Xiao Lu is still here."


It's quite a funny brainless comment, but one which gets daggers from Miao Miao and causes Tao Zi to escape to the balcony. Tian Xing returns with coffee but does not follow Tao Zi, instead allowing Leo to follow her instead. He brings her cup to her table and writes something on a post it. When Tao Zi returns, she sees the note which says, "Dreams fulfilled." She gets a brainwave from this clue and looks around. Tian Xing shows his ostensible reading of the magazine but yeah we all know it's his clue.

Tao Zi explains to OZ her idea. Years ago, her brother came up with the idea that the Guai Guai crackers were like gifts that children are excited to open. Years later, "Lu Tian Xing — "

Everyone turns to look at him — "..Manager has overturned this idea, giving a new life to the Guai Guai crackers with the idea that the packets complete sentences."


Haha, Tian Xing is pleased that he has been called Manager. I highly suspect that Tao Zi almost called him the Jerk again, just out of habit.

Tao Zi envisions that they have a Guai Guai wishing tree where kids can hang their wishes on the branches and they will help fulfill those wishes. Leo gets an immediate idea of how they can film this documentary style and put it on the net first, before editing the film into a tv commercial, thus arriving at the objective of being novel and having far outreach. Ting Wei adds on that he has some connections to the hospital children ward and maybe they can use these children for the documentary. Tian Xing is very satisfied with the idea, "With OZ's creativity and Tian Ji's talent, I'm sure it will be a great ad."

He praises Tao Zi who replies, "Thank you for your reminder," showing that she knows who gave her the clue.

Talk about coincidences. The hospital children ward which they are going to shoot at? It's at the same hospital where Huan Huan is visiting for physio. Tian Xing stops outside of the room and gazes at Tao Zi but wheels Huan Huan away. Tao Zi sees the duo and watches them distractedly. During physio, Huan Huan notices that Tian Xing is distracted and not looking at her, so she purposesly slips so that Tian Xing will rush to her. "I will be here with you(:"


He gets distracted again but when Huan Huan looks at him, he quickly jerks out of his daze and smiles at her.


But the smile doesn't reach his eyes:( and when Huan Huan looks away, his smile melts away.


Tao Zi wanders around and spots a girl at the playground. She asks her why she's not playing with the other kids and requests to see her painting but the girl runs off.

Leo and Tao Zi run into Tian Xing and Huan Huan. Huan Huan's mother and Lance happen to join them and Tao Zi apologises for her hasty depature the other day. The Mother responds that it's understandable since she would certainly not feel good about Huan Huan's injuries, "We are all waiting for a miracle."

Miracle? Lance drops the (yes fake) bomb on Tao Zi this time that Huan Huan will have to sit on the wheelchair forever.


Tao Zi turns around to look at Huan Huan in shock while Tian Xing looks at her with pain. She runs off and Tian Xing shouts, "Tao Le Si!" but he can't follow her. Leo chases after her and hugs her when she cries about how it's her fault Huan Huan ended up like this, "If I didn't ask her to meet me there! It's all my fault!" "IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! THE ONE TO BLAME IS LU TIAN XING! AND ME!"


"If only I had told you from the start…I love you, you wouldn't have been hurt."


Tao Zi freezes as what Leo says hits her. He wipes her tears away and tells her that he doesn't want to see her hurt by anyone. "I want to hold your smile, your happiness tightly in my hand."


"From now on, don't see me as a brother. See me as someone who loves you whole heartedly and will protect you."


He puts his hands around her face and for a moment I thought he was going to kiss her, but he pulls her in for another hug.

At night, he asks Tian Xing out only to deal him with a punch.


Tian Xing accepts it, "Is this for OZ or for Tao Le Si?"

Notice how he no longer calls her Tao Zi?

"You have already hurt both OZ and Tao Zi. I won't let you near Tao Zi during this collaboration period. When the period is over, please return OZ. From now on, I will take care of Tao Zi's happiness." He walks off but Tian Xing calls him back, "I will prove to you that I didn't deceive you guys. I used my true feelings towards Tao Zi and OZ."

"It doesn't matter to me anymore, I will try my best to protect Tao Zi's love."


Ouf, I love that expression on Tian Xing's face. He replies, "Good, now we can have a fair competition."

-the end-

I like the twist in this episode, not that it was unpredictable, but I guess it will make the path easier later on if Huan Huan LIED and is not actually paralysed. It's an exciting conflict nevertheless, and adds on the list of drama points which I'm eagerly waiting for the plot to touch and blow up haha.

This is not my favourite episode but I think anything beats the angst so I will deal with it. I don't quite like Leo here but I think (I know) I'm hugely biased since Leo has proven himself to be very genuine in his love towards Tao Zi and he has been quite fair to Tian Xing so far. Yet, I find it a bit difficult to ship Leo and Tao Zi since he was after all, a brotherly figure to her. Not just a vague brother of sorts, but a step-in brother who attended her graduation ceremony, who watched her grow up. In some ways, I could foresee this as a great romance, maybe in one of those novels, but in the drama, it just feels a bit wrong and I can't even visualise Tao Zi kissing Leo. *Shudders*

In case any of you is confused since I missed out this point in the earlier recap, Huan Huan did not describe the actual accident to her brother and mother, only telling them that she has injured herself while trying to save the two of them. This is why the Mother was initially displeased to see Tao Zi.

I just wish Tao Zi will see the bracelet on Tian Xing's wrist now and realises she has been a silly girl all this while.



  1. Anonymous says

    I was actually wondering what they would do after Tao Zi found out. Even though I am not impressed that Lance had to do that, Tian Xing will have more of a reason to leaven Tian Ji coz his “bro” lied to him. We will have some very slow next few episodes though…

    I am also very glad that they didn’t do the whole “amnesia” thing that they always do in K-dramas. It drives me insane…unless they use it to their advantage.


    • Yeah I hate it when they do amnesia too! Indeed, that’s why I said the lie was a very convenient tool for the scriptwriters because I foresee that it’s going to fuel at least some part of Tian Xing’s departure from Tian Ji/Huan Huan’s side in the future.

      Let’s see if we can get through the next few episodes!:D


    • I watched over 200 kdramas since 2009 and I don’t think I’ve seen the amnesia thing more than 5 times ( one is Boys over flowers, the other I think is I Hear Your Voice and Master’s Sun heroine lied about it). I avoid week-end dramas because they tend to be makjang. A high number of episodes doesn’t disturb me, I just want my dramas to be interesting and with new points of view.
      If you don’t believe me look at my list: mydramalist(.)com/dramalist/Leona

      However with twdramas is another story: nasty liars female second leads in every drama. A drama doesn’t have to be realistic to like it, but give me a break with second female leads. They are wayyy over the top. Don’t get me started with the second female lead in a wheelchair. In the last 3 twdramas I’ve watched the score is 2/3 in a wheelchair.


      • Hahaha I have seen nasty female second leads in a high number of dramas, including kdramas! It’s not a plot device that is used solely by Taiwanese Dramas to be honest, it’s just a drama device. Because we all love watching a couple come together at the end of the day despite facing obstacles in the form of nasty second male and female leads:D

        Hopefully you will like other Taiwanese Dramas!


  2. Anonymous says

    My heart races again

    Thanks for the recap!! Nice screen caps too. 😀
    Overall I am happy with the ep this week (the last one was blllaahh) its still enjoyable despite the fact that they are slowing down the story w sub plot n fillers. Still there’s lots of cute n good moment to tide me until this coming weekend. Huan huan was too pathethic. Glad she’s not my sister. Am now waiting for Tao Zi to sort out her feeling but girl, you are taking so long to do it..


    • Re: My heart races again

      Thank you for reading!(:

      HAHA aww you didn’t like the last episode? I quite like it because of the Big Reveal but indeed I like this episode too because of its cute moments. Yeah!! I’m hoping by next episode Tao Zi has a clearer idea of her feelings.


  3. I’m betting Huan Huan will fess up soon. She’s obviously feeling horribly guilty. I’m really hoping Lance gets a good punch in the face at some point. Hopefully before he manages to destroy OZ like we know he is scheming.


    • Either she’s going to confess or she’s going to mess up soon! I think there will be more oomph if Tian Xing found out it’s a lie by himself:D


  4. I hate second female leads. I like to be the queen in my nest.

    I really liked this drama until Huan Huan took her job seriously. I like twdramas until they land me the second female lead. I like to see 2 guys loving the lead girl, but I can’t stand second female leads. I think you can understand me, I just finished Ti Amo Chocolate(80 eps) last week and Sweet Sweet Bogyguard(82 eps) on this Monday. Ti Amo Chocolate used the same trope as accident->second b1tch in wheel chair. This was the reason I hated Heidi (the book). Do I really need to see over and over again a character that I hated my entire childhood. If they would give me a clue in summary I wouldn’t touch this drama. ( I don’t care that Huan Huan is such a good actress I just hate the Clara reloaded trope). This drama dropped from 10/10 to 5/10 in a matter of minutes.
    On the other hand how much do I love my Lu Tian Xing and Tao Zi you don’t have any idea. I like the whole double identity and exposure. ( C’mon Kurosagi is my favourite jdrama). Until now I thought they had a pretty good script with all the hiccups.
    If anyone noticed while Lu Tian Xing is under the name Lu Tian Xing he isn’t the owner of his own persona or destiny, while he was Xiao Lu he was free to do anything with anyone he wanted. Even stupid things, but every mistake was of his own. While he is with HH’s family he is owned by it. Even though Tian Ji was started by his parents and HH’s parents as equals. As it looks for HH’s mom she didn’t get a son but a slave to call her son. LTX said to Helen and T. Wei they are puppets at Tian Ji but he is the most precious puppet in Tian Ji.
    Therefore the next victim of scriptwriters at stupid things and Noble Idiocy is…. wait for it…. wait…. wait …. surprise Lu Tian Xing. Oh … no surprises here?


    • Re: I hate second female leads. I like to be the queen in my nest.

      Hahaha I loved Kurosagi but hadn’t watched Ti Amo Chocolate and Sweet Sweet Bodyguard. On my part, I don’t have anything much against the plot device of an evil second lead, and usually hate any character that try to pry my favourite character apart. On the other hand, I usually am inclined towards the second male lead so I do feel bad whenever I see 2 male leads going after the same girl.

      It’s true that Tian Xing is a puppet, manipulated by the family and hence it really makes me feel so sad for him. I really hope he will break out of it soon because I wanna see some action! Tian Xing has been bullied for too long.


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