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The Producers and small updates

Life in reality has overtaken my virtual life for a good three weeks! Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to keep up with the dramas – What I’ve watched thus far: The Producers: I’m really not feeling this show, and I doubt I will ever end up recapping it (although we still have 4 episodes to go, so anything can change!) I like Kim Soo Hyun and I admire his acting, but I don’t really like the number of close-ups. Yes this guy can act with his eyes, but sometimes, the close-ups aren’t used in the most apt and poignant ways and it kinda spoils the times when they are used nicely. Additionally, I’m totally shipping Cindy-Seung Chan so I will be rather disappointed (as a fangirl) if this couple doesn’t work out because Seung Chan ends up with Ye Jin! That being said, I like how each character is developing holistically because of another character. It’s a very gentle love rectangle where I’m actually alright if they all don’t end up with each other (I just don’t really …


Hello everybody, It has been a long time since I've written here…about 2 weeks? I wanted to write a review for Pinocchio Episode 20, but I watched it really late at night and promptly fell asleep after that. I'm sure everyone knew it was a good show and loved the ending so there's nothing much to say heh. I just have to say though, that I liked it that the Evil mother didn't really repent at the end of it – that's reality for you. I've also not been up to date with any dramas other than Pretty Little Liars. I guess it's really easy for me to just keep going with this show because it's one episode a week, and there's not too much fuss about it. It's like a constant sustenance, or a cheer-up, in my daily life, but it won't give me drama blues after 2 months (since we still have 2 seasons to go!). On the other hand, I'm always so attached to the kdramas and twdramas I watch, and it's …


HELLO! I'm actually not that busy, but I haven't been posting anything because I wasn't watching anything on-going and recent. I was going down this memory lane/catch-up lane, watching Boys Over Flowers and a ton of movies which I never caught in the cinemas.


How are you guys! My life has picked up on its rapid pace once again – a really apt timing because I managed to finish with Fall In Love With Me episode recaps before I lost all my time again. Right now, I'm at a loss for dramas because Pretty Little Liars has just finished its Summer Finale last week and is on its break, and Once Upon A Time is starting end September. In the meantime, I would love to entertain myself with a drama, so do recommend me any! <3thoughtsramble

Once Upon A Time

Does anyone watch this series!! I love it, even though I find Season 1 to be the coolest so far — with all the parallel back-stories and fairytale characters. I am on Season 3's Episode 12 and I think Rumpelstiltskin is one of my favourite characters which is really a surprise if you know me. (Since I'm all suckers for second leads and nice people) Okay, but upon second thought, I realise it's rather predictable since Rumpelstiltskin is kind of a good character with a really sad past and understandable motives. I felt so bad for him when Neal kept rejecting him. Hook is another of my favourite characters (I see a trend with me and villains oops) but I think currently Rumpelstiltskin takes the lead. (And you would probably realise that I've not talked about Pretty Little Liars in ages. That's because I was quite bored with Season 5's Episode 1 and was wondering if having stuck through with this series all this while was getting me anywhere. BUT I shall persevere…soon.) <3thoughtsramble


I will not be able to access the internet for about a week, starting this Sunday, which means that I won't be able to do Fall In Love With Me Episode 9 Recap! I might still write it when I come back to drama-land but that will mean that the recap will be a week late. Alternatively, I might just skip recapping Episode 9 and go on to do Episode 10 when I'm back. I shall see how it goes! On another note, I have been marathoning Once Upon A Time (just started on season 2!). Rather delighted with Julian Morris's cameo appearance. Even though he's better known to me as Doctor Wren hehe. My eyecandies are suffering from short-lived fates. First the Huntsman died because he tried to escape from Regina. He was kissing Emma yes, but that doesn't make his death any less tragic. T.T And then Prince Philip (or Doctor Wren, or Julian Morris) died within a episode because he was marked. T.T T.T My dear Prince Charming, please be a long-lived …

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I know this is really belated but the past week has been lots of fun. I didn't have much time to touch the other books I'm reading, mainly Nora Roberts' and Nicholas Sparks' but I can't wait to start! In the new year, I hope I will get to watch lots of nice dramas and read good books. Haha. I'm about to finish Calvin's drama, Lucky Touch, and after that I'm gonna continue on Jang Guen Suk's Pretty Boy Bel Ami! I can't really identify with Bo Tong and that sucks a bit because identifying with the leads is one major factor in drawing me into any drama. I'm so excited for Pretty Little Liars yipee! <3thoughtsramble


This whole month has been crazy guys(: Hope the readers who still come here are well and happy! As usual I'm still keeping up with a few favourite dramas, namely Pretty Little Liars and Just You(: Just You has improved quite considerably and I think Puff has really learnt how to tone down on the shouting. The behind the scenes are reallyyyy cute as well so you guys should totally check that out!! School is crazy:( <3thoughtsramble

season 4 episode 6

It’s getting better and better and I love this, everything is more on the stakes — Ashley being arrested, Emily being framed and the crossover to Ravenswood. I love how they use a different colour filter when it comes to Ravenswood. It’s all dark and ominous and I’m really looking forward to how Ravenswood will tie in with Rosewood! I just feel sad that Caleb has to leave the PLL set, it doesn’t feel right for Hanna to be with any one else:( I guess if Caleb is more useful in Ravenswood then he should go…it is exciting though because Ravenswood has a dominant sense of regret, sadness and mystery. I can’t wait!   <3thoughtsramble Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.


Hahaha wow time really flies! I wanted to do some recaps on Just You, or Lucky Touch, but unfortunately didn't have any time. (I know same old excuse:P) I guess it's really hard for me to do anything recap-related because I'm having really major exams this year! So I'm really looking forward to next year, when I will have more time, and maybe I can write on thoughtsramble as frequently as I have done before(: Right now, I'm focusing more on studies, but occasionally I still drop by the dramaland, what with the consistent watching of Pretty Little Liars (So tempted to start on Once Upon A Time, and Downturn Abbey!! Has anyone watched this?) and when I'm freer, Just You + Lucky Touch + uh Barbie movies. I swear Barbie movies are therapeutic and mindless entertainment hahahaha. Hopefully I can drop by again soon! Hope all of you are living life well^^ <3thoughtsramble

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

So has anyone watched the finale yet? IT'S AWESOME. I've no time to write out a recap, but here's just some of my thoughts included under the spoiler tag! AH:((( I knew it that Caleb will be shot. I mean dude, did no one teach you not to put down a gun when a pyschopath is still alive and twitching? I'm just hoping that he will survive the shooting. He better be. Nate is dead, but that means whatever he knows goes down to the grave with him. I'm just thinking, what if when A said that he/she owes Emily one, it was referring to killing Nate? I've been reading a few speculation theories online and apparently Marlene King has confirmed that Toby has no good intentions right now. Really?:( that might just be a vague answer thrown out to distract us, because when Toby hugged Spencer and they shot a scene of him, he looked conflicted and determined and sad, not hateful. But one of the speculation theories I've liked is that Toby was …


Oh it has been one hectic week, what with the dramas coming to a close. The Moon That Embraces The Sun finally hits a closure, with whooping high ratings, and I'm so glad for that. Kim Soo Hyun is definitely on my celeb-radar list now, and I absolutely can't wait to watch his next acting project! Please let it be a drama, and not movies, we definitely need 20 episodes of you to be satisfied. Pretty Little Liars was sooo good in the last episode! Season finale's in a few days, and wowww, I'm so excited to know who A is!  Ending Planner has reached its last episode too, and all loose ends get tied up. The recap is in the making right now, so please wait patiently!(: I'm catching up on Strawberry Night at the same time too, and hur hur, am obviously waiting for any sweet Kikuta — Reiko moments. As if that's not enough, I've finished watching Dream High and I'm wondering if I should watch Dream High 2.  Once in a …

All Spent!!

Phew~~ My shoulders are aching a little right now. And there you have it, the four dramas I mentioned in an earlier post. It is kinda tough to be writing about four dramas, which churn five recaps in total every week. Since I really wanted to get my recaps up fast, it means that I need to write four recaps within a span of two days. So the four dramas that I will (hopefully) be recapping are: Pretty Little Liars, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Ending Planner and Strawberry Night. In the case that I might not be able to hold up (which is verryyy possible, because I foresee a really busy February) then I might drop Strawberry Night…and if it still sucks so bad (my time), then Ending Planner. I love Pretty Little Liars and The Moon That Embraces The Sun too much to drop them anywhere.  Oopsie…I think my shoulders are complaining. I shall take my rest now(: <3thoughtsramble

Right before the last episode/Halloween’s special…

Oh yes, I've finished yet another 10 episodes in one day, and whoooo I can't wait to get started on the last episode!! I feel so glad that I started on this late; I can't think how you guys manage to wait since October for the next half of Season 2 to be released! I'm not too sure on this, but I read that it's going to be coming out in early Jan? Yayy.  I'm putting this under the cut because I took too many screen caps for this to be a short post, and also I didn't want to spoil any episodes for anybody. SO please don't click on this unless you are completely sure you want to spoil the suspense for yourself. But for you guys who have already watched this, PLEASE JOIN ME! I'm a little too late on the uptake of fangirling over this yes, but better late than never right? 😀

Pretty Little Liars~~

Hey you guys must be prepared that you will see major spam-mage of posts on this, because it's the only series that I'm currently watching crazily (i.e loading episode after episode, after episode). Here's a couple of things that I felt (note: major spoilers if you haven't watched Season 1!) : 1. OMG I'm majorily creeped out by Season 2. My friend wasn't kidding when she said that it was better, and arghh all the mysterious/dangerous things A is doing to the four girls is really getting to me. Maybe I should stop watching this late into the night, where I start to hallucinate that someone is watching me from the windows.  2. Accidentally read a couple of spoilers on Wiki, heh 😛 From which I found out that whoo hoo Wren is coming back!! (Yes I finally found out the spelling of his name ._.) and that Spencer shared a kiss with him. Can't really decide who I'm siding here, because I like Toby and Wren both!! Okay and this is really premature thinking, …

Pretty Little Liars/ Tyler Blackburn

Indeed, gosh has it only been one day that I've watched 10 episodes? It has been a long time since I did that, and it feels greaaaat. Yep, that means I've finished Pretty Little Liars Season 1:D And I got Season 2 Episode 1 all loaded and ready to go on my computer.  Which also means that I'm not entirely sure what is considered spoiler-free and spoiler-ful anymore. So I will leave it up to your discretion kay. I love writing about how I feel, but I wouldn't want to spoil the episodes for any of you guys((:  SO!! Gotta be my favourite couple so far: Caleb Rivers and Hanna!!<333 Actually to be honest, even though my friend has been telling me how great Pretty Little Liars was for ages, I didn't really want to get down to it, thinking that it's just going to be that usual American drama where there's lots of grope and romp which I hate. Then I got bored and the usual thing, but I still wasn't that ready to …

Pretty Little Liars

This was a drama that was recommended by a friend, and to date (i.e Season 1 Episode 12) I still pretty much love it!  If anything, I fell in love with the main theme song, Secrets by The Pierces. It's utterly hooking and creepy.  4 girls who became friends again when they started receiving messages from this mysterious person named A.  This A seems to know all their secrets, secrets that only Allison, their friend who had mysteriously disappeared for a year and later to be found dead, would know.  I love this look that Aria gives. So our four main leads are: Spencer — initially threatened by A because she seemed to have something for her sister's boyfriends (mainly Ian and Rann -spelling  I'm unsure of-) As of now, she seemed to be perfectly happy with Alex so A's trying to break the two of them up.  Sigh. I really like Rann. I wish she stuck with him, instead of moving on to Alex zzz.  Emily — threatened by A because she's a gay. …