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I will not be able to access the internet for about a week, starting this Sunday, which means that I won't be able to do Fall In Love With Me Episode 9 Recap! I might still write it when I come back to drama-land but that will mean that the recap will be a week late. Alternatively, I might just skip recapping Episode 9 and go on to do Episode 10 when I'm back. I shall see how it goes!

On another note, I have been marathoning Once Upon A Time (just started on season 2!). Rather delighted with Julian Morris's cameo appearance.


Even though he's better known to me as Doctor Wren hehe.

My eyecandies are suffering from short-lived fates.

First the Huntsman died because he tried to escape from Regina. He was kissing Emma yes, but that doesn't make his death any less tragic. T.T

And then Prince Philip (or Doctor Wren, or Julian Morris) died within a episode because he was marked. T.T T.T

My dear Prince Charming, please be a long-lived character because I think you are pretty cool.



  1. If it’s a good episode, I love your recaps. But if it’s a sucky one, i won’t blame you for skipping it. 😉

    I dropped Once Upon a Time within a few episodes of season 2. I get frustrated with shows that never really progress…


    • Hehe, I just got back to drama-land so I will be checking the episode out right now!

      Oooh I’m spamming the episodes of Once Upon A Time, so I don’t really feel the slow progress since I don’t have to wait for an episode release per week.


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