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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Finale (Episode 22 and 23)

I may have taken many more screenshots than expected…so I thought, why not make it into a quick recap instead!

I missed you, Once Upon A Time

I was so hooked on Healer, Kill Me Heal Me and then Blood, that I forgot one of my favourite series has started!! Rumplestiltskin, I know you are a villian, but I really think you are the BEST villian so far — you are able to tug at my heartstrings and yet at the same time, you are one of the most vicious villians and the most interesting. You and Regina Mills tie at the top right now:’)


HELLO! I'm actually not that busy, but I haven't been posting anything because I wasn't watching anything on-going and recent. I was going down this memory lane/catch-up lane, watching Boys Over Flowers and a ton of movies which I never caught in the cinemas.


How are you guys! My life has picked up on its rapid pace once again – a really apt timing because I managed to finish with Fall In Love With Me episode recaps before I lost all my time again. Right now, I'm at a loss for dramas because Pretty Little Liars has just finished its Summer Finale last week and is on its break, and Once Upon A Time is starting end September. In the meantime, I would love to entertain myself with a drama, so do recommend me any! <3thoughtsramble

Once Upon A Time

Does anyone watch this series!! I love it, even though I find Season 1 to be the coolest so far — with all the parallel back-stories and fairytale characters. I am on Season 3's Episode 12 and I think Rumpelstiltskin is one of my favourite characters which is really a surprise if you know me. (Since I'm all suckers for second leads and nice people) Okay, but upon second thought, I realise it's rather predictable since Rumpelstiltskin is kind of a good character with a really sad past and understandable motives. I felt so bad for him when Neal kept rejecting him. Hook is another of my favourite characters (I see a trend with me and villains oops) but I think currently Rumpelstiltskin takes the lead. (And you would probably realise that I've not talked about Pretty Little Liars in ages. That's because I was quite bored with Season 5's Episode 1 and was wondering if having stuck through with this series all this while was getting me anywhere. BUT I shall persevere…soon.) <3thoughtsramble


I will not be able to access the internet for about a week, starting this Sunday, which means that I won't be able to do Fall In Love With Me Episode 9 Recap! I might still write it when I come back to drama-land but that will mean that the recap will be a week late. Alternatively, I might just skip recapping Episode 9 and go on to do Episode 10 when I'm back. I shall see how it goes! On another note, I have been marathoning Once Upon A Time (just started on season 2!). Rather delighted with Julian Morris's cameo appearance. Even though he's better known to me as Doctor Wren hehe. My eyecandies are suffering from short-lived fates. First the Huntsman died because he tried to escape from Regina. He was kissing Emma yes, but that doesn't make his death any less tragic. T.T And then Prince Philip (or Doctor Wren, or Julian Morris) died within a episode because he was marked. T.T T.T My dear Prince Charming, please be a long-lived …


Hahaha wow time really flies! I wanted to do some recaps on Just You, or Lucky Touch, but unfortunately didn't have any time. (I know same old excuse:P) I guess it's really hard for me to do anything recap-related because I'm having really major exams this year! So I'm really looking forward to next year, when I will have more time, and maybe I can write on thoughtsramble as frequently as I have done before(: Right now, I'm focusing more on studies, but occasionally I still drop by the dramaland, what with the consistent watching of Pretty Little Liars (So tempted to start on Once Upon A Time, and Downturn Abbey!! Has anyone watched this?) and when I'm freer, Just You + Lucky Touch + uh Barbie movies. I swear Barbie movies are therapeutic and mindless entertainment hahahaha. Hopefully I can drop by again soon! Hope all of you are living life well^^ <3thoughtsramble


I've finally caught up with Gu Family Book — love it quite a bit, but it's always such a mood-killer! The love between Chung Jo and Kang Chi is so real and I feel the chemistry, but I already feel that sense of pity towards Chung Jo because she loves Kang Chi, yet Kang Chi's true fate lies with Yeo Wool. I'm not sure where this will exactly head towards, but I guess the final kills comes when Kang Chi realises that the man who kills his father is Yeo Wool's father! Bad blood right there? What's intriguing is why the two main characters are grinning away in this poster, while the rest of the characters take such sombre faces. Feels very out of place both with the general mood of the poster, as well as the current line of plot they are taking with the drama! Heh, but if this means that they are going to have a happy ending, I will be very happy:D Currently checking out Vampire Heaven, which is that sort of a …