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How are you guys! My life has picked up on its rapid pace once again – a really apt timing because I managed to finish with Fall In Love With Me episode recaps before I lost all my time again. Right now, I'm at a loss for dramas because Pretty Little Liars has just finished its Summer Finale last week and is on its break, and Once Upon A Time is starting end September.

In the meantime, I would love to entertain myself with a drama, so do recommend me any!



  1. Anonymous says

    TW drama Love Cheque Charge

    Hi, I just started watching Love Cheque Charge starring George Hu. The dad from Fall in Love with me is in it too, so that probably explains why he wasn’t in the wedding scene finale for Fall in love with me. Anyway, just a suggestion!


    • Re: TW drama Love Cheque Charge

      I see! I don’t know if I wrote it in the recap but I was wondering why the dad didn’t appear for finale HAHA.

      Anyway thanks for the recommendation!


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