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Spencer has a twin (and she’s A.D) theory

I’ve never written a theory post on Pretty Little Liars even though I’ve been on it almost since the very start (and so has this blog), but I just thought it would be apt to do one up now because the show is ending. Yep, for those who haven’t been following, Pretty Little Liars is finally finishing next week!! I’m still in disbelief because I grew up (kinda, not really) with this show, but at the same time, I can’t wait for there to be some closure. Good closure. But read on to find out why I think what I think about Spencer. Or her Twin!

The Producers and small updates

Life in reality has overtaken my virtual life for a good three weeks! Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to keep up with the dramas – What I’ve watched thus far: The Producers: I’m really not feeling this show, and I doubt I will ever end up recapping it (although we still have 4 episodes to go, so anything can change!) I like Kim Soo Hyun and I admire his acting, but I don’t really like the number of close-ups. Yes this guy can act with his eyes, but sometimes, the close-ups aren’t used in the most apt and poignant ways and it kinda spoils the times when they are used nicely. Additionally, I’m totally shipping Cindy-Seung Chan so I will be rather disappointed (as a fangirl) if this couple doesn’t work out because Seung Chan ends up with Ye Jin! That being said, I like how each character is developing holistically because of another character. It’s a very gentle love rectangle where I’m actually alright if they all don’t end up with each other (I just don’t really …


I am holding out on watching the second half of the last episode because this coming week is filled with important events and I cannot allow myself to be distracted! I’m just really curious – a preliminary search on Google yields no return when I searched for recaps on Blood. Are there literally no recappers doing this series? I only read really bad reviews but no recaps. It’s not that bad seriously – I mean, You’re Beautiful was on par with this or even worse (because I hate it when they make the second leads so pitiful) but it seems like that was more well-received online. Anyway, really glad that this drama was such a hit on various drama watching sites!(:Seems like now the trend is that you don’t get famous from the usual tv-ratings/tv-ratings might not be a very good gauge. (I thought Healer was pretty awesome but in terms of ratings, it didn’t do very well either!) <3thoughtsramble


WordPress imported all my Livejournal posts, but also incidentally unblocks all the inappropriate comments which Livejournal had so conveniently blocked for me. It’s still good news – I was really impressed with the efficiency at the whole thing; changing the layout of the site is going to take place faster than I thought! When that is done, I might be able to start notifying people of the change and hopefully more people will follow me over here. In the mean time, do follow my site or follow me on Twitter @thoughtsramble !(: <3thoughtsramble