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First Seven Kisses

My face looks just like hers right now.

This isn’t a review or a recap or anything because I haven’t even watched the first episode. The past few weeks have been pretty intense and it’s only going to get worse from here, so I’ve not been very into the updates. I’m definitely still in drama land (currently watching a couple of Kdramas at the same time) but I had no idea this GEM WAS BESTOWED UPON US at all.

So I really had to just drop by and express my shock – the ingenuity of someone who gave us characters that are acting as THEMSELVES but with the personas of how we love them best. Isn’t that sort of every fangirl’s dream? Like you want to date Ji Chang Wook because of Healer? So they give you Ji Chang Wook not as the actor, but as the sexy protector he was. I still haven’t recovered from the news, so I don’t know how I would react when the actual episodes are out.

What about you??


    • YEAH exactly. I haven’t watched the first ep but I do suspect one guy will take one episode though, so that there is equal air time and maybe it won’t be THAT expensive. But still, I was like WHICH GOD WENT CRAZY AND BESTOWED US THIS


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