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The K2 Episode 8 Recap

This week, Anna finally gets exposed to the limelight, we learn a bit more about her mother’s death and the couple gets some (limited) time together.

Warm and Cozy Episode 13 Recap

It seems like the main theme for this show, whether intentionally or not so, is ‘misunderstanding’/’the could-have-been-saids’. If it wasn’t for the fact that I really like the visuals, the cast, the acting, and some attachment to the characters, I would have dropped this show. Thankfully, I spam-watched the existing episodes (12 of them) in 1.5 days so I wasn’t too bogged down by all the verbal hurdles that the characters had to face. A conflict which could be solved simply by having a conversation is one of the worst conflicts to drag out, in my opinion.