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Finale Review: Oh My Ghost

This is just a really short post that I’ve been wanting to write for AGES. Yeah this show has long finished. I tend to have very serious drama blues if I’m too attached to a show, and I’m not kidding when I say that sometimes this affects my mood in real life. As such, over the years, I have developed this defence mechanism whereby if I foresee myself getting too attached to a show, I stop myself from watching the last episode until my own hype for it has died down. Does that make sense to you? This method works wonders for me(:

Updates and request for help!

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed it, but I recently ‘upgraded’ Thoughtsramble – it’s now ! Update your links if you have, but otherwise, typing will automatically direct you to the new url anyway:D I’m going to implement small changes here and there as we go along, so I’m quite excited for that! Also, I need your help because of that. I think changing my url makes it harder for Google to track my entries. Maybe it’s because it’s treated as an entirely new blog? I’m not too sure about the technicalities. But my posts from a week ago: and still do not turn up on Google Search (which is really weird. Back in my old Livejournal days when I don’t get many viewers, I don’t think it took one week for them to list my posts on Google search. Also, my entries days are tracked rather fast.) If you know what’s wrong, or you have any advice to give, please comment below! Alternatively, you could help me by sharing …

Orange Marmalade

*Potential spoilers below! I was quite surprised to find that they have made this manhwa into a drama. I read this on many years ago but I was tired of having to wait for one chapter a week. As time passed, I simply forgot about it and grew out of my manga phase (I was super into this other manga that is about idols and models and twins. Anyone has any idea what it’s called?)


I am holding out on watching the second half of the last episode because this coming week is filled with important events and I cannot allow myself to be distracted! I’m just really curious – a preliminary search on Google yields no return when I searched for recaps on Blood. Are there literally no recappers doing this series? I only read really bad reviews but no recaps. It’s not that bad seriously – I mean, You’re Beautiful was on par with this or even worse (because I hate it when they make the second leads so pitiful) but it seems like that was more well-received online. Anyway, really glad that this drama was such a hit on various drama watching sites!(:Seems like now the trend is that you don’t get famous from the usual tv-ratings/tv-ratings might not be a very good gauge. (I thought Healer was pretty awesome but in terms of ratings, it didn’t do very well either!) <3thoughtsramble


WordPress imported all my Livejournal posts, but also incidentally unblocks all the inappropriate comments which Livejournal had so conveniently blocked for me. It’s still good news – I was really impressed with the efficiency at the whole thing; changing the layout of the site is going to take place faster than I thought! When that is done, I might be able to start notifying people of the change and hopefully more people will follow me over here. In the mean time, do follow my site or follow me on Twitter @thoughtsramble !(: <3thoughtsramble