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Mid-Season Feels: Moon River

I am honestly this *fingers are one cm apart* close to recapping this drama. It has been awesome so far and I’m loving the take on the novel.

Episode 14 was GREAT so far — I squealed when Feng Jian Ce took a step closer and smiled at Xiao Xi, and Xiao Xi’s heart just died. I think that was my favourite scene! My second favourite is this:m1m2

When Mu Liu Bing said, “Nonsense, I, Mu Liu Bing, always stay true to what I’ve said.”


It has been a long time since I’ve watched a drama based in school. I didn’t watch School 2015…so the last drama might just have been Heirs (which I didn’t even finish). And I’m lovingggg it. I’ve always loved school dramas but they can be difficult to execute since this genre has been saturated with cliches and bad plots. For some reason though, Moon River is feeding my appetite very well, and I cannot wait for the next episode. Feng Jian Ce is giving me all sorts of Second Lead feels, which I’ve not had in a long, long time. (Can I just throw in an advertisement for my TeeChip cases right here, which exist precisely because of people like Feng Jian Ce: and . You can read more about my designs in this post .)

I know for sure that Ming Xiao Xi isn’t going to end up with Feng Jian Ce, and I’m not against the main couple, but my heart does go out to this charming, gentle and nice guy.

Drop me a comment if you are watching this too!



    • The plot is pretty similar I would say, but awesome because Xiao Xi can really defend herself here! Nothing pleases me like a female lead who can fight hahaha. I’m so glad you have decided to check it out. Let me know what you think of it!


  1. I’m so glad that this drama has gotten the hype it deserves! Are you up to the 18th episode? As much as I love Evan, being a SpeXial fan and all, I love the chemistry between Mu Liu Bing and Ming Xiao Xi. I’m also loving Lucy too, and I hope that she’s going to forget about Sha Sha soon! Not to mention Hao Nan…. I really hope he realizes that Sha Sha doesn’t deserve him, or Sha Sha realizes it’s time to move on. Great post, btw. 🙂


    • Yes I’m up to the most recent episode! Sometimes I cannot contain myself and I watch the China ver to get sneak peeks hoho. I’m loving all of them! But I suffer from chronic second lead syndrome so I am VERY sympathetic to Ce/Xiao Xi’s pairing. However, I think Mu Liu Bing has been super super sweet for the most part.



  2. table122000 says

    Thanks for your post on this drama. I too am loving it so far. It’s really nice to see the female lead rescue the boys for a change. I do like the chemistry between the 2 leads, but I also think Ce is such a sweet character. Hoping he finds his own happiness by drama’s end. I think Hao Nan’s sister is waiting for him to notice her.


    • Oh hi there again! Sorry for the late reply. YEAH I love it that she’s so kickass. I think Evan’s not a very good actor but in the previews of the next episode, he unleashed his inner fury and omg I’m so looking forward to it. Hahahah Hao Xue is hilarious.


  3. Anonymous says

    Hi did you happen to read the novel? I really wanted to read it but I can’t find any copy 😦


    • HI!(: Actually yes I happened to read the novel. I was once in a Ming Xiao Xi (author’s name) phase, I read almost all her works. Did you try online? Because I found out that she was an online writer. For me, there’s a bookshop where we can order books from overseas. So yes, those were the days where I placed an order and waited 2 months for the book to come, and then the cycle repeated. It was fun<3


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