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The Producers and small updates

Life in reality has overtaken my virtual life for a good three weeks! Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to keep up with the dramas – What I’ve watched thus far: The Producers: I’m really not feeling this show, and I doubt I will ever end up recapping it (although we still have 4 episodes to go, so anything can change!) I like Kim Soo Hyun and I admire his acting, but I don’t really like the number of close-ups. Yes this guy can act with his eyes, but sometimes, the close-ups aren’t used in the most apt and poignant ways and it kinda spoils the times when they are used nicely. Additionally, I’m totally shipping Cindy-Seung Chan so I will be rather disappointed (as a fangirl) if this couple doesn’t work out because Seung Chan ends up with Ye Jin! That being said, I like how each character is developing holistically because of another character. It’s a very gentle love rectangle where I’m actually alright if they all don’t end up with each other (I just don’t really …


Layout’s been changed for a reason; it’s only temporary but do tell me if you don’t like this new layout! Kinda attached to the old one so it feels weird looking at all the flowers and green right now. Another thing: Please tell me. That Jae In isn’t going to think that the guy is her brother or something. Please no, that will just be :///. (Talking about Man of Honour) <3thoughtsramble


Hey guys! I’ve came back from a mini vacation, so I shall be updating thoughtsramble pretty soon! I’m going crazy with Livejournal. Is it just my computer, or does Livejournal suck big time? Whenever I spot a spelling mistake in my entries and I want to correct it, the entry goes bonkers and all the alignment goes HAYWIRE. I’ve also mentioned before about how my entries will get deleted when I post them. Sometimes, when I edited the entry, and I saved the entry, it’s still not edited. Why? I’m really reluctant to change to other platforms because it would be really troublesome, and I’m the kind that is quite adverse to change lol. But seriously, it’s going to affect the quality of my recapsD: So guys, if sometimes you spot spelling mistakes, or that the alignment is really strange and haywire, do pardon meD: <3thoughtsramble


Hello friends!^^ Wow it has been a (relatively) long time since I updated anything! As you guys should know, there’s some problems with Livejournal these few days, and for some reason my IP address was still blocked even though most of my friends’ weren’t since yesterday. Haha, a lot have happened in the past few days! I fell utterly in love with Aaron (LOL:P) and I’m amazed at my good timing because I like him just when he’s releasing/released an album so there’s lots of awesome good news about him around. I’m glad that his album sales are good!^^ I’ve just had my exams, and I finally can rest for a while…and I rediscovered the awesomeness of Jacky Wu (homg I’ve never laughed so hard for an episode of I Guess for a long time… I guess (no pun intended!) without Jacky Wu, I Guess is not I Guess.) I will be coming up with recaps pretty soon, so looked out for them!^^ <3thoughtsramble


It just occurred to me that I seem to have totally given up on Love Buffet recaps:O I think I will complete them one day, but not any time soon then! Friends, do help me to spread this livejournal around (lol sounds like jam)! If you see any problems with my recaps/whatever, please feel free to comment so that I can improve(: I have no idea what’s wrong though… is it because I’ve been recapping Taiwanese Dramas recently, and Kdramas are more popular? <3thoughtsramble

OH man

I really hate it… when I’m sick!! I’m sorry guys! I was going to update today about Gloomy Salad Days, but I fell really ill… zzzz. So I’m just dropping by to tell you guys that I will continue updating of course, very soon!:D <3thoughtsramble


Hello everyone! Okay this is just a really informal post… to talk about how I’m so glad that you guys are here to read thoughtsramble. It sounds cliche, but my wish of doing this properly wouldn’t have been possible if not for you guys. I remember asking for your help months ago, to help spread the existence of this livejournal to anyone you think might like/love it, and some of you did, which I’m really thankful for. For those readers who discovered this livejournal super early, you might recall about how I said that my readership has dropped after Playful Kiss, which is okay since I’ve anticipated that coming.  Ah, this isn’t a post to talk about readership… not really:P It’s just a hope that more people will help to spread this around. In the earlier stages of this livejournal’s existence, I ever considered dropping this because there’re just too few people for me to go on ( but I didn’t drop it in the end because I figured I will write even for that …


I just realise something — I’m extremely biased in my Love Buffet 2nd Episode recap! There’s not a single screenshot of Calvin anywhere. Gosh gomenasai ne! However, I will just like to explain. I’m getting increasingly busy nowadays, but I will still like to share whatever stuff I’m watching with you guys, so in that case, I can only take a limited number of screenshots…. and when I obviously look out for more Ah Yi scenes than Da Ye scenes, the ratio of those screenshots will not be balanced. I hope you guys can understand, and if you are Calvin fans, I can assure you that I don’t dislike him — I just don’t really like Da Ye. Heh. <3thoughtsramble

I have no idea why…

but it seems that I’m hooked on Love Buffet! I really have no idea why… There’s nothing that should pull me in, seeing that most of them can’t act, the storyline is very typical manga-ish, and I know that the girl is going to piss me off pretty soon with her fickle mindedness.  Thus, I conclude that it’s due to Aaron’s presence! I really like his character right from the first episode, and that made me wonder if my Second Lead Instinct is really that awesome. I thought he was the lead at first, and I was still wondering why I would like the lead so fast, when I realise while reading some other people’s comments that nooooo he’s not the lead, he’s the second lead. Argh! To think that I used to sympathise with Calvin for being always stuck with second lead roles whenever he appears in a drama with another Fahrenheit member. I wish I could pull back in all that sympathy now. It’s not that I have something against him, no, not …

New Year…

 A year is drawing to a close! This year, I’ve went through so many things, and survived. I’ve grown up a little, I’ve set up thoughtsramble, I went through examinations [ while watching Playful Kiss even when examinations were just on the next day. -guilt- ] I met new friends, and kept in contact with the old ones…. I did things that were memorable.  Thoughtsramble, when it first started out, was quite sad… with like 0 readers, or at its best, 2 readers per day. Yet I continued writing because I don’t know… I just like it, and slowly the readership builds up. I started to recap on Playful Kiss, and the readership shot up. I get comments, and new readers. Then, Playful Kiss ended, and the readership drops again, but way better than when I first started. I still write about everything that I’ve watched, because I know I have readers that keep coming back [ Thank you so much!^^ ] and I love writing for them. Now, I suppose it’s luck/another phase of …