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Hello everyone!

Okay this is just a really informal post… to talk about how I’m so glad that you guys are here to read thoughtsramble. It sounds cliche, but my wish of doing this properly wouldn’t have been possible if not for you guys. I remember asking for your help months ago, to help spread the existence of this livejournal to anyone you think might like/love it, and some of you did, which I’m really thankful for. For those readers who discovered this livejournal super early, you might recall about how I said that my readership has dropped after Playful Kiss, which is okay since I’ve anticipated that coming. 

Ah, this isn’t a post to talk about readership… not really:P It’s just a hope that more people will help to spread this around. In the earlier stages of this livejournal’s existence, I ever considered dropping this because there’re just too few people for me to go on ( but I didn’t drop it in the end because I figured I will write even for that few loyal readersXD). On a side note, I discovered that I might have given myself unnecessary sadness because I didn’t know that Livejournal’s visitor stats only take into account those who have logged in livejournal accounts. Lol. 

Anyway, statistics isn’t that important to me in a sense that I know they’re just numbers. They’re numbers that even differ along with what counters you use. However, readership is quite important to me, because I want to know if this site is working for you guys. It’s a platform for me to share my thoughts but you guys should enjoy this site too, in order for thoughtsramble to succeed. I’m not talking about making it big, or to be as famous as sites like Dramabeans…In that sense, statistics are ironically, quite essential for me as well, because they’re markers of your reactions to my posts. I don’t care about the numbers, but I do care when the numbers go down and stay there because then… there must be something uninteresting going on. 

To clear things up, I’m not sad, like oooh I wanna cry sad, when readership goes down… I’m just pondering on the possibilities on why this has happened, because if not, how do I improve? So this is really just a post to tell you guys my thoughts (after all, this is called thoughtsramble isn’t it?:P) and it’s also a really informal nudge hoping you guys will help me spread the existence of this livejournal. 
That’s all!^^

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