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Pinocchio Episode 19 Review

I just watched this episode with subs and IT'S AMAZING. I don't have the time to do a recap unfortunately, but I think it's an episode that you guys shouldn't be reading recaps in substitution of the episode itself. A few things happened: Having a good relationship with Chairman for the past decade can be used as a tool. As investigation on the defamation suit opens, Manager Sung and Cap Kim accurately guess what the moves of the Chairman would be. YGN news, because of its swift reporting, manage to stop Chairman from pretending to be overseas when she's in Korea, from shifting the focus to a celebrity (Yu Rae has a funny OPPA I WILL CLEAR YOUR NAME moment), and from bribing Chan Soo. Chan Soo promises not to give into the settlement, but he does waver and would have if not for Nosy Jang's timely arrival. Yu Rae jokingly asks Cap Hwang to come along for Chan Soo's housewarming party and Capt agrees, much to everyone's bewilderment. Cap Hwang is getting more obsessed with Yu Rae. HAHA. …

Pinocchio Episode 15 Recap

I'm loving this episode (and hopefully can get the chance to recap the rest of the episodes till this drama ends). I checked the ratings of this drama a while ago and was puzzled to see the low ratings – this is one of the best dramas I've watched in 2014, with a solid plot and good acting. However, I'm beginning to see that it's starting to pick up its fanbase, and people around me are getting super into this drama too which is a GREAT thing.

Recommend: Pinocchio

Recently decided to give this drama a try and I think it's been a real solid piece so far! Personally not a fan of Park Shin Hye but I saw a couple of gifs that portrayed her in a very cute way in this drama so I thought why not! I like it that the female lead has the Pinocchio syndrome and cannot lie. This is SO refreshing from the usual dramas where the conflict arises precisely because leads weren't honest with each other/do noble sacrifices (never a fan of those)/miss their chance to confess. Obviously it would suck if the entire world was filled with Pinocchios, but just having a few here and there makes a huge difference to this drama. Lee Jong Suk is awesome as usual (biaised since forever), but I do wish he isn't so fair:P. Check it out! <3thoughtsramble


I'm not sure where most of my readers come from but here's an early Merry Christmas~~!  I've been spending the month taking a good rest, and also catching up on my various dramas: Die Sterntaler — Stopped at Episode 7. Am 2/3 episodes behind and not really feeling up to it to continue because I know the heartaches are going to start, what with Xiang Qi stepping up on her game, Xiao Cai not being more courageous, Yong )Tuo being the charismatic guy he is and Yong Xiu being (annoyingly) trusting.  Cheongdamdong Alice — Currently on Episode 6. Not loving it per se, but am definitely keeping up with it because of the leads. There was too much crying from the female lead initially and I really don't like it when the male lead goes on his crazy acts, but you've gotta give it to Park Shi Hoo. He switches personalities with such ease.  School 2013 — Now this is the show that I'm really loving. Currently on Episode 6 and loving every single bit …