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I'm not sure where most of my readers come from but here's an early Merry Christmas~~! 

I've been spending the month taking a good rest, and also catching up on my various dramas:

Die Sterntaler — Stopped at Episode 7. Am 2/3 episodes behind and not really feeling up to it to continue because I know the heartaches are going to start, what with Xiang Qi stepping up on her game, Xiao Cai not being more courageous, Yong )Tuo being the charismatic guy he is and Yong Xiu being (annoyingly) trusting. 

Cheongdamdong Alice — Currently on Episode 6. Not loving it per se, but am definitely keeping up with it because of the leads. There was too much crying from the female lead initially and I really don't like it when the male lead goes on his crazy acts, but you've gotta give it to Park Shi Hoo. He switches personalities with such ease. 

School 2013 — Now this is the show that I'm really loving. Currently on Episode 6 and loving every single bit of it. I was only excited to watch it because of Lee Jong Suk (had a good impression of him from Secret Garden) and the idea of a drama focused on school themes, but the plot is grabbing my attention. The younger actors are doing a good job, and so are the teachers. I know it sounds wrong, but I'm secretly hoping for an impossible pairing between Nam Soon and Teacher Jung haizzz.

How can you not love this guy oh gosh.

So what have you guys been up to! 



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