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School 2013 Episode 7 Recap

I love this show so muchhh it's definitely worth writing recaps on.

It's a show with themes that while one may not have experienced before, he or she can most likely relate to. And I love it for that — the teachers' passion, the friendships, and the slight romance brewing in the corner.

Teacher Jung and Kang read through the violence reports and were shocked to find that every single sheet talked about Heung Soo and how he bullied Nam Soon. Teacher Uhm reminded them to hand in the reports once they had collected them, and In Jae asked if she could have an extension so as to check out on certain things.

The request was interrupted by Se Chan who gathered up the reports and handed them straight over to Uhm Force. 

Being annoyed, In Jae had a talk with Se Chan — Didn't he find it strange that no one wrote Jung Ho's name? There's obviously something going on if everyone wrote the name of a student who only just transferred over. Se Chan on the hand retorted, "A young lamb who lost its way, and 34 lambs who are lost in their grades, who are you going to spend more time on?"

During the midterms, even Song Ha Kyung's and Min Ki's grades fell. Shouldn't that be more of a concern to the homeroom teacher? 

Back in the classroom, the bunch of students talked about what they had just written on the reports. 

As expected, they all wrote Heung Soo's name because they thought Nam Soon was too afraid of Heung Soo and they wanted to stand up for him. Kang Joo, however, did regret not having written Jung Ho's name. Uhm Force started his student interrogations, and he finally questioned Nam Soon. Nam Soon admitted to having bought bread for Heung Soo and even carrying his backpack, but said that this was because Heung Soo was his friend long time ago.

The homeroom teachers were told to stand back and not get involved in these matters. The principal told Teacher Uhm to open up the School Violence Committee, with the motive of expelling Heung Soo. 

The class watched in silence as Nam Soon stood in front of Heung Soo.

He looked like he was going to say something when Teacher Uhm told Heung Soo to meet him. Kang Joo assured Nam Soon, and told him that she would be there to take of business if Heung Soo got angry that Nam Soon tattled on him or something. Nam Soon muttered, "Take care of your own business," and left the class. 

Sometimes I really love Kang Joo for her hot headedness and righteousness, but at times like this, she's totally not helping. In fact, I can see why Se Kyung might slowly break into Nam Soon's heart. 

Nam Soon lay down on the bench on the rooftop, and we are shown flashbacks — of Heung Soo and him having a lot of fun, escaping with the money from the vending machine, arm wrestling, Nam Soon watching Heung Soo playing soccer. 

Almost like a bromance^^

And this flashback ended with a memory of Nam Soon walking up to the hospital and seeing Heung Soo's angry face at the window, before turning away, and Heung Soo collapsing on his bed in anger and disappointment. 

Uhm Force questioned Heung Soo, who replied coldly that Nam Soon was just over doing things and that they weren't friends. Uhm Force got angry that Heung Soo didn't seem the least bit repentant and he replied that he didn't see anything he should be sorry about. He was dismissed, and as he was walking back in accumulating anger, Nam Soon approached him. Heung Soo asked, "Are you pretending to be a victim now? If yes, I should do it for you," and pushed Nam Soon against a wall.

Nam Soon watched in anxiety as the corridor got filled with curious students. He begged Heung Soo to stop because he would really get expelled if he continued, and Heung Soo replied that if Nam Soon punched him, he would. 

Kang Joo ran to the staffroom to get the teachers, who arrived just as Heung Soo punched Nam Soon. In Jae got pushed to the floor by Heung Soo, and as Heung Soo was going to get another punch flying, he was controlled by Se Chan and Uhm Force. 

The students talked over what happened, and Ki Duk got ordered to buy bread for Jung Ho (who was obviously not happy that his position as the top bully was getting usurped. )

Nam Soon and Heung Soo sat in the room, and Nam Soon broke the silence, "Park Heung Soo…I'm sorry."

 Heung Soo laughed sarcastically that Nam Soon now knew these words when he didn't last time, even when it meant death. Nam Soon looked away with guilt and answered, "I know right.."

Heung Soo asked, "By any chance, you weren't thinking that I would accept your apology right?" Nam Soon closed his eyes at this. 

The teachers were all against Heung Soo this time round, save but In Jae and Teacher Jo. They wondered which school would take Heung Soo if he was expelled, and Teacher Jo was visibly disappointed with Se Chan. "The thing you can't see is bigger than the thing you can in this world, you don't remember?" Se Chan's expression flicked a little. 

Despite the Head Teacher's orders, In Jae visited the two students but got no answers from them. Before she left, Heung Soo asked if she got hurt. She answered that she obviously got hurt, but thanks for asking, and then, "Somehow I got the feeling that you two didn't fight for real…" Se Chan handled the class 2-2 by stoically refusing to answer any questions despite the class' burning curiosity. Nam Soon went to Heung Soo's house and asked him if he would still come to school. "Of course, I need to come to school to get expelled." "Yeah you must come, if you don't, you will die."

Next day, the notice that a School Violence Committee had been set up to investigate a student Park XX from Class 2-2 was put up. Back in class, Jung Ho taunted Heung Soo but was put in his place when Heung Soo laughed that Jung Ho still didn't know his place after getting beaten up. 

 Heung Soo talked of someone that was stronger than himself, right in that class, and even looked over to Nam Soon. "The name that you would never say, shall I say it for you?" 

Throughout this, Nam Soon lay quietly on his arm. He sat up at this, and Heung Soo suddenly put a twist, "It's Uhm Force." Nam Soon lay down again but his face was full of emotional conflict.

I really, really like Nam Soon, just saying. 

Teacher Uhm called Min Ki's mother to participate in the meeting. In Jae asked Se Chan if he could speak to Heung Soo or Nam Soon, but Se Chan replied that Nam Soon didn't like him, and he didn't like him either. There was a moment of awkwardness as they realised that Nam Soon was just standing behind them. 


Nam Soon was there to ask if there was anything he could do to prevent Heung Soo from being expelled. Se Chan asked Nam Soon why he was getting beaten up, "Don't you know how to fight well?" but was stopped barely in time by In Jae. In Jae sent Nam Soon back to class, where she taught them the technique of narration. She wanted the students to try the technique by coming up with five sentences to describe something in order. Ki Duk did his joker thing as usual, and Nam Soon surprised everyone by volunteering. 

"Being a professional soccer player was his dream."

Heung Soo looked up.

"If he wanted to be a professional soccer player, the coach said he had to leave the group…. Anyone who leaves was supposed to get beaten up."

We see flashbacks of Heung Soo getting thrashed. 

"While getting beaten up, his leg got crushed….the bully was a bastard."

In Jae thought that was all, but Nam Soon continued, "And that bastard…"

He looked over to Heung Soo, which was noticed by everyone. Heung Soo's eyes teared up probably in anger, as Nam Soon finished off, "is Go Nam Soon."

The flashback was shown in entirety, of Nam Soon being the one to step on Heung Soo's legs and crushing them, before showing us his face of disbelief and guilt at what he had done. 

Before anything could happen, Heung Soo was called out of the class for the meeting. The students discussed the ranking of students and realised that Go Nam Soon was first, followed by Heung Soo and then Jung Ho (who obviously wasn't happy, as usual.) Se Kyung told everyone to keep quiet, and they joked about how Se Kyung rode over Nam Soon's first place. Se Kyung looked at Nam Soon, and her face was filled with concern. 

The principal found out that In Jae had hidden the incident of the four students fighting and suspended her. 

You are just a cocky, mean Principal hmmph. 

The meeting was to take place as usual, but with Se Chan taking over In Jae's place. In Jae spoke privately to Se Chan for a few minutes, and asked him why he's so distant when he was so actively helping Nam Soon out the other time. Se Chan replied that she shouldn't be too attached to the students so that it's ultimately easier for both the kids and the teacher. She asked if that was why he didn't do anything when Se Kyung collapsed in front of him the other time. He didn't reply.

In Jae returned to class and asked if the misunderstanding between the class and Heung Soo was resolved. The class nodded. One of those mean girls reminded In Jae that twenty minutes had passed and that she should continue with the lesson.

My dear, life is more about your stupid S University.

In Jae started the lesson but a few seconds later, told the class that the lesson would be cut short and left.  

Se Chan had just finished telling the committee that the teachers had just realised how there was a misunderstanding between Heung Soo and the students (he had heard it because he happened to be outside the classroom). Heung Soo was dismissed, and the various members got to speak. Min Ki's mother, as usual, was against the idea of having a gangster in her son's class. Teacher Jo, on the other hand, spoke about how the school was supposed to take care of the kids, and constantly being flexible and making new rules. In Jae appeared, and asked the members to give Heung Soo a chance. She believed that the kids would waver, and would change, but this view was met with cynicism by the Principal who shot her down, "You're so sentimental."

When asked for his point of view, Se Chan replied that everything sounded like bullshit. Isn't it impossible for the teachers to always win each time they take care of the students?

I like Teacher Jo(: He's an older, more experienced version of In Jae, and somehow to me, proves that In Jae's passion is not misplaced. 

In Jae was sent out of the meeting. 

 Heung Soo looked around at the school sadly, before returning back to his class and packing his things. Back at the meeting, they were putting the decision to a vote. Min Ki's mother, the Principal and the Vice Principal voted yes to Heung Soo's expulsion. The police member, Teacher Jo and Teacher Uhm voted no. So it's up to Se Chan to break this tie. He answered that he would like the student to be cut from the school.

And in this moment, I shake my head in dislike.

Nam Soon chased after Heung Soo, and explained that he said what he said during class so that Heung Soo wouldn't get expelled. 

"You have to stay in school so that I can do something for you!" But Heung Soo was angry. Does Nam Soon think that if he apologises and begs for forgiveness, Heung Soo will say ah I see why he did what he did, and forgive him?

"I don't want to give a jerk like you a chance so I am making myself expelled, Rascal." He turned to leave, but Nam Soon reminded him that it was his elder sister's wish that he graduated from the school. 

Se Chan continued, "I would like the student to be punished more severely than just expulsion" to which Teacher Jo winced, and the Principal smiled. (Smile?? Dieee.)


Here comes the but hehe.

"But today I came in lieu of Teacher Jung," and since it's obvious whose side Teacher Jung was on, his vote went to the side against Heung Soo's expulsion. HOORAY~ I'm sorry I disliked you for a moment there.

Heung Soo replied that even if he didn't get expelled, he wouldn't be coming to school. Se Kyung told Nam Soon that she was the one who collected the evening tutorial applications again. Nam Soon just walked past her, and she said, "You know what you need the most, President Go?"

"Extra credit?"

"A president, you idiot."

Hehe I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Se Kyung and Nam Soon. 

Se Chan requested that In Jae be returned to her position of the homeroom teacher, and the Principal asked why she should do as he requested. He cool-ly brought up the matter that she knew why he came to this school and yet she hid the matter, "I can report you too. Whose reputation do you think will suffer more? The Principal, or the tutor."

I like, like, like. 

In Jae asked Se Chan later on why he took her side, and he said it's because he's the substitute for In Jae that meeting. The Vice Principal came in to say that the Principal wanted a report to be done by that night and handed in. Upon hearing that, and deducing that she didn't get suspended, In Jae left to find Heung Soo (who hadn't been coming to school even though the news that he wasn't expelled was out), leaving Se Chan to "take care of the 34 lost lambs".

She left the staffroom, but sneaked a glance at Se Chan…and smiled. Kyah~~~

Se Chan dealt the class with a firm hand — whoever whose butt left the seat, shall cause the class to be extended by another ten minutes. Sometimes I like Se Chan's way of dealing with things too. Also, is it just me…but I feel that this drama shows the unfair treatment towards female teachers. In Jae gets bullied all the time, and when she's fierce, sometimes no one cares at all. But the power teachers, Teacher Uhm and Teacher Jo are obviously guys, and even Se Chan commands more respect. For females, you either care and get stepped all over by Teacher Jung, or you don't, like the other female teachers. 

In Jae tried to find Heung Soo at his house but to no avail. Instead she ran into Nam Soon, who opened up about his friendship with Heung Soo.

That was Nam Soon speaking with pride about how great a soccer player Heung Soo was. Haizzz. 

In Jae asked if Heung Soo really needed to be beaten up, and Nam Soon said it was a rule…and also he was angry. He was scared that Heung Soo would leave him and go somewhere far, far away. Heung Soo wasn't really much of a gang member, he merely followed Nam Soon around. 

I love it how this drama plays it out with the flashbacks. Initially we think that Heung Soo was a bully, beating Nam Soon up, then it turned out to be some sort of initiation process to welcome Nam Soon, and now we know that Nam Soon's the true 'leader'. 

Heung Soo finally turned up to meet Nam Soon, who got angry.

He's angry that Heung Soo's letting his life go to waste because of someone like him.

And Heung Soo retorted, "I'm running away because the memory of my leg being ruined is upsetting whenever I see you." Nam Soon told him to then stay in school, stay and get his revenge.

Heung Soo pushed him away. "Revenge? What do you have that I can revenge on. Do you have anything as important to you as soccer was to me? If you have it, then give it up. Give up on one of the most important things in your life. Then I will realise you're sincere and give you some credit. Give it up and I will come back to school."

Heung Soo didn't turn up for school again, and Teacher Uhm informed In Jae that if Heung Soo had another absence, he would be expelled and there's nothing they could do about it. In Jae was obviously dejected, and went to class. She told Nam Soon, in front of the class, to call Heung Soo to get to school, or he would get expelled. Nam Soon left the class to call Heung Soo, and told him that he's giving it up.

The most important thing in his life, he's giving it up, so "come to school and see what I'm giving up." 

Heung Soo was actually at work, and when he was told to get the invoice from the front of the van, he saw his school blazer and placed it neatly over the seat. He obviously cared a lot about school:(

One student asked if she could leave from the evening tutorial class, and when given the go ahead, most of the class just left. The usual group did stick around though, noticing Heung Soo's empty seat. Teacher Uhm came in and noticed the empty seat, and was just about to declare Heung Soo as absent when Heung Soo walked in. In Jae quickly sent him to his seat, and claimed that he was just being tardy as the evening class hadn't ended. Min Ki and the rest backed her up. She then dismissed the class, and Nam Soon looked a little sad as he said, "Attention, bow."

The group all left pretty quickly, leaving Nam Soon and Heung Soo alone. Nam Soon showed Heung Soo a piece of paper and Heung Soo snickered. The scene cut to a really sad In Jae, who sat there as Nam Soon bowed and left the room.

In front of her, was a piece of paper, "Request to leave the school."

Heung Soo was waiting for Nam Soon at the school gates, and questioned if the most important thing he was giving up was school. "That's a bit…don't you have anything bigger?"

Nam Soon replied, "What I have just abandoned isn't the school…What I am throwing away now is not school…"

 His voice caught as he teared up, "But you, you bastard."

And he turned and left, just as the tears welled up and rolled down his cheeks. 

-the end-

Phew, I've not written such a long recap in agesss and I still love it so much. 

I will admit to feeling very, very touched by the friendship between Heung Soo and Nam Soon, and oh, the last sentence, that packed a lot of punch to me. Nam Soon obviously did something unforgivable, but you can tell Heung Soo is hurting. He wants to forgive Nam Soon, but hides himself in a prickly shell. And Nam Soon hurts himself trying to get past the shell. Gahh. Can the two of them just continue with their bromance:(

I really like Lee Jong Suk's acting. It's not very mature per se, but I think he took the raw emotions of a student really well. The whole drama is quite set in reality (or as much reality as it could get), with the issues and concerns faced. The bad bits of it, I'm very convinced, are present in reality…but the sad part is, I'm not so sure the nice parts actually exist. Call me cynical if you will, but do those teachers with such passion, really exist?


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    Hahaha I’m glad my recap made you notice those small little moments hehe which I really adore!! (and one of the reasons why I must recap this drama) I love how they can tug on our heartstrings so easily lolz.


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