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Updates and request for help!

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed it, but I recently ‘upgraded’ Thoughtsramble – it’s now ! Update your links if you have, but otherwise, typing will automatically direct you to the new url anyway:D I’m going to implement small changes here and there as we go along, so I’m quite excited for that! Also, I need your help because of that. I think changing my url makes it harder for Google to track my entries. Maybe it’s because it’s treated as an entirely new blog? I’m not too sure about the technicalities. But my posts from a week ago: and still do not turn up on Google Search (which is really weird. Back in my old Livejournal days when I don’t get many viewers, I don’t think it took one week for them to list my posts on Google search. Also, my entries days are tracked rather fast.) If you know what’s wrong, or you have any advice to give, please comment below! Alternatively, you could help me by sharing …

Some rambling thoughts

Anyway, as you guys would have known, I've finished Healer just yesterday and am dying from drama blues. I was just thinking about my little nice cozy thoughtsramble where I meet great readers (shoutout to @usisblog for recommending Healer) and have long conversations with some of them. Sometimes, I stumble upon my old comments and I suddenly remember the constant presence of a certain reader at that certain period of time. If you guys are still reading, know that you will always have a special place in my heart, even though all I know is your username/letter of your name. I have no idea why, but I suddenly felt like writing a really long and heartfelt post, which I've not done in ages. For the past few days, I'm in this reminiscing mood and I cannot convey to you guys how much this website means to me. I'm always careful not to reveal too much of my personal information, which is why I don't have a self-introduction of my name and where I come from. …


Hello everybody, It has been a long time since I've written here…about 2 weeks? I wanted to write a review for Pinocchio Episode 20, but I watched it really late at night and promptly fell asleep after that. I'm sure everyone knew it was a good show and loved the ending so there's nothing much to say heh. I just have to say though, that I liked it that the Evil mother didn't really repent at the end of it – that's reality for you. I've also not been up to date with any dramas other than Pretty Little Liars. I guess it's really easy for me to just keep going with this show because it's one episode a week, and there's not too much fuss about it. It's like a constant sustenance, or a cheer-up, in my daily life, but it won't give me drama blues after 2 months (since we still have 2 seasons to go!). On the other hand, I'm always so attached to the kdramas and twdramas I watch, and it's …


I will not be able to access the internet for about a week, starting this Sunday, which means that I won't be able to do Fall In Love With Me Episode 9 Recap! I might still write it when I come back to drama-land but that will mean that the recap will be a week late. Alternatively, I might just skip recapping Episode 9 and go on to do Episode 10 when I'm back. I shall see how it goes! On another note, I have been marathoning Once Upon A Time (just started on season 2!). Rather delighted with Julian Morris's cameo appearance. Even though he's better known to me as Doctor Wren hehe. My eyecandies are suffering from short-lived fates. First the Huntsman died because he tried to escape from Regina. He was kissing Emma yes, but that doesn't make his death any less tragic. T.T And then Prince Philip (or Doctor Wren, or Julian Morris) died within a episode because he was marked. T.T T.T My dear Prince Charming, please be a long-lived …

Fall In Love With Me Part ll

someone has abs now:D This drama is really growing on me. I was initially rather disappointed that we can't see Puff and Aaron again, but to be honest, the pairing of Tia and Aaron is growing on me too! While I don't think they have that great chemistry off-screen, on-screen wise I think Tia has done a good job of being Tao Zi and now I can't really vision Puff bringing a better Tao Zi (we might actually be seeing Liang Liang). I think the script for Fall In Love With Me might be a bit stronger than Just You, in that the script is really funny when it's supposed to be funny. I love scenes between Tian Xi and Fu Bo, hahahah they are like father and son! Quite eager to see what else the drama has in store for us:D <3thoughtsramble

oh no

Oh no I've disappeared again hahaha, it seems like complete free time doesn't exist since two years ago. Anyway, I've been catching up on a few things recently Aaron's new drama — what a pity Puff isn't acting in it! I guess we do have to give Tia a chance though. Those fans who kept putting Tia down and saying how good Puff was, remember she wasn't the best when she first started out on Just You…in fact I could positively say she was quite horrid in the first few episodes. So since she improved greatly, we should give Tia an opportunity to prove herself too! I just wish I could see the sparks between Aaron and Puff again, they are REALLY cute. 3 Days — not a great drama for my heart because I just can't take thriller (no idea how I survived the City Hunter days) hence I've stopped at Episode 9 after shouting at the screen because even I know that the Secret Service should be protecting the Major rather than the …


Now that I've finished Dream High 2, and am currently waiting for new episodes on Pretty Little Liars and You Who Came From The Stars, I need new dramas to watch!! This is a dire situation (lol), anyone can recommend anything? <3thoughtsramble

Dream High 2 Part 2

I really liked Yoo Jin from the start and I didn't like JB at all. However, my heart has warmed greatly towards him and I shall explain why in another entry. So here's some screenshots of him: When the principal turned around and said "I like you" Hurhur I was truly amused at his expression. This couple is quite cute actually!! Love their performance here. Then adorable JB appeared when he tried to cheer Hae Sung up. And when he just suddenly turned up with black hair, that was strange. I really enjoy watching this series but I can understand why the ratings were bad. I think it's of no fault of the cast because they all acted pretty well. JB's crying scenes probably need some brushing up but hey it's his first time. Besides, I never expect much from a idol cast, regardless of what show it is. I think the fault pretty much lies in the scriptwriting. There's so many loopholes and changes in dynamics I can't keep up with the counting anymore, …

Dream High 2 Part 1

I would do up a review soon but am currently on Episode 10 and loving this guy over here hehe: His smile. Is. So. CUTEE!!! *mindless fangirling* The puzzling thing is I haven't yet figured out who is going to end up with who haha. Also, his sudden crush on Hae Sung is quite sudden hmm. <3thoughtsramble

thoughtsramble #0

As you guys know, I was really busy for the past two years that I pretty much stopped a lot of recapping projects. It was all about surviving life for me (of course watching dramas still continues as that is part of me surviving life:P) However, this idea popped into my head a few days ago and I decided that I would just go along with it. I really miss writing. As life takes a toll, there was really no time for to express myself anywhere. Writing in a diary takes so much time I only limit the writing to really emo entries. A few days ago, I was in a lousy mood again and I thought — hey I really want to share my feelings here. It offers me the anonymity which is such a beauty because then I can be myself and maybe more people can relate. So, if once in a while, you see these entries titled (as of now) Raining #(a number), it's probably one of my more reflective entries, usually …


I’ve been sooo busy trying to my life to the fullest that I don’t have much me-time, which is quite ironic and regrettable. Haven’t gotten the chance to watch the latest episodes of You Who Came From The Stars and also Pretty Little Liars *gasp* haha. Anyway, I have a few posts in mind that I would love to share with you guys(: So till then, here’s just an update that I’m still around!   Hope everyone has been well^^   <3thoughtsramble Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.


I've finally caught up with Gu Family Book — love it quite a bit, but it's always such a mood-killer! The love between Chung Jo and Kang Chi is so real and I feel the chemistry, but I already feel that sense of pity towards Chung Jo because she loves Kang Chi, yet Kang Chi's true fate lies with Yeo Wool. I'm not sure where this will exactly head towards, but I guess the final kills comes when Kang Chi realises that the man who kills his father is Yeo Wool's father! Bad blood right there? What's intriguing is why the two main characters are grinning away in this poster, while the rest of the characters take such sombre faces. Feels very out of place both with the general mood of the poster, as well as the current line of plot they are taking with the drama! Heh, but if this means that they are going to have a happy ending, I will be very happy:D Currently checking out Vampire Heaven, which is that sort of a …


It's so easy to slip off from writing in thoughtsramble after not having done so for months (apologiess). I'm enjoying the rare breather before launching into another crazy madness in another month also…and I've not done much dramalandie stuff in this time — I did watch a few Barbie movies here and there to sate the urge for childish, innocent entertainment and kept up with Orange Marmalade, a wonderful webtoon/manga of sorts that I encourage all of you to check out:D Even the Barbie movies for that matter — I absolutely love them hehe. No one else does? With dramas, it's sort of an inertia matter. It's so hard to get started on one, once you have almost completely (never entirely completely:P) got out of dramaland for a month. But I'm gonna get started again for dramas are lovely^^ Just waiting to discover that one drama that will hook me on entirely! Will be back soon hopefully with more news! Take care everybardy <3thoughtsramble


I'M BACK GUYS:D FREE LIKE A BIRD. uhm no. Hahaha sorry that was me going high~ I've been so out of the dramaland I'm completely lost on where I should get back in! There's School 2013 to finish, but other than that, zero plans. Anyone can clue me in please? <3thoughtsramble

Time Travel Thoughts

Have been marathoning Queen In Hyun's Man, and am currently hooked on Episode 9…just got me thinking how interesting it is: the destruction of the talisman changes Hee Jin's world and Boong Do's world differently. In Hee-Jin's world, everything else changes but her memories, which means that essentially no one remembers Boong Do, and anything to do with him has to change such that there's not even a trace of him having been in that world. So. Which means that it's to create the idea that Boong Do has never time travelled, since the talisman technically didn't exist. On the other hand, in Boong Do's world, everything else remains the same but his memories. So, the bad guy's still in prison in Jeju, and the servant remembers how he always disappears…but he forgets everything in these two months that have gotten to do with time travel. It's all a bit mind-boggling. If the talisman didn't exist in Hee Jin's world, shouldn't it not exist in Boong Do's world as well? Or is it because the …

Queen In Hyun’s Man

How could I have not discovered this show?! It's amazing. I'm currently hooked on Episode 6 (I think it took me only half a day to get here) and yes I'm aiming to marathon this in two days. Someone recommended it to me but I've never really paid attention to it. Oh I should have.  Bung Do has a natural flair for being a player hahaha.  <3thoughtsramble


Hoho I've been utterly hooked on Innocent Man, but I don't think I will pick it up as a recapping series — purely for entertainment purposes. Regardless, I am impressed with Song Joong Ki's acting! He shows a maturity that is way different from that of Gu Yong Ha in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I love it.  Currently, I have my eye set on Priceless, Koukou Nyushi, Monster as well as Die Sterntaler! I would really love some comedy but I'm not very inclined towards To The Beautiful You Not entirely sure if I will continue with Die Sterntaler as well since it is a remake of Spring Days and I remembered that I abhorred the ending. So. It has been some time since I've a drama that I lost my head over. The last time was Moon That Embraces The Sun…I wonder when will the next drama come along? <3thoughtsramble

A Miracle for Alice Episode 1

I'M BACK IN BUSINESS. Haha okay, not really. Remember me saying a while ago that there's a drama that I would really want to catch? Yep, that's A Miracle For Alice. There's a reason why I'm so hyped up about this show. Okay reasonS. First and foremost, we have Aaron Yan. -cue fangirling- Thoughtsramble has been peppered with fangirling posts over Aaron here and there, and if you want to know why I like him so much, check out Love Buffet recaps! And then, we have one of my favourite actors as the second male lead, Xiu Jie Kai, and I'm very happy about it. I'm feeling rather neutral towards the two female leads, but!!!! This show was advertised as somewhat similar to Nodame Cantabile -cue another round of fangirling- and that both male leads would be playing the violins -cue faint-. I mean that's like the best combination everr. My favourite actor playing one of my favourite musical instruments in a plot that takes the drift of another drama that I love. Need I …


I'm in a cloudy, dreamy mood right now and it makes me really happy. Updates as usual — Have jumped onto the Equator Man's ship last week, and wow, you guys are really awesome. I know that it's because I was fast in recapping and Dramabeans hasn't posted its recaps on it, hence the large flow of traffic, which means that I foresee a drop of numbers next week, because I don't think I can be here from Friday till Monday….but it still makes me happy to see comments, and no matter what the stats are, I write because I love it!(: Next, I thinkkkk I will totally loveee it to be on the King2Hearts ship as well. Finally watched the existing episodes (but cheated with some recaps from Dramabeans), and they are amazing….like taking a ride on the rollar coaster. You never know when some mindless prank is going to turn into a gun war, or if a serious test is going to end up in cute bickering, before some gunshotthatjustcausesyourhearttojumptoyourmouth. But climbing onto …


A proper update, and a time for me to breathe. I haven't been properly updating since my last post which was on Pretty Little Liars' Finale Recap, and today, I've finally uploaded my Strawberry Night review, henceforth marking the end of my four-dramas'-recaps period. It has been the greatest number of dramas that I've chosen to take up, and while I've made decisions to drop an episode here or there, I'm glad that I've survived with each drama till the very end. In case you haven't realised, yes, it has really been hectic. This is the first time I didn't update for more than a week, since I've started writing seriously on thoughtsramble. I had on average five hours of sleep which is kind of sucky, because I still have school. It was tiring and fun, but I'm ever so happy for a timely break.  I'm not very sure about my upcoming recap projects yet. There simply wasn't any time to watch anything, but I figured that Rooftop Prince seems like a good choice. The …


I'm left off with one episode of Strawberry Night to watch and recap, then I can officially end say that I've unlocked the achievement of recapping four series at one go! Looking at my busy days ahead though, I will have to say that this will not come soon, and I apologise for that. The past two days were crazy, having to deal with stuff that took my sleep away from me, but it was fun(: The next few days will be even crazier, and so thoughtsramble might be quite quiet.  But I look forward to filling this place up with thoughts and recaps again, so remember to keep visiting; I haven't ditched this place^^ <3thoughtsramble