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A Miracle for Alice Episode 1

I'M BACK IN BUSINESS. Haha okay, not really.

Remember me saying a while ago that there's a drama that I would really want to catch? Yep, that's A Miracle For Alice. There's a reason why I'm so hyped up about this show. Okay reasonS. First and foremost, we have Aaron Yan. -cue fangirling- Thoughtsramble has been peppered with fangirling posts over Aaron here and there, and if you want to know why I like him so much, check out Love Buffet recaps! And then, we have one of my favourite actors as the second male lead, Xiu Jie Kai, and I'm very happy about it. I'm feeling rather neutral towards the two female leads, but!!!! This show was advertised as somewhat similar to Nodame Cantabile -cue another round of fangirling- and that both male leads would be playing the violins -cue faint-.

I mean that's like the best combination everr. My favourite actor playing one of my favourite musical instruments in a plot that takes the drift of another drama that I love. Need I say more?

Obviously my schedule is still hectic:( but I managed to catch half an episode thus far. 

When he first appeared.


And then smiling.

Aaah. I'm definitely on this ship and I would loveee to recap this series. Except I don't usually recap first few episodes of any drama series, and I want to find better streaming quality before I embark. Not to mention that I do have an examination coming my way. But if this show does not go too bad, I mean we are talking about very low standards right here because I don't think I will ditch any show that has Aaron in it, I'm having a lot of fun watching this. 

Ah, feels good to be typing here again.



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