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Hey there(:

Now I suppose some of you might have seen this coming…and yes I'm going to take a long but temporary break from thoughtsramble. 

Remember how I always get sporadic rants and emo-times last year to the start of this year, when I worry about how I have to leave this place before I could see myself fulfilling the maximum potential of the site? Yeah, and even though it isn't exactly that point of time where I have to leave completely, this is perhaps a small taste of what is to come. By a 'long but temporary break', I don't mean that long, I might even be back next week, but I don't want to keep you guys wondering where I will be, should I NOT be able to come back next week. 

So I've decided to just write a proper post. This year, I've moved on to a different school environment that has probably twice the workload. To make things 'worse', I've taken up a new commitment in school and that takes up a whole lot of time. And having moved into a different environment, I'm trying hard to juggle both the old friends and the new friends, so any extra time I might have will be spent talking, chatting, bridging the gaps in our busy lives…which leaves me with absolutely no time to watch any dramas (ooh but I just caught up with King2Hearts!:D) so I can't even write reviews, not to mention recaps. 

Yeah it sounds like I'm going to disappear and leave this place to rot…but the thing is, I'm not willing to let it go just yet. This place has been my baby for close to two years, and I've made some amazing friends through here. And I WILL continue to post, at any chance should I be able to watch something and want to share with you guys. Ultimately, I guess what I mean is that I want you guys to continue checking, keep checking, please if you still like thoughtsramble, but should you come back again and again and still see the same old post at the top, please don't be upset. 

There are a couple of dramas that I've been waiting FOREVER, so I might put aside time to watch them and recap no matter what. As my favourite phrase goes, "We shall see."




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