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Guest Post – [Mila’s Rambling Thoughts] Pre-2000 Dramas

Remember when I said that I have LOADS of new ideas in my mind post-relocation from Livejournal to WordPress? Well, this is one of them! The idea is to invite blog recappers/reviewers whom I have had some interaction with before to write an article on ANYTHING that is related to dramas. I thought it would be fun to have a mixture of thinking and writing from different people and I was right! The first person that I have on board for this project is Mila from Milady’s Stuff. Our story starts off quite accidentally – I mistook her for another blogger for the longest time ever because they have similar names! Fret not, because we now have each other’s identities figured out. HAHA. Anyway, I’m really excited to kick start this project with a fantastic article from Mila, on pre-2000 dramas! Enjoy! <3thoughtsramble