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Oh it has been one hectic week, what with the dramas coming to a close. The Moon That Embraces The Sun finally hits a closure, with whooping high ratings, and I'm so glad for that. Kim Soo Hyun is definitely on my celeb-radar list now, and I absolutely can't wait to watch his next acting project! Please let it be a drama, and not movies, we definitely need 20 episodes of you to be satisfied. Pretty Little Liars was sooo good in the last episode! Season finale's in a few days, and wowww, I'm so excited to know who A is!  Ending Planner has reached its last episode too, and all loose ends get tied up. The recap is in the making right now, so please wait patiently!(: I'm catching up on Strawberry Night at the same time too, and hur hur, am obviously waiting for any sweet Kikuta — Reiko moments. As if that's not enough, I've finished watching Dream High and I'm wondering if I should watch Dream High 2.  Once in a …


If there's something called premature drama blues, I believe I may be having it. The rumour of an extension of The Moon That Embraces The Sun doesn't help much in soothing the blues, and in fact, I can't quite determine whether I'm happy or worried about the rumour. Yeah sure, who wouldn't want extra episodes of awesome Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun!), Yeon Woo and more, but I've watched dramas extend their plot lines which then drag on till the cows come home.  BLUESSS. Am I the only one with them? <3thoughtsramble

Kim Soo Hyun’s and Han Ga In’s birthdays

I swear I'm on a roll.  Hyung Sun dabbing cake on a very cute Hwon's face I shall be immature and whine that I will like to have two good looking guys sing a birthday song for me too.  And I know I got into this a little late, but well, better late than never — I think I'm beginning to like Kim Soo Hyun a lot:DD  <3thoughtsrambletaken from,


It's so irritating that whenever I get really excited about posting a recap on The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Google got to start screwing up on me. I know that we don't actually know how Google crawls our pages exactly, and I don't care for the details, but all I know is that it gets so irritating sometimes. In the past few months, I've had the luck of my entries getting crawled almost instantaneously, meaning my entries appear on Google Search really quickly. But recently, I've had twice the experience of the recap taking two whole days to appear, and that annoyingly affects the number of hits I get. This isn't about me wanting to get oh a crazy number of readers, but more about me slogging my guts out to write and share a recap, and Google isn't cooperating.  And it has only happened to The Moon That Embraces The Sun recaps. Not that I would want it to happen to any other series that I'm recapping, but whyyyy, why is it that my …


I promised myself that I will only write something non-recap related, after I finished the other 2 recaps that I'm supposed to do…but heh:P This is pretty much a brainless post to tell you — That I'm humming the theme song of The Moon That Embraces The Sun right now! I've always paid extra attention to soundtracks more than usual people do, and I love how some tracks just stay in your heart. With the right chords, and the right timing, the right tracks bring out so much more of a scene than with mediocre tracks, or worse still, awful ones.  Not too sure if I can manage two other recaps today. We shall see, all right?:D And I apologise for them being written so late! <3thoughtsramble

All Spent!!

Phew~~ My shoulders are aching a little right now. And there you have it, the four dramas I mentioned in an earlier post. It is kinda tough to be writing about four dramas, which churn five recaps in total every week. Since I really wanted to get my recaps up fast, it means that I need to write four recaps within a span of two days. So the four dramas that I will (hopefully) be recapping are: Pretty Little Liars, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Ending Planner and Strawberry Night. In the case that I might not be able to hold up (which is verryyy possible, because I foresee a really busy February) then I might drop Strawberry Night…and if it still sucks so bad (my time), then Ending Planner. I love Pretty Little Liars and The Moon That Embraces The Sun too much to drop them anywhere.  Oopsie…I think my shoulders are complaining. I shall take my rest now(: <3thoughtsramble

Photos: of the Suns and the Moons

Hah, I found out that it wasn't just me who realllyyy wanted to watch more of the childhood parts. In fact, many netizens are requesting for an extension of the roles of these actors, and even the adult actors felt the pressure to do well. I mean, wow, just a crew of child actors and they succeed with a rating of 25.1% for Episode 4, that's like…simply amazing!  I'm a bit lost here. I see recaps of Episode 4 on Google, but I can't find a subbed episode 4! Does this mean that ockoala's Korean? Lol, that was just a really random thought. The more important thing is –> I want my Episode 4!:O <3thoughtsramble

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

I'm writing this as the fourth episode loads on my computer. Anddd I must say I'm really hooked! This feeling is just greattt, because I've not gotten hooked on a KDrama for ages, probably since City Hunter.  I must say, I didn't feel that interested at first, because the casting didn't have anyone I like, and of course, I wouldn't know or be able to predict where the story goes, but after three episodes in, here are my thoughts: (Listed, as usual. I'm sorry heh, thoughtsramble has something for lists.) 1. Usually I can't really stand watching the childhood bits of dramas. They draw out and drag the pace of the drama most of the time, and you don't know what's the point of them. But! (with an exclamation point) this is different. The actors for the young characters are really good, because they act so naturally, and bring out their characters so well, I would be entirely satisfied just watching them for the whole show! In fact, I shall admit that I'm having a …