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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 19 Stills, Episode 20 Preview and Stills

As a promise to myself not to spoil anything, I've decided not to look at the preview, but here it is for you curious people! http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/sunNmoon/preview/index.html

But I'm fine with HD stills:D Hahaha. Seems like Yeon Woo and Princess finally meet with each other. 

Sigh. And Yeon Woo will forgive her I bet.

And from previous episodes:

Go girl power. Haha.


So cute!

WHEE. Have I ever told you guys that I've something for characters that hold a bow and arrow in their hands ever since I've watched Jumong??? NO? Now you know, I'm crazy over that show haha. 


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