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Dream High Marathon

YES. I've finished this drama! Gotta share my thoughts at the end, but here's a couple of screen shots to take you through, haha, anyone tempted to rewatch this now?

Jin Guk getting all angry when he sees the threats written on Hye Mi's locker.

"Are you all right?" Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh a little when Sam Dong's all relieved that Hye Mi is all right…only to faint later. *guilty* I don't know what's wrong with me. But aww he's so sweet, this is a nice change from the usual cliche of a guy pushing a girl away from an oncoming car.

Sam Dong with a lot of hair.

And uhm.

Hye Mi resting comfortably upon Sam Dong's armpit. Hahaha. I kid, I kid.

And then Sam Dong steps up on the game and tells Jin Guk that he will never give up on Hye Mi.


Hehehe, and of course, the surprise kiss!

Actually…it's reallyyyyy sweeetttt and I squealed so much when I saw this…but if you think about it, a guy that you don't actually like kisses you on the cheek…that's kind of quite startling isn't it? (Since Hye Mi hasn't yet quite liked Sam Dong then?)

Super cute teacher.

Then Sam Dong cuts his hair, and loses his hearing. Hye Mi brings his performance back on track with her counting and Sam Dong mutters, "You mean thing," with tears. The scene which I cried the most and loveeee. 

Continuing to be awesome, and telling Jin Guk to have a man-to-man competition.

Being alarmed that Hye Mi's dad wants to bring her back to US.

The two hotties of the show.

"Are you avoiding me?"

Looking at Hye Mi's dad in disgust/shock.

And then the separation scene.

Before ending off with that kiss. 

I'm so torn over this ending. Part of me wants to pick up a bowl right now and smash it somewhere you mean that's the ending? What?? Where's my happy reunion between Sam Dong and Hye Mi! while the other half is like awwww they finallyyyy kissseeddd. Hehe. 

Yeah, you will have noticed that Sam Dong takes main stage here, but this doesn't mean that I dislike Jin Guk or anything! In fact I can't guarantee that if I hadn't watched Moon That Embraces The Sun and fallen in love with Kim Soo Hyun, then watch this, I will still be a Sam Dong fan. I might even be angry that Jin Guk didn't get the girl…but hmm, after giving it a closer thought…I will never know who I truly root for, but it might still be Sam Dong after all. *incoherent blogger* Hahaha. That's because I love a second male lead for how he always stands by the girl's side without asking for anything, how he loves the girl and cares for her. And Sam Dong is exactly that. 

Jin Guk isn't like a typical second lead — he couldn't be there for Hye Mi most of the time because he had his debut, and that is why I can accept his failure at getting the girl. But he's a superrrr cool character and I love the different sides in him. Baek Hee isn't a particularly vicious second female lead to me. Everyone I know has been complaining about how terrible she is and all, but after watching till the end, my conclusion is…she's okay. I tend to forgive characters reallyyy easily, and even while doing bad things, Baek Hee shows self-conflict. Her decisions ultimately are those that torture herself. She regrets them really quickly after she has done it, ranging from immediately to an episode-ish later. (Which is great, considering how Princess Min Hwa has a lifetime of eight years and still doesn't know how to repent .____.)

Hye Mi was reallyyy irritating at first. I couldn't stop complaining about how I didn't want to watch her, Jin Guk, and Baek Hee in the first two episodes, and I only stayed because I wanted to watch Kim Soo Hyun…but Hye Mi's character's transformation is really amazing and her growth is touching. The idea of passing the pendant among the leads is something really cool as well, and I love how the ending links back to the first episode where they introduced a singer K. I only wish that the six of them could have stayed on the stage forever, since Pil Suk and Jason are equally as cute and memorable…but I guess they all have their own paths to walk. It's a pity that I wasn't as emotionally engaged as most people were in this show, because anything along the lines of SamDongiscryingbecauseHyeMiiswithJinGuk doesn't make me cry, since I already knew Hye Mi will end up with Sam Dong. 

I guess Kpop will never be my cup of tea, but I'm glad that I've succumbed to temptation and watched this in the end. It made me love Kim Soo Hyun even more, and find Suzy, IU, Wooyoung, Eunjung, Taecyon really cute…It isn't a perfect show and I wish that they have a better development on the romance between the main triangle of leads, but it is a good watch. Now if only Dream High 3 with original cast will come out. Has anyone watched Dream High 2 yet?


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