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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 24 Recap

This is such an awesome episode I couldn't just let it go without at least a recap. 

Spencer woke up in the middle of the night…to find Ali rummaging through the bag. Ali hinted that she shouldn't be too hung up over the details and miss what was right in front of her.

Spencer woke up the next morning to find the back door opened, and the bottle that Ali had uncapped in her dream…uncapped. She confided in Emily, who revealed how she had conversed with Ali the time she was stuck in the barn too. Maya texted Emily, "Thanks for telling my parents. Thought I could trust you. Whose side are you on, Emily?" Ouch. 

Actually…do you think it's possible the series is taking on what the books have developed, that is the existence of a twin? I sincerely hope not though!

Ashley heard a phone ring in Hanna's bag and found the replacement that Mona had given her. Hanna used the excuse that Mona was going through a rough patch and she needed to be there for her. Just at the right time, Mona came by to go out with Hanna and Ashley said, "Mona. If you need round the clock counselling, you are more than welcome to stay here." She passed Hanna's phone back to Mona, who praised Ashley's cooking before leaving.

Hahaha, Ashley's smile.

Bryon's having a conference so he's not in Rosewood. Aria took this chance to meet up with Ezra, and from their conversation, we know that Aria knew about Ezra giving up on the job. Jenna took off her bandage and started crying. Back in school, Spencer brought the newspapers that she had gathered and figured out that Ali had gone to meet A. They had left messages for each other in the message board of the newspapers, and that's how Spencer found out. 

Toby helped Jenna get to their table and seeing that Jenna wasn't using her stick but had her sunglasses on, Hanna asked outright if she could see or not.

Hahaha, the ever so direct Hanna.

Jenna revealed that her surgery had failed and that ever since Hanna had saved her from the fire, she realised that people could grow…Everyone had done things that they were not proud of, and she would like to move on, "I am not the person you fear." Oh wow, cryptic much, Jenna. Emily remained doubtful of Jenna's sincerity though. Mona on the other hand, received a text from A, telling her to split Hanna and Caleb up. She told Hanna about it and gave her the replacement phone back.

Hanna kept accidentally spilling about what she had learnt, and Mona caught clues like Jenna etc. Oh dear Hanna. Caleb saved her by popping into the picture, and didn't look too pleased when Hanna asked if Mona could join them that night. Mona left, after making up an excuse that she couldn't make it. Hanna asked Caleb if he could at least pretend that he didn't hate Mona and Caleb was like, "I thought that I was."

While leaving a note for her mum, Aria found a note from Bryon on her mum's desk, asking her to send over Aria's transcript…for an admission form to a boarding school. The four girls decided to check out Creepy Doll place again, and yeah, imagine my face when I saw this.

WHAT are the scriptwriters thinking of. I hate dolls T.T 

Hahaha, Aria looked as taken aback as I am.

They followed the owner of the shop, an old lady, into the basement where the dolls were worked on, and the young boy revealed that someone had asked the same questions as they did — who bought those dolls? He recognised Ali from a photo, but said she had dark hair then, and was asking about a doll that looked like this.

Yucks…Please enlighten me, which girl/boy will ever play with those dolls! The old lady kept telling the boy to stop talking but he shocked the girls with an apology for how Ali died, "I don't even like sand in my mouth." Obviously the girls were freaked out and Spencer revealed how her parents had investigated Melissa…and that her father was Jason's father too. Aria went home and took out the admission form. Knowing that the truth's out now, Ella had to explain that Bryon and her were only exploring options. Aria was really angry and threatened that she could call the dean any time to tell him that her father had gotten together with a graduate student.

Nice blow 0.0

Spencer came home and Melissa asked about the bag in her room. She decided to show Melissa the video (of her entering Ali's room) on her laptop and Melissa told her that just because Garrett and Jenna hated Ali, didn't mean that they would kill her. Spencer wanted to bring the video to the cops and Melissa threatened her that she had seen videos that made Spencer and her friends looked bad. 

The four girls worried over Melissa's threat, and Spencer gave Hanna a calculative look. The next thing that happens is Hanna pleading Caleb to do something for her. Caleb protested, saying that it's crossing into Fear Factor zone, "You know how much I hate Mona," but Hanna managed to convince him.

Ella told Aria that the option of sending her to a boarding school had been called off…but she had never been ashamed of her daughter until the night before. Emily watched Melissa enter a store, and then a car pulled up in front the store…a car with Caleb and Mona in it. 

Mona started explaining that she was jealous of Hanna, who had found such a great guy like him, that's why she did what she did (I presume, throwing the heartfelt love letter?) 

And then Melissa came out from the store, and Emily texted Mona, "Showtime." Yikes, as I watch Mona lean onto Caleb's shoulder and he had a look of disgust before patting her head.


And then Mona kissed him, but he pulled away. Mona reminded him that they were doing this for Hanna, and Caleb brought himself back into the kiss with. much. difficulty.


What if it's just Mona orchestrating this herself so that she can get to kiss Caleb 0.0 Hahaha okay, I guess not.

Melissa saw this. Hanna on the other hand, waited worriedly for any text that would come. 

Spencer was like, "I don't know how you got him to agree…" That makes two of us, Spence. "He loves me more than he hates Mona, that's how." I'm glad you know Hanna. A text came in, making a jibe that Hanna's willing to share her boyfriend with her best friend. Hanna was then dead sure that A was Melissa, I mean she saw Caleb and Mona making out. Emily came home to find Hanna packing her laptop to bring to the cops. They decided to find the young boy before going to the police station. 

Aria found Ezra who told her that they had lost the war, "I just got fired." Jenna showed Toby a piece of paper, which turned out to be Page 5 of the autopsy report, but feigned shock and ignorance when Toby told her that it was that. Seriously Jenna. She requested for Toby to bring her to the station. The three girls found the shop's door opened and went into the basement. The lights went out after they found voodoo dolls that the old lady claimed she had never sold, and before they could leave, a doll-like voice came, "Follow me, end up like me. Follow me, end up like me."

As they walked towards the source of the noise, guess who got creeped out by this.

YES. ME, yours truly. 

And they threw open the cardboard doors to find this.

Oh just wonderful. Dolls and shelves started crashing around them and Hanna hastily grabbed her laptop before the three of them made a close escape. Ezra told Aria that he would be returning to his parents' home for a while and then they started making out, taking off clothes, and ending up on the bed. Pardon my lack of excitement. Hello, Aria, your friends are running around escaping from creepy dolls, and here you are, taking off your clothes. Wonderful. 

The three girls packed everything that could possibly be related to Ali into the bag, and then Melissa came home. She didn't know that someone was upstairs and Garrett came into the kitchen, giving her an affectionate kiss. Melissa assured Garrett that Spencer would never dare to give the video to the cops and then they heard a squeak from the stairs. Garrett moved slowly towards it, when a few cops came…and arrested Garrett for the murder of Alison. The three girls appeared from their hiding hole, and they looked as shocked as Melissa. 

Jenna wiped off her make up and….used a rolled up newspaper to kill a fly. Oh damn, she can see! She smiled as the camera zoomed in on her (pretty?) eyes. 

The old lady grumbled about the mess being more than what they had bargained for but was pleased when she got an envelope of money. The person/A gave the young boy a lollipop, and he looked into camera with angry eyes.

-the end-

I'm officially creeped out. I haven't heard myself using these two words, "Creeped out" on Pretty Little Liars for a longggg time, and in a way, I'm glad the episode has gone back to its usual pseudo horror show style that puts it aside from all the other series. 

Still not invested at all in the Ezra — Aria relationship, and I'm not even rooting for anyone here. I dislike Bryon for how controlling he is, and while I understand why Aria did what she did (threatening her parents), I think she is turning into someone that I can't really sympathise with and like anymore. Watching Caleb kiss Mona is just. so. wrong. Omggg. I can practically feel Caleb's disgust oozing through the windscreen and past my computer screen, well done Tyler Blackburn. Arghh. It's such a wrong image brr. 

I hate dolls by the way. That adventure down the rabbit hole into the shop's basement scares me the most out of this episode. Seriously?? It's not enough that you have a shop filled with creepy dolls, now you scare me with a doll voice, only to have a doll with blood repeating the same phrase over and over again. There's something chilling about translating what seemed to be innocent and joyful into something horrifying. (think empty playgrounds with a merry go round turning, a young child's voice singing a lullaby in the middle of the night, a familiar kids' tune being played slowly and softly) Yeah I watch too many of those horror shows. 

Season finale next week, am I right! I'm so excited for this.


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