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Devilish Joy Episode 13 – 16 Finale Review

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda glad this is over.

So I’m not sure if it’s evident, but I semi-gave up on the show after Episode 12, where it was evident that my hopes of it turning decent are just that. Hopes. So I decided to plan ahead and write this review of the last few episodes, by keeping tabs on my reactions to each episode.

Before diving in, I’m going to warn you that this review is pretty harsh. Don’t read if you are a fan (from what I understand, this show has quite a strong fanbase online…?) and cannot take criticisms of your favourite show! I’ve warned ya!

Alright, let’s go.

#1: What on earth is up with your law? 

E12: The bag would be such a simple piece of evidence to throw out – surely there would be some checks on fingerprints (lack of Gi Bbeum’s) + I’m sure Nam Joo can easily find the invoice of the sale of Gi Bbeum’s bag 3 years ago.

E13: I’ve not seen such a simplistic prosecution investigation in a while?? Where a witness’ statement is given so much weight on the spot just because it corroborates with the suspect’s accounts? Dude, the witness and the suspect are a couple, there are bound to be issues. And I’ve never heard of such a ‘technique’ where a witness’s memory is given such strong probative value just by virtue of it being detailed. Huh?? What has the scriptwriter been smoking?

E13: Also ludicrous for Ma Sung to be asking CEO Kim questions cross-examination style. Such a compliant prosecutor.

E13: This incident is 3 years ago, wow tattoo guy sure is easy to locate + I don’t quite see how catching tattoo guy links to proof that CEO Kim owns drugs, links to Gi Bbeum being innocent on the night itself?

The scriptwriter clearly has a very poor sense of how the law works in reality and uses circumstantial evidence both as a tool to nail Gi Bbeum down AND to lift her suspicion. Both scenarios were highly unstaisfying and seals the deal for me that this show is a goner.

#2: Ma Sung

E13: You are such a Greek god, but you make weird decisions like deciding to tell CEO Kim you have recovered your memory. What was the point of this scene? To rattle the enemy? You sure are lucky that CEO Kim didn’t have anymore tricks up his sleeve or you would have lost a tactical advantage.

E14: Choi Jin Hyuk’s acting is the saving grace of this show. Watching Ma Sung struggle with the news that his aunt tried to kill him and how he falls to the ground in pain is so good. And his confrontation scene with his aunt was so powerful – you could tell he is heartbroken, betrayed and feels destroyed.

E14: I don’t get why Ma Sung keeps going back to Dr Yoon – surely there are also other doctors around who can treat him? Why must he keep trusting Dr Yoon? Dr Yoon has even allowed the Aunt to interfere with the hypnosis session.

E15: my goodness, how many times do you all want to milk Choi Jin Hyuk’s acting? this entire episode is all about his farewells, sad eyes (and chiselled face, and hot bod).


E16: Aha, he’s alive! But who ever doubted that he isn’t?? But it’s okay I’m not complaining to a wonderful side profile of Choi Jin Hyuk.


And his full profile. Damn this guy is a work of art.

E16: OH MY GOD. Ma Sung, why are you still Dr Yoon’s patient????

#3: The couple

E13: Till today, I’ve not seen how Gi Bbeum intends to protect Ma Sung despite multiple promises. I also don’t get it why Ma Sung is keeping his health a secret from Gi Bbeum. Is this show telling us that white lies are the key to a Cinderella romance?

E13: Stop trying to make me feel better about this show by bribing me with the couple hugs and deep kisses. Hmmph.

E14: You guys would have been so cute but your “I love yous” sadly don’t echo with me. Because you went from love at first sight to quibbles to I love you just like that, I really couldn’t sense where the love is coming from.

E14: oh I like this scene – the fact that she’s singing to him over the phone, and that he is listening to the actual song just a wall away. The fact that he’s crying in pain and then collapses. It’s a pretty decent, even if dramatic, scene.

E15: girl, your man is dying and you are still ignoring his calls??

E15: okay you biting off Ma Sung’s ice cream and him taking it back by kissing you is petty cute.

E15: are you two going to start making out in an empty house…?? okay you are, okay okay cool cool. Not going to complain. Also you guys have found a fantastic way of not breaking Song Ha Yoon’s neck while kissing i.e having both persons seated down.

E15: HAHAH the way the two awkwardly and nonchalantly bid their farewell to each other after heavy making out.

E15: ooooh my god, do they not have enough tropes in this drama and want to add in the last trope of the leads having met each other when they were young??! And one having saved the other??

E15: oooh another way of not breaking Song Ha Yoon’s neck – by placing her on the table.

E16: damn I didn’t actually think that they will have the couple visit the place where they first fell in love. I know it’s cliche but I actually like it. If only the drama was of good quality, this would have been so poetic.


E16: what is this strange sequence of the couple talking to each other’s visions? Haiz, it’s such a pretty scene but still so wasted.

E16: HAHA, Ma Sung dissing his old self, for buying a seat for Gi Bbeum and acting like an old-fashioned drama. The best part of this episode so far.


E16: omg, are you guys going to MEET? YES YES. The first time I’m eager for something in the past 5 episodes.


Omg I like this self-introduction of “I’m Joo Gi Bbeum. Nice to meet you, Gong Ma Sung.”

E16: But this rain is so random LOL, which only purpose is just to remind Ma Sung of his hot kiss in the rain.


E16: Why does this show like hot kisses in the rain so much? I must say it does look so good aesthetically. I mean, look at that wet hair.


#4: General comments

E13: Oh god the prosecutor told CEO Kim off for chewing gum. This is gold.

E13: It sure is easy to salvage Gi Bbeum’s reputation……..in line with the rant on the first point, I just found this whole scandal thing very sloppily dealt with. Resolution was incredibly simplistic.


E14: Aww it’s so cute that Gi Bbeum has brought out her guitar again. She’s a singerrr. More of this please rather than the vicious, weird swinging of mane and neck.

E15: Ha Im’s and Ki Joon’s mother’s face-off is pretty funny. Ha Im and Ki Joon’s relationship is also all kinds of weird but pretty endearing.

E15: omg Secretary Yang is the other saving grace of the show – what a loyal puppy.

E15: I do not believe that bad people like the Chairwoman and the Doctor will feel bad – come on, these people knocked him down in cold blood!!

E15: I’m getting so bored and sleepy…even watching Choi Jin Hyuk crying isn’t making me feel anything.

E15: why do we have flashbacks of scenes within the same episode?

E16: Surprisingly, Ki Joon’s tantrums are giving life to this finale. And the darn CEO Kim IS STILL chewing his gum. Huh?? Seriously, I can’t even concentrate on the show when CEO Kim is around because I’m always waiting to see if his mouth moves. And he never fails me. Did the scriptwriter write in the addiction to gum into CEO Kim’s character because he/she envisions this is how a villain looks like?

E16: what’s this hideous cackling from the soft toy dog?


E16: awwwww Ki Joon, you were such a whiny brat with nothing but a loud voice, but now you are pretty cool and stable eh.


E16: Awww, and this reunion between uncle and nephew is rather touching.

Overall thoughts: 

I kept with the show, and actually didn’t mind or even think much of its tropes initially. Truck of doom, accident, amnesia I thought they were fine because I saw them as being part of the plot itself rather than mere devices or cliches. But everything turned really sour when the revelations weren’t dealt with properly, when the script decides to throw in 1235861238 other tropes, when it becomes sooo draggy and even Choi Jin Hyuk couldn’t save the day. I’m generally not a fan of a show using kissing as a tool to salvage its tatters, and this drama is one example of that.

For me, things went wrong when the plot kinda lost control of itself. There is potential in the premise of the show, and it shouldn’t have been just about the love story. It could have been filled with suspense, thrill, revelations, excitement ON TOP of it being a love story. It could have been amazing watching Gi Bbeum’s comeback being intertwined with Ma Sung’s accident and recovery. But in the end, the ‘plot’ was merely but a tool to get the couple together. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve experienced such mediocre writing, I’m surprised someone even green-lit the project. Maybe I should have suspected something was wrong when I first saw how blurry the filter made everything looked.


Thankfully, the finale ended with them marrying FOUR times in a month. It’s so unexpected and funny, but logical? yet nonsensical, that I found myself smiling so hard for the first time in a while.

At the end of the day, if there’s one thing you have to bring away from reading this review, it’s that…Choi Jin Hyuk’s twinkly eyes are irresistible. It’s the only thing that kept me going. I only wished that his eyes could be better used somewhere.



  1. Allie Kwong says

    Loving your review! I had the same thoughts as well. I’m holding on becaues of CJH. That CEO Kim’s gum chewing, hella annoying. Totally agree about the Dr Yoon! Why, why are you still consulting with him, GMS?! I’m slowly pushing through these last episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading!^^ yeah I was wondering why no one else was talking about the gum but me, so thanks for affirming my feelings HAHA. On hindsight, I can’t even tell you to hang in there “because it will get better”, because I really don’t think it does. Oops.


  2. Meymey says

    I’m agree with you for mostly all points hahaha
    But what made me frustrate is because till the end dr Yoon got no punishment for his crime ….more over he is a dr but reveal his patient conditions for other whom took benefits of it….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Peachisgrey says

    I know it has past 4 months since this drama airing. But I just catching up and really…
    This drama has crappy writter, or maybe director? We all know sometimes the director got too much and violate the script.
    I love CJH but I can’t kept watching since ep 8….. hope last empress is better. Though i hate Jang nara, not acting wise, just because she’s Jang Nara


    • Both writer and director were crappy, the only thing holding this show up was Choi Jin Hyuk to be honest (and of course, Song Ha Yoon).

      Last empress didn’t fare much better in my opinion vis-a-vis the treatment of Choi Jin Hyuk


  4. Can I say how thoroughly I enjoyed your recaps. You wrote exactly everything I thought of. And yes Choi Jin Hyuk is a beautiful, beautiful work of art. It is what kept me going with this drama. Thank you for your funny, insightful and thought out comments. Look forward to reading more from you in other dramas.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. My thoughts exactly! You’ve hit on all the major problems with this show. CJH is a genius neuroscientist yet he waves his hips in front of the bus card scanner because he saw that everyone else did the same and the scanner worked. I thought he didn’t lose any of his smarts? Cute and funny but doesn’t line up with the world writer is creating. I should’ve dropped this show then and there but because it did make me laugh in spite of my irritation, I continued.
    I could’ve still considered it worth my 16 hours if not for the doctor and Ki joon’s mom not in prison for life; the doctor still treating him; and no explanation as to the lead male’s no longer shrinking brain or whatever he was supposed to have. I mean c’mon – it’s a fictional disease! They could’ve made up an explanation for the reversal. Heck! They could’ve said that since Dr. Yoon was in cahoots with aunt that he wasn’t providing the correct/ necessary treatment. And most importantly, had him getting treatment from a different doctor! He was a neurosurgeon himself so he could’ve finally looked at his own records & scans and seen the true diagnosis & treatment needed. (Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that he DID look at his own scans). I’m just mad that i watched this mess. I’ve watched plenty of dramas that the last 2 hours weren’t worthy of the first 14, but I usually think the 14 were worth it, but this, this show has just pissed me off!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha you hit everything on the nail!! There was so much potential in the plot but the writer clearly didn’t have the chops to even inject some smartness into the characters. Everything was a mess!


      • Wellllll, not everything was a waste of my time – over committed to memory the image of CJH’s back with hos nethers wrapped in nothing but a towel so…


  7. Thank you for your synopsis…saved me writhing thrust the entire series…got to 10, then skipped to end of 15….couldn’t take the ridiculous moves by writers…love the stars’ acting…he is SOOOO good!


  8. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for your reviews. I have to admit I was considering stopping the show at episode 12. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Thank you very much for the final review of the last four episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


    • JW Hayes says

      Here is one of my pretty problems: At the beginning of the series, it appears that the filming location is in Rome. However, all of the people I see in that scene are Asian or of Asian descent, not Italian (With the exception of the waiter at the beginning of the show). Not sure if anyone else noticed this.


  9. I just watched and completed the series and I know it’s been 3 years already haha
    but YES! Your review is spot-on!!!! and I agree with everything! And WTF with that toy dog?! Couldn’t they have picked a better laughing sound? That was hella creepy!!! All in all, I didn’t mind that shitty plot and the cliches, I was there for CJH and how he devours SHY lips mouth every time they kiss lol. Still, I’m glad that’s how they ended, him being unable to remember and that they had to relive their wedding. That’s adorable.


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