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Beauty Inside Episode 8 Recap

I just HAD to write on this one – it was a near perfect episode for me!

The episode starts off with Do Jae waking up from his accident, not recognising his mother and being diagnosed with face blindness. The moment I woke up, my world has changed. He walked out of the doctor’s room and saw the same face on three different nurses. When he blinked, the faces changed. I got a little bit of a Are You Human Too vibe as I’m starting to see a trend where each episode, we get a flashback from a character’s perspective.

We then see how Joo Hwan got to know Do Jae; he was his treatment specialist. After a long time, Do Jae managed to tell all the fish apart. He returned with Joo Hwan to Korea, and recognised his mother from her hair, her perfume, and the way she walked. I like this scene, but it does make me wonder why he didn’t manage to recognise her in the first episode?? Now on hindsight, that just feels like a random scene thrown in to make his situation look really bad.

At the end of the day, he can differentiate all the people he love, but the only person he cannot recognise is himself. Back to the present, he asks if Se Gye is okay with someone like him and she asks him to prove his heart. He wipes her tears away and kisses her. I’m loving this step up in the way they kiss!!

After they pull away, Se Gye asks if he likes her, even if she’s not pretty, and he answers without a doubt, “Yes.” She is thankful that he likes her, knowing what state she’s in. How about the contract? Do Jae tells her that he has torn up his copy and she jibes that only she has the contract now. I’m so glad her question was whether he liked her, and that he didn’t have to say he loves her, because to use the word ‘love’ at this point would be premature and cringeworthy.

Back in the hospital room, Se Gye tells Woo Mi that she has broken up with Do Jae…but they are dating now. She then takes Do Jae’s hand. HAHA. Woo Mi checks her phone and sees that news have broken about their break up. We immediately cut to a scene of Se Gye kneeling in her own house, and a furious Woo Mi who is appeased that at the very least, it was Se Gye who ‘dumped’ Do Jae.

The next day, everyone is buzzing with the news that Se Gye dumped Do Jae. Director Kim calls Sa Ra over to tell her that he wants to bet on her, instead of her brother, but she scoffs that Director Kim’s a useless card to have. Before she storms off, Director Kim makes mention of Sa Ra’s ‘friend’ who hasn’t returned home because that friend is playing too crazily overseas. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Joo Hwan gets scolded by Do Jae’s mother, who threatens to dock his pay if he doesn’t tidy this break up scandal up. It’s hilarious how Joo Hwan straight out lets everyone know that his motivation is money, although of course that’s just for laughs. He’s furious at Woo Mi for releasing news on her own accord to the reporters but Woo Mi is unfazed. Methinks there’s a pair in the making!

Se Gye asks the director why he chose Yoo Ri, and he replies that she’s different from Se Gye, “That child loves herself too much.” She has an entirely different problem from Se Gye, and with a fatherly gaze, the director tells Se Gye to learn from Yoo Ri. The two actresses practise their shooting skills at the range and Yoo Ri rambles that she’s the one who saved Se Gye’s life.

Joo Hwan is frustrated at Do Jae. Since the couple just started dating last night, “Why did you let me release the news of the break up???” H I L A R I O U S. But I must say, I’m in disbelief that the kiss was so long they couldn’t rectify the mistake?? Joo Hwan indignantly demands to quit, but Do Jae says No. He wants a pay rise, but “No”.  He wants to leave work early, and Do Jae’s like “No~ You still have 30 minutes left.” Poor dude.

At Do Jae’s mother’s request, her husband comes over to talk to Do Jae. He tries to console Do Jae that a break up can set up the foundation for growth. “If it’s difficult, just cry.” Do Jae insists that he’s alright, because he really is! But the Dad doesn’t believe him.

At night, the couple SO FUNNILY meets in different cars in shades. Se Gye grumbles at their predicament, “Who asked you to release the news so quickly!!” She asks Do Jae if he noticed anything different about her. Ah, a question which all men fear. He immediately picks out the new earrings she’s wearing and she beams, “I knew it, you are different from other men.” Kekeke. How cute, to turn Do Jae’s survivor skills into something that sets him apart in the romance department. Do Jae states plainly, “Han Se Gye has good taste,” and Se Gye freezes, thinking out loud whether he’s complimenting himself or her. He points to himself unabashedly and she quickly snaps a photo of him.

Before they leave, he tells her to drop him a message after she reaches home. “Why?” “So that I won’t worry about you.” He drives off, leaving Se Gye with her mouth agape. HAHA. She returns home to find a very irritated Woo Mi, who asks if Se Gye had dressed up with nice earrings to attend a funeral (Se Gye’s excuse for being out).

Se Gye has a brainwave and decides to attend T-Road’s interview the next day, even though all other couple interviews have been cancelled. She marches into the building with Woo Mi by her side, causing a stir in the company. The news quickly spread in chat groups as everyone excitedly wonders what she’s doing here.

Do Jae receives a text from Se Gye that she’s here, on the way to her interview. Do Jae immediately grabs his blazer because he’s going to ‘work’. Everyone trails after Do Jae as he walks out of his office. In the distance, Se Gye walks confidently over. Do Jae gives a tiny smile before freezing his face again. The two meet in the centre of the corridor and everyone gathers around them like watching a movie. Do Jae puts out his hand, “Please work hard. It’s a request,” and Se Gye takes it in a handshake, “Of course, I’m your company’s model after all.” The two smile at each other professionally before crossing paths. Do Jae turns around and invites her for a meal. Se Gye accepts, “Sure, it will be my treat.” FAVOURITE favourite scene. I even replayed it!!

The two then separately text each other in excitement about how well they acted just now. Sooo adorable. Se Gye, at her interview, smoothly says that there’s no reason to avoid T-Road since Do Jae is a lifelong friend whom she admires. Do Jae can’t hear anything Joo Hwan is saying because he’s so distracted texting Se Gye.

At night, Woo Mi demands to safekeep Se Gye’s phone because Se Gye is making it so obvious. Her chat app’s display pic is none other than Do Jae’s hand, the photo she snapped yesterday. Hahaha. Woo Mi nags that she’s worse than a kid and gets even more suspicious after Se Gye sprays perfume all over herself.

Woo Mi delivers Se Gye home and orders Se Gye not to leave her house. Se Gye promises………….because Do Jae is already IN her house. He notes her nice perfume and she comments that a secret romance is so exciting. I’m starting to see that Do Jae makes an excellent boyfriend. He will never, ever have to face the wrath of  a girlfriend whose new hairdo goes unnoticed by the boyfriend.

He mentions that with a partner, they can be unsettled, sad and lonely together. LOL. He’s missing the point of a romance. Se Gye retorts that with a partner, they will NOT be sad, unsettled and lonely. The couple suddenly lapses into silence and Do Jae offers to change her lightbulb. He unbuttons his shirt and takes off his watch, which causes Se Gye to shout out loud. This girl is so funny!!! And I love how straightforward she is – just telling that Do Jae that he looks cool and can he please do that again. Love love.

Do Jae takes out his coat in a flourish and throws it on the couch, which causes both to laugh out loud. Se Gye notes that the whole thing’s so funny and cute, sexy and cool at the same time. Do Jae smiles and asks what she’s doing tomorrow, because he doesn’t want to work. Se Gye is pleased because this is the first time he doesn’t like work, “You must like me a lot a lot,” and he answers immediately, “Yeah, I think that’s right.”

In that moment, Se Gye realises that she wishes she could change her body – because then they can be together. It’s shocking, because it’s the first time she felt that way. Do Jae looks at her and asks how she felt initially. Se Gye replies that it was hell but it’s okay, because now she’s happy. She wonders if her suffering back then was for the purpose of bringing good days now. To Do Jae however, it doesn’t matter what’s the order, so long as Se Gye’s happy.

Do Jae leaves in a cap and Se Gye whispers that he must be careful not to be caught. He turns around and Se Gye offers to drive him home….which she does, but once he reaches his house, he asks how she’s going home. “This is my car.” She looks at him with a sheepish smile and he drives her back. Awww. What a pair of loveydovey people in love. She is about to walk into her house but at the last minute, asks if Do Jae wants to have ramen.

They turn on the lights at home only to find Joo Hwan and Woo Mi in the darkness. Haha, it’s so funny to watch the couple being scolded by quasi parents. Turns out, the guard has called the police because the neighbours have complained about suspicious people lurking outside (aka Se Gye and Do Jae). The two managers take off the couple’s caps and put on a show for the neighbours and the police. Woo Mi sneaks in a few insults that Joo Hwan has an annoying face which unfortunately, the cap didn’t manage to cover. She even calls him, “Dear.” When the police leave, the two retch in disgust hahaha.

Sa Ra returns home, wishing that there’s a machine to remove make up. Cues Eun Ho, who obediently places some cotton pads on her face. Sa Ra complains about her tough day at work and notes that she has never said such stuff to other people. Eun Ho explains that it’s because he’s listening, “So you can say it all out.”

Sa Ra immediately sits up right and asks what Eun Ho wants. Eun Ho pretends that he’s asking for money, but in actual fact, he wants her to make a donation. If she makes her donation, he will give his smile. *Ching* Next day, one of the volunteers asks how Eun Ho got all these stuff, and he replies, “They are from a donor who likes smiles.” Haha! Eun Ho overhears a pair of volunteers discussing how the lady on the road has donated her kid’s heart. Eun Ho’s dad appears and asks him to return home.

The filming schedule gets messed up and Woo Mi throws a fuss because they have specially contractually provided for a week break due to personal reasons. While putting on make up, Yoo Ri asks sarcastically if torturing people is Se Gye’s hobby, and paints herself as a good soul speaking up for all the staff. Se Gye rolls her eyes – and can I say, I really like Seo Hyun Jin’s facial expressions here. Realistic but classy at the same time?

At night, Se Gye decides that she will just film as much as she can. Woo Mi promises that she will take her out the moment she feels unwell and Se Gye’s like, “Unnie will finish all the scenes in one cut.” Eun Ho asks if Se Gye wants to take time out to either volunteer or donate something and updates them about the lady’s child. I’m not quite sure why we are focusing on this lady….but anyway, Se Gye comments that she sometimes thinks of the lady because she looked like her world ended.

Eun Ho leaves because it’s getting late and he doesn’t want to impose on the owner of his accommodations. Se Gye is scared that he will be made use of by bad people and tags behind, while Woo Mi frets that they are the ones who look like bad people. Back at home, Sa Ra lounges on the couch while watching variety shows, but the moment the dog barks, she immediately sits up right and switches to a channel showcasing planes. HAHA.

Eun Ho enters the room and the dog runs out speedily. Sa Ra gives a desperate chase – why so desperate, I’m not sure, but it’s a little comical and I would like to think she’s a nice person who doesn’t want the dog to be lost. She runs smack into Se Gye and Woo Mi, and Eun Ho catches up. Se Gye looks at them with amusement and notes that the one who has found a weakness is ironically her, not Sa Ra. Eun Ho walks up and puts out a hand to block Sa Ra, “I’m not her weakness. I will move out of this house.” He looks angrily at his friends and tells them to talk tomorrow, before holding Sa Ra’s wrist and bringing her into the house.

I’m very, very happy with how this scene turns out. There’s something very innocent, yet loyal and touching, to see how Eun Ho steps up to physically block Sa Ra from something emotional. I like how he’s not afraid to show anger to his friends, who had his interest at heart, but also overstepped in that moment.

Back in the house, Eun Ho returns the money for the lamp and gives a farewell gift – it’s those boxes of sweets he gave her at the cafe previously. Turns out, he already knew the price of the lamp some time ago and it isn’t as expensive as Sa Ra made it out to be. She asks what he would tell his friends, and he says, “The truth. That this is a workplace.” Then, will he come if she calls him? Eun Ho replies, “Will you call for me? If you will, I will come.”

Sa Ra returns to her room in disappointment and tries the sweet Eun Ho previously gave her. After a moment, she murmurs, “It’s too sweet,” and puts the box back. The next morning, Eun Ho’s gone but he left the money and the sweets, and also made breakfast for her.

The girls awkwardly make conversation while Eun Ho eats his noodles quietly. Se Gye flares and Eun Ho comments that while he got along well with Sa Ra, he didn’t sell Se Gye’s info. Woo Mi asks if the two are dating and Eun Ho chokes in shock. Se Gye apologises but she had good intentions and Eun Ho replies, “I know,” but he still eats his noodles coldly. Se Gye then offers, “Should I do that…? Donate.” Eun Ho’s face immediately melts and he eagerly nods his head. Omggg you cute puppy. The tension breaks and the three go back to normal.

The girls arrive at the shoot and are shocked to see that no one’s at work. Turns out, an anonymous fan of Se Gye – *cough* Do Jae – has gifted truck loads of food to the crew, much to their happiness. Do Jae’s grandfather descends on the company in anger that Do Jae doesn’t even know how to get a woman’s heart. Do Jae has a hilarious trait of diverting the main topic, like how he comments that it’s great the grandfather knows how to go online and reads the gossip. It’s so endearing because Do Jae is usually so stoic and who knew such a stoic man can be innately funny?

Now at this point, I’m thinking the show is 100% perfect and I’m lurving it. But in comes a horrid shot of the director filming Se Gye and Yoo Ri, using one of those cameras that go round and round the actors. I hated it. Do you know how many times they went round? Eight. What for????

Anyway, filming goes fine (while I recover from being giddy, for real) but Woo Mi fusses over Se Gye, noting that it’s any time now. Se Gye wants to push through for the last shoot, and is hopeful because there’re still 2 days to the predicted date. Yoo Ri leans over to eavesdrop and Woo Mi shuts up. Either a misunderstanding (like a pregnancy) or a reveal is in the plans.

We return to the awful merry go round, as Se Gye points the gun and closes her eyes a few times to push through. Yeah girl, that was me a few moments ago watching you spinning around. The moment the director calls cut, Se Gye drops her gun and tears through the shooting location. She dashes into the van with Woo Mi hot on her heels, and I’m really digging this transformation because Se Gye’s really living on the edge man!

Woo Mi asks if she’s alright, and…a kid appears – enters cameo by Moon Woo Jin. Whee! It’s sooo convenient because one of the child actors falls sick and can’t turn up for shooting. While the assistants hastily try and search for a child (like seriously, random child), one of them sees Woo Mi buttoning Se Gye up in child’s clothes and grabs him. HAHA.

The four child actors act out a scene where the first child in line is supposed to deliver the line, “Why do we not have mothers?” But he is sooo wooden that the director keeps calling cut. Kid Se Gye can’t take it any more and during the break, tries to coach the child actor. He/she even so adorably goes, “No, cut! Cut!” because the boy is just so bad. The director watches in amusement and decides to have kid Se Gye deliver the line instead. Moon Woo Jin thus becomes the guy who cries as he says, “Why…do we not have mothers?” Everyone watches in amazement and he gets scouted after the shoot.

Woo Mi praises Se Gye for filming an additional scene, “You did really well today.” Now she can rest, because the rest of the shooting is going to take place in the village for the main leads I suppose. The two wonder if Se Gye should just take on supporting roles from now on, since it’s much easier for her to disappear from shooting. Se Gye also asks how she’s going to get back in her house, and we see Woo Mi coming down from her van with an extremely bulky back. I literally and honestly started laughing sooo loudly.

She effectively smuggles kid Se Gye into the house and the two high fives but miss the first time because kid Se Gye is too short. Woo Mi stops Se Gye from having spicy tteokbokki because while she’s an adult mentally, she has a stomach of a child. Her mother calls at this moment and she hangs up. I think Moon Woo Jin is doing a great job at impersonating Se Gye, banmal and all! Although I wouldn’t say it’s 100% accurate, I think any discrepancy is largely just due to the hardware (child versus adult). Someone enters the house, shocking Woo Mi and Se Gye but before she can hide…Se Gye’s mother makes an entrance. Se Gye calls out, “Mum?” and everyone just stares at everyone. Hahaha.

-the end-

I’m REALLY liking this series. Other than the very old-school, sucky camera going round and round way too many times, there was everything one can ask for in this episode. Love, banter, plot, excitement. The fact that the side characters are not just relegated to ‘sidekicks’ but are actual personalities I would love to find out more about or to watch on my screen is also a win. I also liked Episode 6 a lot so I will probably write on it next.

One thing great about this drama is how we get to see the main female lead switch up with fun cameos every once in a while. It’s entertaining to see who Se Gye turns into each time because it’s incredibly unpredictable. She could be a man, a child, a different race altogether. It’s also nice to see how cameo actors behave like Se Gye so as to ensure continuity.

One note on Seo Hyun Jin – it’s so interesting to watch her and to evaluate my thoughts on her. She’s one persona whom I find pretty by her aura. Honestly, I didn’t think her features are beautiful – I’m watching Let’s Eat 2 at the same time as this show, and the difference in profile is day and night. But Seo Hyun Jin as Shin Se Gye shows me that when you are a good person, with confidence, with elegance, you are the queen. And you can rock any look because you just shine. Not because of your features per se, but because you are you. And that’s wayyy more precious than what’s on your face! Do you guys know what I mean?

I’m also very interested to know what trajectory the show has in mind for Eun Ho’s relationship with Sa Ra. I have this suspicion that they made him into a priest character so as to show that this is a pair where romance is definitely not in the books. Of course, given how cute they are, the fangirl side in me is teeny bit disappointed. However, at the same time, there’s great potential to make a statement here – are they going to be the best of buds? Is he going to be the best listening ear? Are they going to be some sort of family? There’s also the possibility that he might not become a priest in the end….? There’re so many different ways to develop this pair and I’m eager to see how it turns out.

Finally, our main couple is perfect for each other. I rarely say this for most couples since I think they mostly kinda fall in love due to right timing and match in personalities. But this couple here NEEDS each other in a way that very few couples actually do? The crux of their identities/existence is just a fit. Se Gye needs someone who can see her despite who she changes into, and Do Jae needs someone whom he can recognise in the crowd.

All in all, very high hopes for this series!



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