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Her Private Life Episode 1-4 Review

Yeah…I’m hooked!

This sounds odd but I’d predicted that I wouldn’t like this – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (darn long title omg) ended up being a good example of a formulaic story that would be sure to capture viewers’ hearts, but with little substance if you dig hard enough. I thought Her Private Life would be the same and I actually felt a little annoyed wondering if the show will end up eclipsing some other more-worthy shows instead. And guess what, I’m ready to eat my thoughts at this point!! (But who knows where this show will take us right, since Secretary Kim started out being really cute and funny too.)

Currently, it feels like this show would be a definite-hit for sure; there’s no way it wouldn’t – because it’s so relatable to every single fangirl, whether you are the young/the adult/the crazy/the chill and laidback sorts. For one, I would faint from excitement (figuratively) if I could ever meet my favourite idols in life in a professional capacity! And don’t we all, at some point in time, had once wished that we could either date an idol or be his/her good friend? (…and still do? LOL) Even the sheer happiness one gets from watching videos of our favourite idols hits the nail right on the head.

I started the show under the impression that people didn’t quite like Park Min Young’s acting because it felt over the top and exaggerated. I’m not surprised to be honest, because the cheesiness was partly what drove me away from Secretary Kim. But can I just say, the first four episodes of Her Private Life weren’t like that at all? There were some comedic effects for sure, but nothing that is cringe-worthy or hard to handle. Park Min Young also always rocks a goddess office-lady image so aesthetically-speaking, my eyes are very much pleased.

It’s hilarious how many of us are just heads over heels enamoured by a rom-com Kim Jae Wook, who thankfully for the first time (?) isn’t acting as a psychopath, emotionally-tortured or dark and mysterious.

Ryan Gold is hilarious in every way and Kim Jae Wook takes on the role perfectly.  Just look at this man – who confused me with whether he was trying to rehearse a kiss, a smile or neither, before realising he was trying to be the lion HAHA.


One is also a perfect casting for the role of Cha Shi An – there are quite a few idol-actors who are visuals but I think One has such a cute and charming, boyish yet hot demeanour that I can see why he is Shi An. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched him in Room 9 where he nailed it as the evil chaebol’s son, I think he also suits bratty roles very well:P I’d thought Shi An would be a two-faced idol, but so far, he’s coming along to be a rather funny guy swimming his way across Ryan’s room.

I’m sure he has his own problems as well – as we can see, he’s no naive, innocent boy either. It’s interesting however, how Shi An is an embodiment of a societal problem. It also occurred to me that K-drama actors don’t quite seem to run into the same degree of having to remain single – what do you guys think? My personal thoughts are that it’s because viewers could be at a more mature age (of course, I know that this is a generalisation) and also because while we fall in love with the actors, a large part of our fangirling revolves around the character as well, which we are aware is ultimately fiction. I can’t, for e.g, date Ahn (from He is Psychometric) even if I want to. I would love to be Woo Joo’s (Sky Castle) friend but uhm that’s not happening, aint it? On the other hand, k-pop idols are selling themselves as THE commodity; there’s no separation of fiction from reality. Nowadays, things such as vlives which shorten the distance between fans and idols can further create the illusion that they are friends/people whom you could hang real expectations on. And when the illusion breaks, that’s when issues come flooding in.

Okay sorry, enough of my thoughts. Moving on.

*I especially love the fact that this is a spin on a usual trope where the girl gets close with a guy on the misunderstanding that he’s gay. Offhand, I can think of Personal Preference, but I’m sure there are many more examples out there. Here, Ryan thinks that Deok Mi is a lesbian with her best friend, and the way he gets angry for her, asking her why she doesn’t mind keeping herself ‘single’ for Seon Joo is cute and refreshing at the same time.

My only gripe with the show thus far is that it still takes on a too-benign stand towards hardcore fans. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Deok Mi actually sympathises with the fans who assaulted her, even when the main reason why the fans changed their attitude towards her was because she said she wasn’t dating Shi An. What they did to her was nasty as heck, and goes way beyond what is acceptable as fangirling. I’m hoping it’s because we are only 3/4 episodes in, and the show isn’t going to take a serious discourse yet over this issue. Because if this is the ultimate stand for most of the show, you bet I will be back here again with a ramble.

Shall end this review/ramble with a gallery of our leads having a hot, steamy, almost-kiss (their chemistry is sizzling, but yet again, when has Park Min Young not ever sizzle with her co-male lead?). Sit back and enjoy!


Ugh, they are both walking paintings I swear.

Finally, would someone please let SF9 know that this fangirl wants to meet them please?? HAHA.



  1. Glad to hear you’re liking it – I had similar reservations that it was going to be too much fluff and not enough substance. Though I loved Park Min Young in Secretary Kim – she’s sooo adorable and pretty. So he thinks she’s gay? There’s a Taiwanese drama with a similar situation – Down with Love. While I don’t tend to love Ella’s overacting, I loved that drama. Mostly I think one of my favorite tropes is when the guy longs for the girl but can’t have her for a long time and Jerry Yan nailed it in that drama. (As opposed to the girl longing because those tend to be sob fests and I get annoyed – I’m looking at you, gentleman’s dignity…)


    • She’s still super adorable and pretty here!! Her outfits are the bomb, super classy. Yep he thinks she’s a les which is quite hilarious.

      Oh, you are right about Down with Love!! I *think* I watched it when it was airing but I can’t seem to remember much of the plot anymore. It was also funnily predictable that Ella would be the female lead given her tomboy-ish image then. She does overact though, most of the TW idol dramas had that vibe. HAHA sobfests are no go.

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  2. Boo.
    I am loving this one too at the moment. Crossing fingers and toes that it will keep going great. While I liked What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim also, I concur it did lose a bit of steam in the second half. Park Min Young is adorable as can be but its Kim Jae Wook that definitely got me sitting up like… WHY HELLO THERE WHERE HAVE YA BEEN all my kdrama watching life. LMAO. Chemistry is off the charts. Sizzle-crack-pop!
    Cha Shi An swimming across Ryan Gold’s floor was definitely pretty dem funny.
    Your comment “too benign stand on hardcore fan” – I TOTALLY agree with you there. There are lines that should not be crossed in terms of just plain being a decent human being, REGARDLESS of who you are obsessing over. Plain and simple.
    I actually LOVED the Taiwanese drama Down With Love when it aired (although yes Ella can overact). Jerry Yan and Ella’s chemistry in that was also great (it just seemed so natural). It’s the kind that made me wish: DATE FOR REAL PLEASE! While the plot is a bit thin, I do remember alot of scenes from that drama so obviously, it’s my guilty pleasure. Heh heh.

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    • Off the charts chemistry!! I watch this with heart-eyes and I rewind scenes HAHA just like a fangirl. He’s amazing in this one, and needs to take on more rom-coms for sure.

      I’m still hoping they would address this whole issue in the later half of the show. Allowing the fangirls to go off scot-free doesn’t speak of Deok Mi’s generosity to be honest and puts a bad taste in my mouth.

      I just remembered that I loved the theme song of Down with Love too. Taiwanese idol dramas are kinda like that for sure – thin as heck plot but everyone’s guilty pleasure HAHA.


  3. kayohs says

    Sigh. I typed this long comment. That I think disappeared.
    So now its:
    – The chemistry here is off the charts (please please continue to be good show!)
    – Down With Love was my guilty pleasure
    – Cha Shi An swimming across Ryan Gold’s floor was comedy gold


  4. L says

    I’m just watching it for the insane chemistry at the moment. Totally ready to drop it (probably ep 11 or 12) when it runs out of plot. =p


    • Sizzling hot chemistry!!! Seems like there’s still enough plot for now, so I’m hopeful it wouldn’t end up being an overrated show like Secretary Kim:D


  5. OMG I love reading your freaking reviews!! Honestly every word counts and truly give this show the highlight it deserves.
    I was on the verge of dropping this show after episode 4, but then came along the 5 & 6 that change my direction-from then on I’m driving 100% toward this show.
    My reason for that hasty almost-dropping decision was because of my WWWSK experience, it wasn’t that good. Seeing how similar it feels to me for the first four episodes feared me, because I don’t want another forced interaction between our main leads. Luckily Her Private Life is winning my heart, haha. Oops, I meant Kim Jae Wook. xD


    • Thanks for your comment and for popping by!!:D I’ve also written on EP6, 8, 10 and 11 – would love to hear what you think(:

      Yeah you aren’t the only one. I’ve had friends who didn’t quite like up till EP4 because it felt cheesy but I think the direction afterwards was really good. I’m surprised that quite a few commentators didn’t like WWWSK that much. When it was on-going, I felt like I was one of the few who didn’t get into the hype.


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