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He is Psychometric Episode 10 Recap

Wow, we are past the half-way mark!

The episode opens with Ahn mourning the death of his parents and the busy reception was juxtaposed with Seung Mo’s mum’s funeral, where no one came to pay their respects. This is so poignant, as I thought it particularly highlighted their lonely life as a result of having to hide from the stalker.


Later, Ahn sobbed and told Seung Mo he should have just let him die. Now that we know Seung Mo’s secret, it made even more sense to see Seung Mo not shed a tear (yet?) over his mother’s death.


He told Ji Soo’s father to search for the stalker, but Ji Soo’s dad dismissed him suspiciously. While sending their parents off, the young Ahn saw the news that Jae In’s father was the murderer, and sensed for the first time with excruciating pain a memory through the father’s handkerchief.

We return to the present, where Ahn reels back from the realisation as to who Jae In’s father is. Jae In mistakes his reaction and explains that her father is a good person, but Ahn scoffs at that.


“The first person who made me realise how sick and revolting people can be…! The person I loathed for my entire life…is your dad.” He walks off, but Jae In runs after him and catches his arm. He throws her hand away and turns the corner.


Jae In gives chase but trips. Looking at her fallen shoe, she finally remembers her childhood memory where Ahn said his parents died in the apartment fire.

Right, I knew she didn’t remember this, but I forgot that while Ahn remembered, she’d never said who her father was. What a combination. Now that I’m thinking about it again though, I realised another reason for my confusion – because Ahn had interacted with the younger Jae In as we’d seen, I thought he would have known already that she was the security guard’s daughter.


Meanwhile, Ahn walks through a crowd of people in the rain and accidentally touches a man, learning that he drove away after hitting someone with his car.


As he halts in his steps, people unknowingly brush past his hands and he sees more dark secrets – one stole, yet another hit his wife at home.


The struggle in his eyes dies down, as he gives up and closes his eyes.


Ahn, who for the first time had willingly worn shorter sleeves, tucks his hands back into his pockets again. Can I just say how much I love this scene? Jinyoung nailed it, right down to that close up of his EYE. And that symbolism of Ahn shutting the world out once more was subtle but nicely done. Also, I’m loving this entire social commentary on humans’ superficiality.

Back in the station, Jae In murmurs, “What have I done to him?” The rain finally stops and Ahn finds himself at the bridge.


With tears in his eye, he struggles to breathe and takes out a paper bag, which he kept in his pocket and cute-ly wrote ‘Jae In’s emergency bag’ on. I know this is a serious scene, but omg just how adorable can this boy get?


He yells into the distance, “Why does this happen to me? What am I supposed to do!” Unfortunately the camera pulls away for some reason, but just know that Ahn had whacked the railings and his hand started bleeding.


Ji Soo meets up with the nurse from 2 years ago and verifies that the woman in the sketch was the woman in the photo, i.e Seung Mo’s mother. In the flashback, we see Seung Mo’s mother who turned and said, “A bird who has lived in a cage its whole life can’t fly even if the door is open. Which suffers more? The caged bird, or the bird which is unable to go free even when it can?” Ominous.

Ji Soo sits in the station till the day breaks, and rushes to her father in the morning, recalling past conversations where Seung Mo insinuated things. He knew. He knew his mother is alive. She throws down the case file of the Yeongseong Apartment fire on her father’s desk and questions whether he really did his job as he claimed, “Why does this not contain Seung Mo’s statement?” She doesn’t believe her father’s excuses and tells him that she will investigate the case again.

Detective Lee calls to inform her that he has found records of Kim Song Hee, but Seung Mo has already assessed those records at dawn. More importantly, Seung Mo has taken indefinite leave.


Ji Soo drives frantically to find him, and the camera pans out to Seung Mo on a boat – to find his mother. I am deeply amused that the show served us a rugged, sexy Kim Kwon on a platter.

Jae In goes about her morning listlessly, and Dae Bong who comes to find Ahn deduces that the two must have quarrelled. She goes out for patrol and gets into an accident. Unbeknown to her, Stalker is watching quietly from afar.

I finally get to talk about my favourite side-side couple!! Dae Bong insists that So Hyun has to visit the doctor for her sprained wrist and cute-ly takes care of her child in the meantime.

They run into Jae In at the hospital and the trio adjourns to the chicken eatery, where the girls drink.

The owner jokes that Dae Bong has moved up in status for sure, “You even babysit So Hyun’s daughter now,” but Dae Bong quips, “Can’t you see that I don’t even have the right to sit with them?” How endearing.


Ahn visits his parents’ grave with some soju and cries that although he’s filled with hatred when he thinks of them, he can’t forget the fact that he shook off Jae In’s hands.


“I know it’s not her fault.” Jinyounggg, you rocked it again.

After drinks, So Hyun wants to go home by herself but Dae Bong’s like, Well I wanna drive your daughter home so suit yourself, and cutely threatens to drive off. Jae In tells her that Dae Bong’s a good man and she replies, “I know, that’s why I’m being like this.”


The funniest thing is that Dae Bong actually proceeds to start driving and So Hyun has to go, “Stop stop!” Awww.

Ji Soo’s father asks Detective Lee in his ‘professional’ capacity on what he reported to Ji Soo that day. Detective Lee ‘fesses up everything, albeit innocently and rather funnily.


Ahn returns to the Yeongseong apartments and brushes his fingers down the walls, noting tearfully that there’s no way he will be able to see what happened back then.


As he sighs, he sees Jae In on the first floor and quickly darts away when she looks up.


She takes the lift to the floor he’s on and stares down the corridor, as he hides behind a wall.

Later, when she walks home with her limping ankle, he follows behind. When she suddenly stops, he gazes curiously.


And when she starts crying…he looks utterly heartbroken.



Oh god, how can someone look so heartbroken!

Dae Bong finally learns from So Hyun who Jae In’s father is and explains to an indignant So Hyun that Ahn’s parents died in the fire. Ahn sees Jae In all the way home and that just speaks to me volume of how much he cares for her despite his conflicting emotions. He returns home and Dae Bong visits soon after with Jae In’s music box. He murmurs that he must have not liked Jae In very much if he feels like this after knowing who his father is.


Dae Bong comforts him that this is not something which can be resolved with feelings, but Ahn starts crying, “With these hands, I said I would save her, and with them, I hurt her.”


Jae In’s aunt bathes her injured ankle and explains to Jae In that it was because of Jae In that she got over the loss of her own child. Who doesn’t have a painful memory or two? Everyone just fights and hides it, “That’s how everyone lives.” I like this exchange – for it not only shows us Jae In’s aunt’s love for her, it also takes on a different aspect of how humans hide, not their ugly secrets, but their vulnerabilities.

Seung Mo must have gotten to the health centre where his mother was hiding, because he has retrieved her ring.


In his car, he recalls a memory of his mother explaining the word, longing, to him and – look! – a tear rolls down from his eye. Seung Mo! Are you crying for your mother now?? Why is the show baiting us!! At the same time, Stalker learns that Seung Mo’s on indefinite leave and realises that he must have found his mother.


Ahn winds the music box, which contains figurines of a girl and a boy touching hands aww, just as Jae In listens to hers.

Ji Soo (who has just been driving about the whole day now, to goodness knows where) calls Jae In and learns, just as we do now, that Seung Mo had actually visited Jae In at dawn.


Ji Soo understandably looks hurt, when she understands just once again who Seung Mo cherishes.


What’s with the show and bathing Kim Kwon in ethereal morning sunlight?


In the flashback, Seung Mo told Jae In that her father isn’t the culprit, “…Because someone else is.” I’m loving this backdrop of the Little Prince, which was a social commentary written through a little prince who had to figure out the nuances of humanity and its emotions. How apt for a drama which revolves around feelings and how ugly  (but also how real) people can get.

Ji Soo explains to Jae In that Seung Mo’s mother might be alive and tells her to watch over Ahn, who might be in shock over Seung Mo’s disappearance.


Jae In now recalls Seung Mo’s similar request for her to be with Ahn, “He might need some time, but he will be back soon…So will I.” She quickly rushes out of the station but runs straight into a man.

Ji Soo arrives at the ferry terminal which is unfortunately (or fortunately??) closed for the night. What she doesn’t realise is that Seung Mo has just driven off behind her. Ahn goes into Seung Mo’s room and finds maps on his table.


He accidentally reads Seung Mo’s memories of having watched over Jae In all this time, and clutches his heart, “What…is this?” Does this mean that Seung Mo’s heart had feelings of pain during those memories?

Ahn spots a post-it on the maps which said, Look after Jae In, and finally sees all the memories of Seung Mo and Jae In, including when they were young and thereafter, when he reunited with her on the bridge. Although I’m not very sure if he fully understood the implications of the childhood memory.

He finally hears from Ji Soo over the phone about Seung Mo’s mother, and how she’s the woman he saw wearing the ring.


He tells Ji Soo about the maps which marked out all the CCTVs and the post-it, and Ji Soo’s eyes flicker, “Listen to me carefully. Kang Seung Mo had said that someone he cared for will get hurt the more he digs into this case. That the culprit will hurt the one important to him…It seems like he’s worried about Yoon Jae In.”

As Ahn drives quickly to the station, he remembers Jae In’s casual remark about the spoilt CCTV outside the station and how he saw a suspicious man before. He reaches the station and rams the door but to no avail, so he calls her. I was still thinking if the show’s going to be half-assed about this and pull a leg on us, but they didn’t!


As Ahn traces the sound of Jae In’s ringing phone, we see her waking up in a (leaking) bathtub, with her hands tied to the faucets.


Ahn touches the phone, sees Jae In’s memory of who she ran into and pieces it all together.


The man who stabbed him, the man whom Seung Mo wants to kill, the man who he saw outside the station, the man who was talking to Jae In the other day at the station – they are the same person.


“It’s him.”


-the end-

Thus far (and we have already gone very far), I daresay the execution of the show is almost flawless. I suppose if anyone has a gripe with the show, it would be to do with the genre itself, rather than something that can be improved. As we’d seen with Memories of the Alhambra, interspersing the present with flashbacks can go very wrong. But here, it’s kept simple, and I liked the effect being kept in the dark about Seung Mo’s visit to Jae In.

At the same time however, I do hope that this isn’t just about Seung Mo’s love/crush for Jae In. I actually have no issues with that per se – there’s something quite tragic and poetic about Seung Mo liking Jae In, and just wanting to protect her quietly from the side. But from a big picture perspective, I do feel like that wouldn’t be fair to Ahn who would have protected Seung Mo and Jae In in equal measures. Anyway, I’m just waiting for Ahn to pick up that rubrick’s cube; it seems like it will hold answers to all our questions.

It’s exciting to see where the show will take us vis-a-vis Seung Mo’s mother. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be surprising that the woman in the sketch was his mother, but I’m glad at least the cat’s out of the bag for the characters.

Also, I’m sorry but I am now convinced that there is a difference in acting capabilities between Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun. Shin Ye Eun isn’t bad for sure, but her crying scenes are still slightly amateur (at least for me). Nonetheless, I’m eager to see how she will continue to develop for the last six episodes! Jinyoung on the other hand, really rocked it the last few episodes. He’s also proof that drama viewers can be (and are) objective in that we recognise talent when we see it. We don’t put down idol actors just because they are idols, if you know what I mean.

At this point, He is Psychometric reminds me of why I liked Are You Human Too. There’s a similarity in the two in that there’s a heavy backstory, mixed in with some lightness, but threaded with observations about humanity. Now I know what’s my weakness haha! I also only just realised that this was directed by the same guy who did Bride of Habaek and Korean Odyssey. I liked Korean Odyssey, so I feel the urge to ask – what happened to Bride of Habaek, director-nim??!

Anyway, I’m glad I had some time to write for such an crucial episode. Hope you guys enjoyed the recap!



  1. mvl says

    “At this point, He is Psychometric reminds me of why I liked Are You Human Too. There’s a similarity in the two in that there’s a heavy backstory, mixed in with some lightness, but threaded with observations about humanity.”

    -OMG that is EXACTLY what I thought!!! And the depth of acting of the 2 lead actors in their respective dramas is incredible. I am highly impressed and also, not surprised. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe high-five! Those two dramas really felt quite similar, don’t they?

      Yeah I’m not so impressed by Shin Ye Eun to be honest, but Jinyoung, Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yoon were amazing<33


  2. Peachietime says

    I do have one thing to complain about this drama and it’s been making me feeling very uneasy lol They made Ahn to be such a “saint” character and so adorable and giving, caring, considerate and loving, despite his own hardship and wounds and pain, they need to at least show more from Jaein and Seongmo’s end for me to feel fair for Lee Ahn. Lol

    Especially in this episode. Ahn reflected on his own attitude towards Jaein and how he hurt her even though she has done nothing wrong, but the writer didn’t give us the same kind of flashback or dialogue from Jaein’s part to show how she feels about this. After this whole time, she never asked about Ahn’s parents nor comforts him about his past and wounds. Neither Seongmo or Jaein worries about the possibility of Ahn’s ability and reading could lead to any damage to him or can his body take it (even after he passed out), they still pushed him to do more training. And why must he train to improve? It’s for Seongmo and Jaein. It’s not for a Ahn. Yet he’s the one who suffer from seeing all the ugliest humanity and shut off from the world. Have they ever comfort him about his fears to human instead of just blaming him he always avoided contact?

    We couldn’t see that she reflected on her own and the writer’s been making her the biggest victim. But in fact, Ahn has always treated her so kindly since day 1 and always stood up for her. Whereas she has yelled at Ahn and used him for her own purposes. (Even when he got stabbed she went to the hospital making it seems like it was a small deal he could have died and went on to tell him “I am gonna start training you for my own good”)

    In this case, Ahn literally was the biggest victim. His parents are gone, he got this ability that leads him to be beaten up by people (to the point he learned to fight so well), he started seeing the ugliest thing in people since he was like 7-8 years old, he wanted to die with his parents as a kid, his only beloved brother abandoned him without a reason for the entire childhood and as a teenager, he was lonely, insecure, scared and without anybody nor knowing what happened to him or his family. And at least Jaein still has her dad and aunt. Not like Ahn hasn’t been bullied growing up just like Jaein.

    Yet, the writer made Jaein injuried her ankle, made her being kidnapped and Ahn once again, is going to be the Superman and saving everyone when literally no one besides Daebong even being on his side and comforts him.

    What did Jaein or Seongmo ever do for Ahn? Both of them makes Ahn to improve his ability so that he can save the two of them, and now Seongmo wants him to protect Jaein. Have they ever thought about Ahn’s pain and fear? Seongmo were so cold after Ahn fell. Have they considered his body and maybe even pause his training to make sure he’s physically okay?

    And Seongmo have left Ahn once, now that he’s leaving again, all he cares was to see Jaein again, and left a note for Ahn to take care of her. How about Ahn? You knew how much you have hurt Ahn by leaving him years ago and he has nothing to tell Ahn? Ahn has always been insecured about his hyung yet he never ensures him anything emotionally. He didn’t even visited Ahn once knowing how much he must have been hurt by the truth or that he’s leaving soon. So Ahn really is nothing to him?

    The killer has stabbed Ahn once. Because Ahn cares about Seongmo so much he worries him and he followed the killer. Seongmo didn’t visit Ahn in the hospital. And he doesn’t worry while protecting Jaein, Ahn can get stabbed again and maybe die this time?

    He asked Jisoo to stay away from this case, he made sure Jaein is safe, yet he did NOTHING for Ahn? (At least as of episode 10) He left or came back not because he cares about Ahn. And he’s with him again because he values his ability. So he doesn’t care about Ahn’s well being, emotionally and physically right?

    Both Jaein and Seongmo never did anything for Ahn. They have been receiving his love, yet this time, Ahn’s being hurt the most (as viewers we know Jaein’s dad is not the killer but Ahn doesn’t), no one cared about him, but here we have Ahn, worries about him hurting Jaein, sorry that he said he’s gonna save her so easily yet hurt her in the middle of all things. And now he’s on a quest to be the savior again.

    I feels so unfair for him. I don’t care if Seongmo cherish Jaein or Jisoo, I just can’t accept that he uses Ahn without really thinking of Ahn’s well being at least once. I mean, if you really that worries about Jaein why don’t you just hire a professional team. What can Lee Ahn do? He got stabbed once and now do you want him to die? And Jaein, how can she didn’t even think once from Ahn’s perspective and all she thought of, is that her own suffering, her pain and how much Ahn hurt her? Ahn didn’t even think about that but all he thinks of is her. (Just Like Daebong)

    That’s my one biggest rant about this story. The writer made us fall in love with Lee Ahn yet he has just been the savior and no one cares for his pain. AND making the female lead as the biggest victim so I saw comments saying Ahn’s in the wrong and he needed to apologize to Jaein for hurting her. Like he has done NOTHING wrong but kindness to everyone around him. What more they want from him???? He already has no faith in mankind so he believes Jaein’s father is just the same as all those “nice” people who did the dirtiest deeds.


    Acting wise.

    That aside, Jinyoung really surprised me in ep 10. He showed a wide range of emotion and every time he cries its a different kind. His eyes convey so much emotions and how his eyes changed from shocked to irony to anger was very nicely done. Him yelling to the sky “what else you want me to do????” Was raw and powerful. Him shutting down the world in the rain – his face was basically saying this world is such a cold and ugly place he’s not taking it anymore. And when he broke down and cried like his parents’ baby in front of his parents grave confronting he should hate them but he loves her so much that he feels guilty. And how he tells Daebong when he reflected himself on his feelings toward Jaein. The layers of Lee Ahn’s character and back story, his past and his personality, he conveys it so clearly that I can understand his every thought and emotion.

    I do agree, Ye Eun is not a bad actress, but I do think that the role of Jaein is a bit too complicated for her right now (as her second acting project). There are also tons of layers from Jaein’s side. While the writer already didn’t show too much of Jaein’s affection towards Ahn (when it’s not the cute dating scenes), Ye Eun couldn’t convey that along with her past, her childhood, her fears for her dad being the real killer but also her trust in her dad, her disbelief of who Ahn is and also her love and guilt for Ahn. I can’t tell whether she’s angry at Ahn or touched when she cried lol I need to think she is touched judging from what the writer and director is doing. This also contributed to me feeling uneasy for Ahn. Both the writing and the acting didn’t deliver love and affection for Ahn lol

    Anyways…. Long rant but besides this, I am still really excited about the drama and the plot to unfold. Also putting the unfairness for Ahn aside, I am excited to see him using his ability to kick some ass! Haha.


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