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Photos: of the Suns and the Moons

Hah, I found out that it wasn't just me who realllyyy wanted to watch more of the childhood parts. In fact, many netizens are requesting for an extension of the roles of these actors, and even the adult actors felt the pressure to do well. I mean, wow, just a crew of child actors and they succeed with a rating of 25.1% for Episode 4, that's like…simply amazing! 

I'm a bit lost here. I see recaps of Episode 4 on Google, but I can't find a subbed episode 4! Does this mean that ockoala's Korean? Lol, that was just a really random thought. The more important thing is –> I want my Episode 4!:O


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  1. YES:D Hahaha.

    It’s a period drama!:D The Moon that Embraces The Sun. You know, the usual period dramas about palace politics and all… right now, the first six episodes are on the childhood bits of the characters, but I loveee it.


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