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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 3

I love this episode to bits!

Knowing what will come next, all the plotting, tears and all (My heart sucks at those, this is why I almost never watch period dramas because I just couldn't take all the plotting. Too many regrets for me lol), it makes watching the childhood part more meaningful! It's a very bittersweet kind of feeling. 

I really smiled when I watched this:

This kind of family…such warmth and unity in the way the parents treat their son and daughter, and vice versa. I reallyyy hope nothing happens to this family. If the scriptwriters decide to pull a Dae Jang Guem plot on me where basically all the nice people die here and there (I will never forget Lady Han lol), I WILL PULL SOMEONE'S HAIR. (Okay you know I'm kidding:D)

Right. The thing is, I almost always ship second leads because I love (it's just my character, I can't help it)/ pity them when they did everything they could do to help the girl, without asking for anything. Actually, it might just all boils down to me liking a male lead that will face a lot of difficulties in his relationship with the girl. Does that sound right? 

And so right now, it's hard for me to sympathise with Yang Myung because the plot focuses mostly on the relationship between Hwon and Yeon Woo and tells us that they aren't going to have a smooth sailing relationship like Cinderella and Prince Charming did. Even the King felt bad for Yang Myung. I'm rather sure if Yang Myung hadn't told the King about his crush on Yeon Woo, Hwon might not get the order of not meeting Yeon Woo ever again. Then yet again, Hwon now knew that by meeting with Yeon Woo, he would be implicating a lot of things, which explains the dilemma he had, in wanting to protect her and seeing her. 

In all, I think I never had it easy for me. Perhaps, when the plot veered towards showing how Yang Myung helped Yeon Woo get together with Hwon, I might just root for Yang Myung. Such is my life, when I usually get my heart broken along with the jilted guys…

This smile really got me!<3 

And the three.

I'm burning a fever, so I can't start on Episode 4, but I'm excited:D



  1. Anonymous says

    i really2 enjoy watching it..
    kim soo hyun looks a lyk with my crush here in the phillipines(christian perdenia)..i felt pity when he is crying.. his smiles were charming..he really looks like an angell..i hope that he can visit here in our country..
    moon embracing the sun..i really love it


    • Aaah I really love this show too!(: Yes exactly, when he cries you cry along, and when he smiles you just go awwww and can’t help but smile too! It was a great series(:


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