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The Moon That Embraces The Sun

I'm writing this as the fourth episode loads on my computer. Anddd I must say I'm really hooked! This feeling is just greattt, because I've not gotten hooked on a KDrama for ages, probably since City Hunter. 

I must say, I didn't feel that interested at first, because the casting didn't have anyone I like, and of course, I wouldn't know or be able to predict where the story goes, but after three episodes in, here are my thoughts:

(Listed, as usual. I'm sorry heh, thoughtsramble has something for lists.)

1. Usually I can't really stand watching the childhood bits of dramas. They draw out and drag the pace of the drama most of the time, and you don't know what's the point of them. But! (with an exclamation point) this is different. The actors for the young characters are really good, because they act so naturally, and bring out their characters so well, I would be entirely satisfied just watching them for the whole show! In fact, I shall admit that I'm having a really stupid 'fear' that once they switch over to the adult actors, I might not like the characters so much. It's probably an unfounded fear, I know, but the actors make the characters, and right now, I really love Hwon, Yeon Woo, Heo Yeom and Chae Woon! 

2. I don't really have a penchant for period dramas, and after setting up thoughtsramble, the only other period drama I've watched is probably Sungkyunkwan Scandal…which on hindsight, wasn't that good to me. I remembered that I could barely get past the first six episodes. Hopefully, I will love this period drama, and wow, I actually look forward to recapping it! 

3. For the rare times in my life, I'm not shipping the second lead. :O I really like Yang Myung, but I like Hwon even more, in a different way. Maybe when the plot develops and I see how heartbroken Yang Myung is going to be, I will have a change of mind, but right now, I just want Hwon and Yeon Woo have a happy childhood together…which we know isn't going to happen. Sigh~

Any of you guys watching this?:D


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