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More thoughts on Episode 4 of The Moon That Embraces The Sun

I just finished episode 4 on The Moon That Embraces The Sun! It's good and has made me loved this show even more. I've not much stamina for period dramas because they often last for more than 50 episodes and include more characters (both main and supposedly important side characters) than my fingers and toes put together. However, for this one, I like the fact that it's just going to be 20 episodes which should mean short and sweet, and none of those draggy subplots or too many heart attacks. 

I love how the pace is just right for me — not too draggy in establishing the characterisation, but also not too fast that we could hardly get ourselves invested in the characters. 

And in Episode 4, I loveee how Yeon Woo was appointed as the next Queen. I know, this will be stripped away later, and she would become a shaman (right?) but right now…at least, Yeon Woo and Hwon can have that short-lived happiness, of knowing that Yeon Woo deserved to be the next Queen, of the fact that she's better in Bo Kyung in every sense and of being placed in a fairytale that goes right, where the prince and the princess live happily ever after. 

This couple is just so cute:D I think they collaborated before as the child actors for Iljimae! 

You should probably have noticed that I'm hardly invested in Yang Myung… *guilty* I know, I should and it's weird that I'm not…but I guess, like what I've explained before, right now it's so obvious that Yeon Woo and Hwon are not going to be together that I wish for them to be together. It's like…in a warped way, the possibility of Yeon Woo and Yang Myung getting together is actually higher than that of Yeon Woo and Hwon, simply because Hwon's the next King and Yang Myung isn't and stupid Dowager wants to kill Yeon Woo. Basically, my heart goes out to whoever that loves the girl right and yet faces difficulties. Okay I should probably stopped explaining; I hardly make any sense. 

That being said, I did feel sadness for Yang Myung when he told Yeon Woo that he would be willing to put down his birthright, and bring her away. At that moment, I was like aww my heart breaks for you T.T For Explanation Of Sudden Inclination Towards Yang Myung, see above. 

And Hwon is so sweet in arranging a small puppet play for her!(: He's really funny when he did that gentlemanly pose by indicating that she should have a seat. 

And and and…if the shaman's prediction is that Yeon Woo has the look of a Queen, but will not become the Queen, does this indicate that Yeon Woo and Hwon will not be together in the end?? I feel ready to whip out a box of tissue and start wailing right now. 


PLEASE… I mean, Bo Kyung can get a horrible disease and drop off the face of the earth, and by some miraculous twist of fate, the shaman will be allowed to marry the king. Yay.

2 more episodes of the child actors! I feel reluctance at seeing them go already.


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