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Strawberry Night Episode 1

Not much to comment on actually. It was quite interesting, since police dramas are always my kind of thing…provided that the deduction is made out clearly to the audience. I'm not exactly sure if you need to watch the tv special which was released before this, but I understood the first episode well enough without it anyway. So basically, what happened was that Reiko's a leader of this group in the police force. However, the other higher ups  were not very happy with how she did things because 1. she's a woman and 2. she tended to depend on 'instincts'. The first episode introduced a case which was interesting in itself, but the string that (I think) is threaded through all the episodes should be how Reiko was attacked by a guy who raped her when she was younger, and how Hayama kept having flashes of seeing a guy attacked a girl. 

First episodes usually just set the stage anyway, and so I shall look forward to how the script is going to progress from here. There isn't any casting that I was familiar with, but it does give me a surprise when I saw this:

Because seriously, can you believe that this was Masumi from Nodame?? I'm sorry lol, Masumi-chan, that I didn't manage to recognise you immediately in normal wear because you were always in that big hair and moustache, and flying after Chiaki:P

I look forward, though not with great anticipation, the development of the plot. Japanese dramas usually don't let me down, especially when it seems like there is a huge secret linking the members of the police group together.



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi I haven’t seen anything about strawberry night but I may have missed it in an earlier post dismissing it as a fluff show instead of a police show. Can I beg a description or at least tell me it’s in an earlier post and I’ll look for it. I love mysteries and great or even semi-great police shows. Thanks!


    • Hi!(: Nope you didn’t miss it; this is my first post talking about Strawberry Night! I’ve edited and included a brief description in the first para of this post((: I love mysteries too! Kindaichi/Conan is the best kind that I love, but Strawberry Night is a little different. You can’t really participate in the deduction but it’s not bad to watch how they go along about catching the culprit. (First episode –> lower expectations!(:)


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