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Kim Soo Hyun’s Photoshoot

Enough said. He's too cute ahh!! Hehe, this is coming from someone who hasn't watched Dream High or the likes before, and has only seen Kim Soo Hyun decked in a flowy robe with his fringe hidden underneath a hat all the time. 

Hmm. Maybe I should watch Dream High after all.

taken from http://vkr.yibada.com/thread-7173-1-1.html


  1. I watched Dream High before tmtets and i enjoyed it. His character was my favourite in the drama and he acted really well! When i heard he was casted in tmtets, i knew i had to watch it and he didnt disappoint. His drama this time was even better than Dream high! And dh was really really good already! What a promising actor with great talent. I think i wouldnt be able to get over the mtets craze. Hopefully a drama will come soon…


    • I knowww, everyone has been telling me that Dream High was reallyyy good and I should watch it. I was quite adverse to the idea at first, because I’m not very into Kpop and to me Dream High had a lot of that element, but I’m slowly changing my mind about it!

      Yesss his acting is just. plain. awesome! He has a lot of potential(: I think I’m having drama blues already haha.


      • haha, it’s practically killing me everyday waiting for the next episodes of tmtets, and so i get kinda moody over the weekends :\ hahas. i’m totally not into kpop/kdrama but i enjoyed dream high. and i’m only watching kdramas because of him, and having bad withdrawal symptoms because of his dramas. sighs.


      • I KNOW hahaha. Each time after I finish recapping the latest episode, I stare at my recap and think AWW NOW WHAT. Haha! Ohh you aren’t? It seems like the world is very kpop dominated nowadays:P Kdramas are worth a watch!((: They are really different from kpop, I assure you.

        Haha I hope my drama blues wont be horrible


      • Hahas. And refreshing pages waiting for news/previews/recaps what not. This drama got me seriously addicted! Replaying the preview for episode 17 can probably let me last till the drama airs! The world now is deinitely dominated with kpop/ Korean culture etc. but i dont think i’ll be into it for now. Maybe into dramas but not that.


      • Haha I don’t usually watch previews!XD Haha yeah me too, I guess I’m very much into Kdramas…but Kpop…not for the moment.


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