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I promised myself that I will only write something non-recap related, after I finished the other 2 recaps that I'm supposed to do…but heh:P This is pretty much a brainless post to tell you —

That I'm humming the theme song of The Moon That Embraces The Sun right now! I've always paid extra attention to soundtracks more than usual people do, and I love how some tracks just stay in your heart. With the right chords, and the right timing, the right tracks bring out so much more of a scene than with mediocre tracks, or worse still, awful ones. 

Not too sure if I can manage two other recaps today. We shall see, all right?:D And I apologise for them being written so late!


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    I tend to use pageviews. I like it because I can track in real time and gives me a good idea of what’s popular. If something is getting 500 pageviews per day, that’s pretty good. I use the WordPress Stats and Google Analytics to record. GA has a lot of information I don’t use, but also keeps track of browser, uniques, and AdSense revenue. It’s a bit too heavy duty for everyday use, but I still love it.


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