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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 8 Recap

Princesss dipped two spoons into ice, and placed them on her eyes, in hope that they would make the swelling go away. Yeom quietly sneaked up behind her, and when she turned around, he smiled at her, but she tilted her head and muttered that she must have missed him so much, she even conquered an illusion of him. He laughed and asked if she thought he was not really there.

Upon realising that Yeom was truly by her side, she quickly hid her eyes again, but Yeom turned her face towards him, and told her that she's pretty. Princess was ecstatic and wanted Yeom to promise that he would never abandon her.

So Yeom did the pinky promise with her!(:

This couple is kind of cute. I realllyyy hope that Yeom will come to love her one day, and not treat her like a sister still.

Nok Young went back to the house to find it empty, and came rushing to find Chan Shik, who guiltily confessed that she had run off to get some food, and Yeon Woo might have gone to find Seol. At this moment, Seol turned up, alone. Nok Young knew that something was very wrong, and this was confirmed by a letter sent to her, which told her that if she wanted her shaman (Yeon Woo) back, she would have to return to the palace. She hastily told Seol and Chan Shik to pack their stuff; they would be going to the city. 

Yeon Woo was breathless as the she relieved the moments she had when she was in the coffin. 

She had no reaction when she was lifted out of the carriage. One of the men flipped her eyelid, and worriedly declared her dead. The official tested for her breath, and asked for water, since she was still alive. He peered at her closely, when she suddenly opened her eyelids, knocked her head against his, and ran off. Hahahah. The official was left flabbergasted with a broken nose, while all the other people ran after her. 

Yang Myung was being pursued, but he quickly lost his pursuers, who wailed and asked why he didn't want to let them see him, seeing as they weren't bad guys. Then, a guy dressed in another set of clothes appeared in front of them, and turns out that it was Yang Myung.

He proudly strutted down the street in front of them, but one of the pursuers recognised him, and called out his name tentatively, "Yang Myung lord?" He was stunned that his followers could recognise him, and started running, and there they go again. Hah. 

Yeon Woo kept running, until she was right in front of a monk. She pleaded for the monk to help her, and when her pursuers chased up with her, the monk suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her into a side road. As people ran past, he hugged her tight, but she pushed him away and was displeased with his audacity. He asked if she really didn't know him, and slowly took off his hat. 

It's Yang Myung, in yet another disguise. 

"Do you really not remember…who I am?" He asked with tears in his eyes. Yeon Woo stared at him in shock, when the three pursuers found them.

 Yang Myung warned them that anyone who touched this girl would be dead, and they laughed at him, saying that it's ludicrous how a shaman and a fake monk were standing together. They made a move, and Yang Myung tackled all of them immediately, before running off with Yeon Woo. As they ran through the coloured cloths that were put up to dry, Yeon Woo apologised in a voice over that she really didn't know who he was. Yang Myung asked if she could wait for him in the greenhouse a bit down the main road, and she promised. 

He stayed behind to fight with the gruff men while Yeon Woo kept running….till the officials and their men blocked the road in front, and another official came up behind her. They grabbed her and she screamed in terror, causing Yang Myung to turn his head in distraction. One of the gruff men took this chance to whack Yang Myung's head, and he collapsed to the ground. 


He wanted to protect her so badly, and yet he 'failed' again. 

Dowager was immensely put off that Nok Young refused to return to the palace and chastised the official. She asked if he came back empty-handed, and he revealed the capture of Yeon Woo. Dowager was sarcastic initially, thinking that the official wanted to hold Yeon Woo hostage so as to make Nok Young return, but the official told her that he had another plan — to make Yeon Woo a live amulet as live amulets could block all the bad luck for Hwon and worked even better than paper amulets. Dowager voiced her wish that Hwon and Bo Kyung consummate their marriage in a month's time. 

Yeon Woo was locked in a room, and the temporary Head Shaman entered. Yeon Woo asked to see Nok Young,

but was slapped by the shaman who warned her that if she dared to say anything, or do anything, her life would be threatened. She called for the other shamans to enter, and they carted her off for preparation. 

Woon told Hwon that there was no trace of Yeon Woo back at the house. Hwon felt that it was really his imagination, and said that he thought if Yeon Woo was a ghost, at least he could listen to her woes and help her take revenge. Woon asked if he wanted him to search for her again, but Hwon told him there's no need, "It's just a dream, and my imagination after all." The imperial doctor came for a visit, and he gave Hwon chrysanthemum tea that would aid in sleeping. Hwon questioned the rationale behind wanting him to sleep deeply, and the doctor feigned ignorance. Hyung Sun encouraged him by saying that deep sleep would be good for him. 

Hwon gazed at the drink, remembered Yeon Woo, and gulped the tea down, murmuring that maybe deep sleep would be better than being trapped by illusions.  

Yeon Woo, on the other hand, was being bathed by the shamans, and she cried as she was forced into it. 

They dressed her up in all white, and she refused to get blindfolded, but the temporary shaman forced the cloth onto her. 

Hwon fell into a deep sleep, and Woon left the room, knowing that an amulet would be sent on its way. The official guided Yeon Woo to the steps in front of the room, and Woon pushed the drapes of her clothes away. He reached out to pull away the blindfold but the official stopped him, saying that this wasn't a human, but an amulet. 

Yeon Woo was brought next to Hwon's side, before she was allowed to take off her blindfold. As she took in Hwon's form before her, Woon sat down a few metres away and was taken aback to see that it's her. Hwon started frowning and Yeon Woo gently reached her hand out towards his forehead. He murmured in his sleep, "Yeon Woo ah…Yeon Woo ah…" and Yeon Woo's hand froze. Woon tightened his grip around his sword, and as the chorus of the song started playing, a tear escaped from Hwon's eye. 

Yeon Woo placed her palm against his forehead, and he dreamt of the time when he arranged a puppet play for her…and he smiled in his sleep.

Yeon Woo smiled and Woon watched the both of them. 

Yang Myung woke up and mistook Yeom for Yeon Woo. He fell back unconscious after a few seconds. Yeon Woo was brought away from Hwon's room, but before she left, she turned to look at it for a few more seconds.

Next morning, Hwon ate his breakfast, and asked Hyung Sun if there was someone by his bedside the night before. Hyung Sun lied, and said that it was just the official who wrote out an amulet for him. Hwon remarked that he felt really energetic and even moved his arms around to demonstrate. On his way to the courts, he walked past a few palace maids who worked in the royal kitchen. He turned back and praised them for the well-cooked breakfast, before continuing on his way. Hyung Sun laughed, and the palace maids all swooned after he left, saying that they wouldn't mind broiling the soup every meal just for his praises. 

Hahahah. Back in the courts, Hwon expressed that he had read the reports and 'praised' one of the ministers for being quick with finding the child's father, as he had instructed. The father was brought in and he stumbled to his knees in a deep bow. Something was obviously very wrong, when Hwon asked the father what his job was while building the pavilion, and the father had to look at the ministers. The minister frowned at him, and the father quickly replied that his job was to remove the old bridge. Hwon noticed his hands, full of calluses, and asked if the father had noticed the lotus pattern on the bridge. The father hastily replied that yes he did, and that the pattern was beautiful. 

Indeed, so agreed Hwon, who then gave the father a small piece of land so that he could live in the countryside quietly with his children. Later, Minister Yoon's faction gave the father some money and warned him that should he talk about this matter, they would take his children's lives first. On the way back home, two assassins ambushed the father and one drew his sword to kill him, but he was attacked by another masked guy, who skilfully dealt blows to the two assassins, killing one and injuring the other. 

Of course, who else can this masked guy be, but Woon? He asked Hwon later, how he knew that this would happen and even sent him so that the father could be escorted back safely.  

Hwon replied that he noticed the calluses on the hands, and remarked that those weren't inflicted because of manual labour, but rather, more likely because the man was learning how to handle the sword. He even baited the man, who foolishly took it, because there was no such lotus pattern on the bridge. Woon asked what he baited, and he replied, "Doubt." He doubted if the extra budget and people were actually meant for the pavilion, and voiced his theory that those were actually directed to another cause — secretly training an army. Woon was worried and protested, when Hwon laughed about his life being threatened. 

Aww! I really like the friendship between Woon and Hwon. 

Hwon assured him that before Minister Yoon's faction got what they wanted, his life would be in no danger. 

The ministers thought that the father was killed, and continued to discuss about what to do with Hwon. Minister Yoon was contemplating sending him on another rest, as it wouldn't be good for Hwon to 'keep falling sick'. Then, the injured assassin came back and reported the bad news, suggesting that the other masked guy could be Woon. He was swiftly killed by Minister Yoon himself, who muttered in his mind if that was a warning sent by Hwon. 

Dowager was very pleased to hear that Hwon's health had improved and wanted to see Yeon Woo herself so that she could personally reward her for being such a skilled and powerful shaman. Yeon Woo, back in her room, cuddled up to herself and recalled the night before. She wondered what kind of person Yeon Woo was, to be able to move Hwon's heart. 

As Dowager moved towards the Celestial Hall, Yeon Woo continued murmuring to herself, "If..I'm that person…if I'm not a shaman…if I'm that girl called Yeon Woo, would his heart be consoled?" Dowager almost reached her room, when her path was blocked the temporary Head Shaman. Dowager was displeased that someone dared to block her way, and was about to force her way through, when Nok Young appeared and threw herself to her feet.

The two of them sat in a room where Nok Young apologised profusely and told Dowager that the officials mistook her meaning — she didn't mean that she didn't want to return — all she wanted was just a few days to remove the bad aura around herself before coming back to Dowager. Dowager wasn't really taken in and asked her to explain herself for hiding all these years. Nok Young was stunned for a few seconds, but recovered herself, and told Dowager that it was because she was waiting for an opportunity to return. Dowager got the insinuation, and questioned if now was a good time to return. Nok Young expressed her conviction that an heir would be born.

Dowager was relieved and asked if Nok Young would not leave Celestial Hall any more. Nok Young pretended to be honoured to return, but she had one condition, that a temple couldn't have two Buddhas and that she never knew who were those eavesdropping.

Not quite a subtle dig, at the temporary Head Shaman who was listening outside. Dowager raised her voice, "Did you hear that? Celestial Hall's owner is back. Move out immediately." The temporary shaman made a noise in humiliation. Dowager dropped another bomb on Nok Young by requesting to see Yeon Woo, but Nok Young managed to dissuade her by saying that Yeon Woo had a bad aura from blocking Hwon's bad luck and that they must be careful not to let her leave even her room. 

Seol and Chan Shik were so relieved that Yeon Woo was all right, and Chan Shik even cried for it was her mistake that Yeon Woo got caught. Nok Young entered the room in anger, and Seol and Chan Shik escaped. The two of them heard some shamans complaining about how Yeon Woo could enter the main palace and Chan Shik almost let it out that she's the moon — Seol quickly covered it up by saying that Yeon Woo's name was Wol (moon).

Nok Young draped the clothes around Yeon Woo and told her to leave with Seol, but Yeon Woo didn't want to, since doing that would cause all of them to be treated as criminals. It would just be for a month, and if for that one month, she could contribute whatever powers she had to make Hwon better, then she would willingly to do so.

Nok Young's eyes widened as she took this in, and she realised that Yeon Woo had defied her earlier instructions. "Didn't I tell you not to keep him in your heart, and not to have any ties?!" Her legs softened and she collapsed to the ground, "As a live amulet, you are just an amulet, not a human. Even if you have eyes, you can't see anything. Even if you have ears, you can't hear anything. You enter when he sleeps, and leave before he awakes. Even though you are nearest to him, but you have no way to see, and you cannot see, that is the shaman who blocks the evil luck." 

Yeon Woo assured Nok Young that she knew what she was being worried about, and that it would never happen…even though she knew that her feelings for Hwon were more than neutral.

Princess showed Yeom's mother the cranes that she had embroidered, but Yeom's mother mistook the two white objects as some random insects. Princess said that she really couldn't make it in embroidery and that she originally wanted to do it for Yeom. Hearing that, Yeom's mother told her she was just joking and gave her suggestions on how to make the cranes better (coughs, look more like cranes). Princess later entered Yeom's room and was shocked when Yeom entered the room behind her. He asked her what she was doing there, and she whined a little, saying that Yeom should say that he missed her.

She hugged him and shyly asked if he could go to her room that night. Yeom was taken aback and stuttered about Yang Myung being there…since Yang Myung was really there, in the room, behind Yeom. Princess didn't notice this until a few sentences later, and Yang Myung laughed about how he had seen 'nothing'. 

He turned around to leave but his gait wavered when his head hurt, and Princess told him to stay since him walking around with a head injury would only cause Yeom to worry. Aww, that's sweet:D

Hwon….wow, had so much energy, he's doing push ups in his bedroom. Hahahaha. Hyung Sun and the imperial doctor were anxious for him to drink the tea and go to sleep but Hwon expressed that this was the best way to keep fit. He grew impatient at Hyung Sun's nagging, and said that now he felt like he had a lot of energy and that he felt ready to fulfil his big ambitions. Hyung Sun and the palace maids all thought that he was talking about doing it with Bo Kyung and they all looked at him gleefully. 

Hwon turned around and was like, "Why are you looking at me like this."

Hyung Sun proudly assured Hwon that he would definitely fulfil his wish, and that an heir would definitely be born.

Got to love Hyung Sun hahaha. 

Hwon was displeased at how Hyung Sun took his words at face value, and shouted that that's the reason why he couldn't discuss any matters with him. He told Hyung Sun to face the wall, and Hyung Sun weep, while turning around. He said that he was so happy because it seemed like Hwon was back to the times when he was younger, and he just wished that Hwon could be healthy like this all the time. Hwon was touched, and proceeded to drink his tea, which he spat out because it was too hot, before laughing at a very pleased Hyung Sun.

(Who continued to face the wall, by the way.)

Yeon Woo came for the second night. As she sat by Hwon's side, she talked to him in her heart, asking him how he was and saying that it's fortunate his cheeks had more colour that night. With Yeon Woo by his side, Hwon had a smile on his face, as he once more dreamt of the happy times he shared with Yeon Woo.

The next morning, Hwon laughed as he talked to Woon, and they walked past the palace maids again. The palace maids joked about how if they had such a pretty and handsome boy like Woon by their side, they wouldn't give the Queen another glance either. The Queen happened to hear this, and she fumed over how Hwon had never given her such smile before. She was so worked up she wanted to dash to Hwon immediately, but her father saw her, and chastised her for not thinking her actions through, what if her insolence caused Hwon to fall sick again?

But he dropped the final insult when he said that she couldn't even grasp a man's heart after all these years. Bo Kyung asked to see her mother. 

Hwon ran into Minister Yoon on the way back from the Sungkyunkwan ceremony and thanked him for planning the vacation well. Minister Yoon knew that he was insinuating about the child's father incident, but replied smoothly that he was glad he liked it and that he had only arranged for good ginseng to be placed in the sauna. Hwon made a few jibes about how the word ginseng also started with "people" and Minister Yoon told him that he would gladly offer him the ginseng again if Hwon needed it. (hidden kind of threat). Hwon smiled, "I await eagerly."

That night, Hwon touched his forehead and felt the lingering touch of someone else's hand. The imperial doctor came in and gave him his tea. Hwon remembered what Minister Yoon said about 'gladly offering' again, and Woon offered to test the tea for Hwon. Hwon told him that it's fine and drank it, but spluttered as he choked. He drank the rest of it in one gulp. 

I was waiting for him to choke please. 

As usual, Yeon Woo entered the room deep in the night, and sat by his side. 

In the Celestial Hall, Nok Young got pangs from her power, and realised that the star was shrouded in darkness. 

Yeon Woo leaned down to put her hand against Hwon's forehead again, murmuring that for once she's glad she's a shaman so that she could be by Hwon's side and helped him, even though she didn't know if that's counted as disrespect. A few moments later, she started getting fuzzy memories of Hwon/fuzzy Hwon and her/she didn't know who and she pulled her hand back in shock. Hwon's eyes flickered opened, causing Yeon Woo to inch backwards in terror. He grabbed her towards him, she pushed herself back, and he used that momentum to pull her onto the bed.

Yeah looks really romantic:P

But no, Hwon shouted at her, "Who are you? Say who on earth are you?!"

-the end-

Whoopie doopie! I like this episode for a few points. So far, the plot has been really closely-knitted, and we don't see unnecessary slowing down of any elements. Great, keep that pace going and you got all of us still hooked and captivated. 

I love how Yang Myung ran into Yeon Woo and tried to save her again. Even though my heart is with the Yeon Woo&Hwon couple, but it still hurts to see how Yang Myung so desperately wanted to talk to her, to protect her, and yet 'failed' in the end. To get injured, and not being able to help Yeon Woo, even though he knew that Yeon Woo was caught…that must have been quite a blow. 

I love how they kept putting Yeon Woo next to Hwon for the first few nights too. Yeon Woo didn't know who she was; Hwon didn't believe that it could be her, and they kept 'missing' each other each time Hwon decided to fall into a deep sleep. That was why I couldn't wait for Hwon to choke on his tea, since I knew from the first time he drank it, that (according to dramas) those kind of concoctions would have to be drunk in full proportions before he could really sleep the night through. And thus, I gleefully clapped my hands when Hwon spluttered and tea came dribbling. Hah. 

I'm glad that Hyung Sun is such a lovable character as well. He provides so much comic relief for the plot and he is a delightful companion to Hwon, just that his thinking will forever be simple, and just like what Hwon said, he would never be able to discuss matters with Hyung Sun. Maybe he could when he was younger, and needed his help to do things for Yeon Woo, but now, when it's about the matters of the country, he could only consult Woon. 

I do hope that all this brewing will lead to something good. 


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