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Strawberry Night Episode 3 Recap

Continuing from last week's Reiko's trauma:

After further investigation, Kikuta's senpai suggested that the possibility of someone misusing A-san's credit card was high, and that since A-san was confirmed to be overseas, there was no way he could be logging on to GaChi. 

A-san later complained, and the president even called the head to scold them for their handling of the case. Hashizume shouted at Reiko, who apologised and took responsibility for her team's failure. Imaizumi bowed in apology to Hashizume too, and that stupid Hashizume actually hit his head hard with a file. What kind of insult is that?! 

As Reiko emo-ed by the vending machines, Kikuta's senpai came over and bought a drink. Reiko asked if he's there to mock at a junior's mistake, and he replied that he's just that to show off a senior's authority. She knew that he found out that the drugs appeared in Rongponggi and asked why he didn't tell her earlier, so that she could avoid bringing in A-san. He replied that it was her own mistake, and for that she must take the responsibility. She nodded, and walked off, but Kikuta's senpai insinuated some stuff, leading her to realise that Katsumata had already some leads and was leading the investigation regarding Zebra. 

She laughed after Kikuta's senpai said that the only places she could be were just that few spots, and said that his sense of authority was not bad. He reminded her to share whatever leads she found and she promised. Reiko's team was emo-ing too, but they all brightened up when they heard Reiko running in. She was stunned to find all of them still in the office, but immediately instructed them to on further areas of investigation, before leaving with a face of determination, to face Katsumata. 

Katsumata beat up a guy and hauled him to the White House's leader, saying that he's from the Katagiri gang and he's spreading rumours that White House was the one dealing the Zebra drugs. He called Asakura later, and told him to take note when the fight happened, because that's when they would swoop in to search for the drugs. Katsumata was going to tell Asakura something about how when this investigation was over — then Asakura saw movement from the person he was supposed to follow and quickly put down the phone. 

Reiko rushed in but Katsumata, of course, refused to tell her anything useful about Zebra. He left the office, and Reiko got a call from her own team, telling her that the fourth victim was found. She hurriedly rushed off, before Katsumata realised that she had gotten a lead. He, on the other hand, desperately tried to call Asakura, but he didn't pick up, so he told one of his team members to quickly set up a team in order to nab Katagiri. 

Asakura waited and noticed the gang fight happening. He quickly ran out of the car and tried to stop the fight, before running up the stairs into the Katagiri's office….only that after he ran up, there was a gunshot and someone tumbled down the stairs. It's Asakura, and his eyes stared into a distance. Reiko learnt that the fourth victim died of the same reason as the other three, and Kikuta informed her of Asakura's demise during duty. They went for the funeral where Reiko contained her tears, and watched how Asakura's son kept asking his mother where his father was. Kikuta whispered to her that the entire Katsumata's team didn't even turn up for the funeral. Turns out they went to catch Katagiri's leader, and Katsumata gloatingly brought him back to the station. 

However, to Reiko, something was still wrong. She felt that it couldn't simply be a coincidence that all three victims had contact with Cid, and she asked for something spicy to spark her mind.

Yuda pointed to one of the dish, which was at the same time, gobbled up by Extra Guy. They all stared at him, and he made an action of spitting the food out again for Reiko. 

Oh yucks. 

She asked about the other two team members, Kikuta and Noriyuki, and found out that they were out investigating more about Cid and who had contact with him/her. They all believed that she was on the right track. 

Kikuta went to one of the companies that the victims had worked at, and rubbed his head in embarrassment when the director/manger of the company told him that he would do well in their sales department (persuasion skills etc).

He revealed that he was actually there to ask a favour from him. 

Noriyuki had a long list of people who chatted with Cid before, and he went to talk to them, each and everyone of them, to find out what the contents of those conversations were. While doing that, he also lay a bait, by playing the GaChi game and asking around if anyone knew how to make copies of a credit card. 

Hashizume announced that they would be combining the two teams with Hatsumata's team to continue investigation. Hatsumata didn't like that, because he thought that the case was over. A young doctor was told to share his research regarding the case, and he stood up, and spoke in a meek voice, causing Hatsumata to mock at him.

Seriously old guy, get your ego in check.

Old Guy's Ego got deflated though, when the doctor concluded after a long detailed report, that the components of the drugs found from the Katagiri's leader differed slightly from those found in the fourth victim's apartment in that the ones given to the victims had milk as one of the components. This means that Katagiri, just like what the leader confessed, only produced fake Zebras to soil White House's name, but didn't actually produce those that were consumed by the victims. Imaizume gave different duties to the three teams, and Katsumata banged the table hard with both hands, as he took in the blow of realising that he didn't actually catch the mastermind. 

Kikuta told Reiko that he had something to tell her, and brought her to a side to talk privately. Extra Guy tagged along, and well, he was being really obvious…and extra.

Ignoring the Extra Guy, Kikuta told Reiko that he suspected that someone who knew one of the victims had known about the Zebra pills because mentions of the pills made news really quickly, so that person must have leaked it out to the media. He lay a bait by asking the company leaders to help him in disseminating false information that the police would be carrying out urine tests on every employee. True enough, one employee took the bait, and took the leave on that day. Reiko was pleased and quickly returned to her team, while Kikuta and Extra Guy 'competed' with each other/Extra Guy being extra, of who should walk behind Reiko. 


Noriyuki questioned one high school girl who remembered chatting about music and fashion with Cid. He then received a text from someone who offered to do the fake copies for him. Reiko pretended to be one of the new neighbours to get the 'sick' employee to open the door. When he did, she made a jibe about how healthy he looked, and revealed that she's the police. Extra Guy stuck a foot, literally, in between the gap so that the employee couldn't close the door. He then proceeded to jump off his balcony but was arrested by Kikuta. Extra Guy wanted to help and jumped off the balcony too, but was…unfortunately hurt with a back sprain.

Reiko questioned the employee and confirmed that the first victim got his zebra pills from someone named Cid on the GaChi game. She got a call from Ishikura, telling her that the fourth victim had contact with Cid as well. Then, Noriyuki called her to report about baiting the guy who made clone credit cards, and he earned the praise of, "Well done," by Reiko. 

Reiko felt that maybe the motives behind this incident weren't as 'big', 'ambitious' as they thought. She wondered out loud why milk was included in the pills, and Extra Guy remarked that the pills should might as well be called Cow Pills. She murmured the word cow, and got a flash of recollection – a pair of slippers with cow prints – and praised Extra Guy. 

I'm not sure if you're supposed to know at this point in time, but since I've always had my suspicions, I recognised the slippers as the ones that A-san's daughter wore. 

Reiko called Imaizume and told him her suspicions. He reminded her that they couldn't make another mistake any more, and she was thankful for another chance, requesting Imaizume to send her a photo. Noriyuki couldn't wait for Reiko's team, so he and another guy met up with the man first. Upon realising that they were from the police, the man took out a knife and this caused Noriyuki to recall the incident of someone being knifed. Fortunately, Reiko's team arrived on time to corner the man, and he reluctantly dropped his knife, knowing that he couldn't run. Reiko showed him a photo on her phone, and asked if he had helped that person make a clone card before. 

And yep, I was right!(: A-san's daughter was brought in for questioning. It was easy enough initially; she didn't even bother denying that she was the one who made a clone credit card from her father's and even said righteously that both parties were made happy (since her father didn't check his credit card bills.) Then, Reiko showed her the photos of the four victims, and asked if she practised prostitution with them. 

Wow, the daughter didn't deny that either. The other team members watched from another room and were disgusted with her. So was Reiko, and her voice rose in volume as she asked if the girl had passed the Zebra pills to the four victims. The girl scoffed and said those were Milk Pills. A man, whom she found disgusting, made those pills for her after she said that she liked cow prints. She revealed the name, and Katsumata's team member was sent to nab him. 

"I gave those pills to them purely because they wanted it. I didn't do anything wrong," she smiled. 

Argh just smack this girl already. She even elaborated on how she was different in her acts of prostitution. Other girls did it for money, but she had money, and so she did it for…fun. She got pissed off at Reiko when she mentioned 'society', saying that it had nothing to do with her, but her façade disappeared when Reiko worked herself up into a rant about how she could destroy her life, by telling her principal, her school, her friends, her parents about what she did. 

Kikuta took notes quietly from a side, and watched Reiko closely.

The girl stressed again that it wasn't her fault -she truly believed so/she was convinced- and Reiko shouted, "Stop joking with me!" She forced the girl to look the photos of the victims and their corpses.

The girl kept turning her head away, but Reiko pushed her head back down at the table, and showed her the photo of Asakura.

Seriously, I just can't believe how this girl can possibly convinced herself that she did nothing wrong. 

She stood up and murmured, "I'm sorry." Reiko was outraged and pushed her against a wall, "Just a small chit like you who couldn't even be responsible for your own actions, don't be so arrogant here!" At the same beat as her last word, she punched the metal next to the girl's head. 

The girl opened her eyes in terror. Finally, the enormity of what she had done finally hit her, and she started crying. 

Well, you did take some time to realise something so simple, didn't you. 

Hashizume left the other room and told Imaizume to ask Reiko to submit a reflection, "She was a little harsh." When the interrogation room was empty and dark, the camera showed a dent in the metal that Reiko had punched. Owww. 

Noriyuki looked at Reiko's bag and made a face.

Not too sure how I'm supposed to interpret that actually – a smile, a grimace, a concerned face?

Kikuta's senpai came over with coffee and Kikuta complained about how he couldn't down two cups of coffee, before the senpai told him that the extra cup was for Reiko. 

Wow, does he have feelings for Reiko too? (Hehe, fine I shall stop imagining things.)

Reiko returned to the station and tried to massage her right hand discretely. Katsumata walked past her and told her that the culprit was caught by his team. He left after saying that Reiko was really stupid. Asakura's wife put her son to sleep and looked at Asakura's portrait with sadness. Then, the bell rang, and something fell into the mailbox. She opened it, and there was a small box containing a miniature bus. She quickly ran out into the street, and we see the back view of Katsumata…as he brought his hands up to his face…looking suspiciously like he's wiping his tears.

Fine, I'm softening towards this old man. 

Reiko, on the other hand, had a face of constipation for a few seconds before she released the pen she gripped in her right hand. She removed the bandage from her knuckles, and was grossed out by the enormous bruises.


She muttered, "If only I had used my left hand…"

-the end-

I'm sorry for the late recap! I know that a lot of you guys need this because the English subbed videos don't get released that quickly (actually I'm not sure. I haven't checked for ages) but Japanese Dramas/Doramas always take so long to be recapped, even though they are often less than an hour long! They compact so many things in every single minute, that if you wish to write a detailed (and I hope, good) recap, the actions to note are just crazy. 

I hope you guys enjoy this! I'm glad that Reiko didn't suffer another setback, but I will love to see some more back story — what's up  with Reiko, and why does Noriyuki seem to contain more secrets than he let on? I can already start deducing, but I shall not make any conclusive guesses yet!(: 

I wish Kikuta and Reiko do get together in the end. Heh. 

…Reiko, you are one strong woman.


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