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I've realised that something is wrong with my Episode 8 Recap on The Moon That Embraces The Sun because it got crawled way slower than any of my previous entries, and thanks to how slow it got crawled, it affected the 'ranking' it appeared on Google Search (not too sure about the other search engines). 

That was kind of a put-off, because I woke up really early (like wayyy earlier) just to write the recap (was so excited to watch it haha, and then share my thoughts) and! Now this means that hardly anyone reads the Episode 8 recap. Okay not really, but probably half of the readers of Episode 7's Recap.  I don't get it –how can just a day make so much difference in the crawling speed?– so it was a bit of an anti-climax. 

Right, but this isn't a post to complain!(: It's just to tell you guys, especially those who check for regular updates on this drama's recaps/ another other series', that should you not be able to find my recaps on Google Search, do remember to check out this livejournal itself! Maybe it has already been lying here for many hours, waiting for someone to read it(: 

Put-off reason no. 2 was because Episode 8's Recap was probably the last recap I could get out fast and on time. If you've noticed, Strawberry Night and Ending Planner are taking me ages to write, because I've been so busy recently. And from next week onwards, I've a whole new different commitment altogether, so everything might get delayed. I will still try to be on track as much as possible, so haha, don't ditch me~ 

Hehe and this sounds out of place, but thank you guys for being so supportive! Even though most of you are silent readers lurking around, (comment!! You know that we drama bloggers love comments. At least I do!) the pageviews and uniques for the past few days have been amazing and I couldn't have done it, of course, without you!(: 


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  1. You’re welcome!(: I’m glad you discovered this livejournal and share my obsession with this show:D

    Me too! I tend to judge actors a lot based on their crying scenes/ or any other moving scenes and the young actors were just so good. Even though they were really young, they showed acting that was of a maturity. Haha I know what you mean…I hope there are going to be some really good adult scenes coming up!


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