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If there's something called premature drama blues, I believe I may be having it. The rumour of an extension of The Moon That Embraces The Sun doesn't help much in soothing the blues, and in fact, I can't quite determine whether I'm happy or worried about the rumour. Yeah sure, who wouldn't want extra episodes of awesome Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun!), Yeon Woo and more, but I've watched dramas extend their plot lines which then drag on till the cows come home. 

BLUESSS. Am I the only one with them?



  1. Anonymous says

    No, you’re not the only one. I’ve been in a drama lull since FBRS ended. None of the currently airing dramas has held my attention (except 12 Men in a Year, but it’s hard to find subs)
    I’m hoping Rooftop Prince delivers…


    • Hahaha, so from that I assume you aren’t watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun then? But there’s Jung Il Woo in it and he was from Ramyun Shop right?((:


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