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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 17 Recap

OH MY GAWD. This episode is the epitome of cuteness between Hwon and Yeon Woo!! I could hardly contain my squeals and laughs as I watch how sweet Yeon Woo and Hwon are to each other<3 Perfect. 

(And I totally got carried away with the screencaps. Twice the usual number of caps!:O)

So, I'm sure you guys still remember the scene which we left off last week, with Hwon's heart-wrenching wails that chalk the ratings up over 40% *victory dance*. 

We come back this week, with Yang Myung and Yeon Woo walking out of Hwal In Seo, and Yang Myung extracting a promise from Yeon Woo that she would not disappear without any notice again. She reminded him that she's a criminal and could hardly be expected to disappear from Hwal In Seo, and he had that almost-desperate glimpse of hope in his eyes, as he murmured, "You are a criminal, not just a criminal but Shaman Wol."

It's as if he is teetering on the edge of a cliff, and he just manages to grab a bunch of grass for support…but Yang Myung, that grass will give way, and you know that even if you hide the truth…it will still come to light. 

He apologised for sounding as if he's gloating over her situation, and left. Yeon Woo thought nothing about it, until Yang Myung's words — the relief that she's not officially NOT Shaman Wol and the tone — alerted her to something. 

Yang Myung passed by three men on an empty street, and he spun around, feeling the aura of death in the air. Yeon Woo looked worriedly in the distance at which Yang Myung left, and turned to return to Hwal In Seo, when a voice (that, I'm sorry, sounded remotely like a ghost) called out yearningly, "Yeon Woo ah. Yeon Woo ah." Yeon Woo looked for the source of the voice, and viola, there was Hwon, standing a distance away. 

She watched as he walked closer and asked if he's a hallucination. 

Hwon assured her that he's the King and "I've come to find you, Yeon Woo," and tears welled up in her eyes.

He murmured an apology, "It took me so long to recognise you, I'm really such a fool."

Yeon Woo finally broke down in tears, and Hwon stepped forward to embrace her, as she sobbed into his arms.

While Yang Myung watched on from a distance away. AWW. 

Hear that? Yeah, my heart's breaking a little. 

Yang Myung walked back out dejectedly, when he ran into Woon on the bridge. Woon put a finger on his lips, as Yang Myung, who was about to have an angry reunion with Woon I suppose, and three men appeared behind him. Hey! How did Yang Myung get to Hwal In Seo before the three men! (having a really funny image of him running with wind under his feet. Okay, I'm mad) Woon took care of the three men without a hair out of place (I always know that I will love Woon:D) but he also realised that this meant the King was in danger. He took off, and Yang Myung followed, after picking up one of the assassin's sword. 

Indeed, we switch back to Hwon and Yeon Woo being surrounded by assassins, as they retreated back slowly, with them holding each other's hands.

Aww, so sweet:D It's like a symbol of trust that they place in each other. 

One assassin lunged forward…and Woon dashed in to ward them off. Yang Myung joined in the fight, killed one but got injured himself. I wonder if anyone noticed how Hwon has placed Yeon Woo behind him to protect her?:P Small things like this always get to me:P Hwon called out, "Hyung-nim!" worriedly and took the sword to kill the assassin. Which kind of came as a mild shock to me, because I've realised that I've never actually seen Hwon kill anyone:O

Another wave of assassins came running towards them, and Hwon exchanged a look with Yang Myung before joining in the fight with Woon. Yang Myung knew what Hwon meant, and grabbed Yeon Woo's hand to pull her into a run. After the fight was over, Hwon and Woon tried to find the both of them, but to no avail. Minister Yoon was determined to kill Yeon Woo and Nok Young and ordered another search for them. Nok Young was instructed to go into hiding until Hwon's summon for her, and halfway through, Seol ran off, but Nok Young knew where she was going, and that she would return.

Hwon returned to the palace a fuming man. 

And an injured man. Right now, Hwon's actions are just crazily adding points in my mind. I mean, a cool guy who is injured but does not even wince or remotely care about it? (Oh, like City Hunter!) I'm in. 😀

Yang Myung brought Yeon Woo to his mother, before fainting in exertion as his injury took its toll on him. His mother was instantly reminded of a 13 year old Yeon Woo when she saw the grown up Yeon Woo. When the both of them took care of a moaning Yang Myung, his mother asked if she was Minister Heo's daughter, and Yeon Woo admitted, causing her to tremble and cry, asking why Yang Myung chose to be entangled in such a bitter love. 

I knowww right. I ask that every time I see a second lead and his broken heart T.T Later, Yang Myung's mother told Yeon Woo that Yang Myung had mentioned a girl whom he's willing to put down everything for, and she guessed that he must have wanted to let her see who was the girl that moved him so. Woon watched from a side, showing that he had managed to find them…but he returned to the palace and told Hwon that they were nowhere to be found. Hwon looked at him, and ordered Woon to follow him.

Hey, I'm sure Hwon saw through you. They went to his bathroom, where Hwon ordered everyone else to vacate except Hyung Sun. 

Then, he asked for Woon's sword, drew it…and held it up to Woon's neck. 

Hwon then ordered, "Take off your clothes now."

Which caused Hyung Sun to place his arms around his chest. Hahahaha. Woon hardly bat an eyelid, and Hwon said it's not fun to play pranks on him when he didn't even have reactions. He then ordered Woon to take a bath, and when Woon said he couldn't, he reiterated that it's a royal order. 

"If you refuse to comply, that's being disloyal. If you pass the cold to me, that's being disloyal…and not being able to decide between me and my brother, that's mutiny."

Ah yes, Hwon knew that Woon was lying. He handed the sword over to Hyung Sun and instructed him to chop off Woon's head should he come out of the bath earlier than what he had stated. "Even though I can't give you wealth and fame, but..I treasure you more than anyone else." If Woon had troubles, Hwon would felt it too. Now, did anyone notice Hyung Sun holding the sword and giving Woon an uncertain look? Hahahah. 

Yang Myung woke up and panicked, thinking that Yeon Woo might have left. He was relieved when he saw Yeon Woo chatting with his mother, and they went for a stroll. Yeon Woo asked if it was the Burden Stone that made him realise that she wasn't Wol but Yeon Woo. Yang Myung replied that the name of the stone was something he created for her, and so no one else could have known about it. 

He told her that he had felt really blissful, for that period of time when he woke up everyday and there was somewhere he could go, somewhere where people needed him, and where he could see the person he wanted to see.

Yeon Woo thanked him for being the light in his life when she felt like she couldn't go on…but she still couldn't give him the answer that he wanted, "So please free yourself, and meet a new fate."

She requested for him to be happy and blissful, and bade her farewell. She walked past him, but he reached out for her arm. "In the last life, you were the King's woman…in this life, couldn't you be mine?"

Sigh Yang Myung…

A voice cut in, "Absolutely not." The two of them turned around to find (a fuming) Hwon and Woon. Hwon told Woon to bring Yeon Woo back and Yeon Woo left, after giving them worried glances. Hwon told Yang Myung that he's committing treason for running away with the King's woman.

You know what, I don't think it's apt for Hwon to bring in the law here…but since I'm obviously three quarters on Hwon's camp and only one quarter on Yang Myung's, I don't think Yang Myung's entirely right in disappearing with Yeon Woo too. Hwon's worried but he can only show it through displeasure. And that is why we see a strong brotherhood gone sour.

Hwon tossed Yang Myung a sword, and told him that with that sword, should he cut off the King's head, he would be the next King.  He drew his…and Yang Myung followed suit. The swords clashed, and we suddenly had a flashback of the young boys sparring with wooden swords and Yang Myung had, within a series of attacks, his sword at Hwon's neck. We switch back to the present with the exact same situation.

Hwon yelled at Yang Myung, asking him if he thought that being a King meant he would have everything, and Yang Myung replied that at least he wouldn't be charged with treason. Hwon then shouted for him to cut off his head then, and he stared at Yang Myung unflinchingly…but we all know that Yang Myung will not cut off his head. Yang Myung's eyes filled with tears, but he dropped the sword and turned around.

Hwon reminded him that he was the one who gave up the opportunity that day, and "Don't think of seeking another."

I reallyyy like the interjection of the childhood memory in the scene. It is so apt and full of impact. When they were young, before Yeon Woo, the throne and everything else came into the picture, they had a pure relationship of kinship, and friendship. A spar that was only in good fun. But now, eight years later, everything has changed. A spar that means a lot more — the throne, Yeon Woo, their relationship. It seems like nothing has changed, Hwon still loses the game, but in fact, everything has changed. 

Hwon returned to his supposedly-empty room, and started talking to Yeon Woo who was hidden. He asked if she didn't want to be here in the palace, to which Yeon Woo answered with another question, "Will you let me go if I don't want to be here?" Hwon looked down, downcast, but up again with anticipation when Yeon Woo continued, "My heart already belongs to you. What are you worried about?"

He got her permission to open the door, and the palace maids hastily pulled back the paper wall…to reveal Yeon Woo, with pretty flowers adorning her hair, pretty make up, pretty clothes. Very pretty, in other words, and Hwon was reduced to being a typical guy who was speechless when he saw his date at prom or something. 


He asked her to come closer, and she inched forward. Woman, can you stop being shy and taking baby steps? He told her impatiently to come even closer, and yet again, she inched forward. Hwon couldn't contain himself anymore and closed the distance to hug her. 

Everyone averted their eyes hahaha, and Yeon Woo reminded him that there's still people in the room. So what did Hwon do? He pulled back from Yeon Woo, stared at a grinning Hyung Sun (who was literally grinning from ear to ear) and indicated with his expression

that everyone should get of the room. Now. 

Hahahaha. Hyung Sun shuffled everyone out of the room, with a aww expression.

HAHA. I loveee Hyung Sun. 

After they were alone, Hwon looked at her 

-pause- tch I thought that he's going to swoop in for a kiss. But he didn't, instead he hugged her again, saying her name repeatedly, as if to assure the both of them that this was real, that they were finally reunited after eight years.

AWW. You hear me squealing??

I can understand what Hwon's doing — after all, isn't this like what they always say, that the safest place to hide something is always in the most obvious place? I just don't think it's smart to involve the palace maids in this. They have mouths, they talk. 

Hwon burst out into a smile the next day when he remembered what happened. Then, he froze, turned around…and saw a beaming Hyung Sun, hahahaha, who stopped grinning for a split second but decided to continue in the end. Hwon continued walking with a straight face, and Woon smiled behind him before a smile appeared on his face again. Awww I love, love this scene. 

Hwon ran into Minister Yoon who asked about his health and his near death. Hwon questioned why he knew about this accident, since the only people who should know about his near assassination would be the people on the scene, and the assassins. Minister Yoon did not flinch at all, and said that it's the ministers' job to monitor the King. Hwon then said that he should learn some sword skills from Minister Yoon in the upcoming competition. Minister Yoon acted humble, saying that it's not really skills but more of a determination to carry through once he had his target.

Hwon thanked him for his useful tip and left. 

He tried to read the petitions in peace, but he couldn't concentrate at all. Talking to Yeon Woo, who was immersed in a book, he was frustrated that Yeon Woo found a book more interesting than him. He flung his scrolls off his arms in exasperation, and his eyes lit up with a stroke of inspiration.

Hahahah. Oh oh, I really love this Hwon that is just like his childhood self. 

Yeon Woo was so immersed in her book that she was startled to look up and see Hwon standing in front of her…with his table of petitions. He sat down and started reading his petitions, while Yeon Woo asked if he was jealous of the author of the book. He laughed it off, and asked indignantly whether she knew how hard it was for him, in a palace full of ladies, to protect his pure first love, and that he had never loved someone else. 

She questioned his statement of "physical strength and determination" and he said that she didn't know how much control it took to contain a man with boiling blood. Hahahaha, Yeon Woo sulked that he had lied — he did love someone else, and that was Wol. Hwon quickly defended himself, that it was just a moment of infatuation, "But wait…aren't you Wol?" Heheheh. Kill me now, this conversation is toooo cute for words. 

And it gets better!! Hwon started laughing over how Yeon Woo got jealous of herself.

Yeon Woo sulked even more and hid her face behind her book (aww!!). Hwon smiled and set his table aside, before moving forward and removing her book. Okay, am I the only whose heart thumps a bit faster when he took the book away??:P

"You getting jealous of yourself is funny, but I'm not exactly normal, having fallen in love twice with the same woman." Oh wait, but that is kinda sweet, don't you think?:P 

And he leaned in for a kiss.


(and hastily start screen capping yeah hahaha)

I must establish the fact that I try not to watch previews of a show because 1. I don't like how editors cheat my feelings haha 2. I don't like knowing possible spoilers either! Having watched so many dramas, it's very easy to put 1 and 1 together and knowing not just 2, but a whole lot of other things. Which takes a lot of fun out of watching the drama. 

SO. I was every bit as taken aback as Yeon Woo, hehe.

He then pulled back, smiled smugly,

while Yeon Woo continued being flustered and surprised,

and he went right back to reading his petitions. Hahahaha. So cute, so cute. It's like….the lack of physical contact in this show, makes that one kiss all the more cuter and sweeter, and awww. 

Evil Dowager found out that Yeon Woo was still alive, put things together and raged about how Nok Young dared to do such a thing to her. Evil Villain guessed that Hwon had hidden Nok Young and Yeon Woo, seeing that both of them had disappeared at such impeccable timing. He felt that this meant that Hwon was either waiting for an opportunity or hadn't yet found out the whole truth. Either way, it's best to get rid of the two most important people in this whole event. As if we couldn't feel how sinister they are, the camera zoomed in on their faces in a realllyyyy weird and dramatic way. Okay we get it. 

Dowager decided to pay Hwon a visit, who at this point in time, seemed to be seriously engaged in his work. Yeon Woo looked up from her book and Hwon noticed, giving her a smile. 

And she smiled back.

And all that cuteness and love going between them, is making me smile too. -flapping my hands excitedly in the air-

But wait, Dowager came to his chambers and a startled Hyung Sun (who was initially grinning by the way, at the rate he's going, he could be the next Cheshire cat) declared her presence by shouting, "YOURR MAJESSTYYY, THE GREAT DOWAGER HASSS ARRIVEEEDDD." Hahahaha, this episode is so delightful. Hwon and Yeon Woo looked up in alarm as Hyung Sun's voice resonated, and he repeated his announcement one more time, before an impatient Dowager cut him short and entered the room….to find Hwon standing with his table of petitions. She gave him a strange look, and he proceeded to lift the table repeatedly, claiming that it's for exercise.

Oh myyyy save me, I'm clapping my hands and laughing my head off. 

But we cut to the serious stuff, and Dowager mentioned the favour that Hwon had promised her earlier when she had saved Yeon Woo's life. She wanted him to personally bring Nok Young and Yeon Woo to her. She revealed that she knew he was investigating the case eight years ago, and told him the same piece of advice she had told him then, that he should just follow what the fates had dictated. If they had covered the incident up, it must be for a reason — for the people Hwon loved, and she told him to think about it himself. "Who are the people that you hold dearest?" 

Hwon assured her that he would fulfil his promise, but muttered silently that the moment she got to see Nok Young and Yeon Woo, would be in the courts, as the witness and victim respectively, and the Dowager the criminal. Yeon Woo sat in the secret room, and murmured with tears, "Brother."

We cut to Yeom who thought about Kyu Tae's investigation and decided to take a word in the courtyard. Hearing a noise, he found Seol and remembered her as the girl who served Yeon Woo. She told him that she had met with a very good master, while calling Yeom the young master. Yeom reminded her that she's free now, and did not need to call him the young master, but she murmured in her heart that he would always be the young master to her. Yeom's mother came out, wanting to take the Princess into the palace to see the doctor, and Seol ran away. 

Deep into the night, Yeon Woo reminded gently for Hwon to go to sleep. Hwon decided to make use of the night to take a stroll with Yeon Woo, and they walked past the Hidden Moon Halls. He asked Yeon Woo why she didn't confess the other time that she had already gained back her memories, and she replied that she couldn't bear to reveal the truth, not when he already had Bo Kyung — and we cut to Bo Kyung, who woke up from a nightmare and told her attendant that since the cries from the Hidden Moon Halls had stopped, it only meant one thing — the owner of the chambers had come back to claim her place. She demanded to see her father, but stopped herself, muttering out loud that her father would be displeased to see her in that state. 

Then, she demanded to see the spy that she had placed by Hwon's side. And here's when I get irritated at Hwon for allowing the palace maids to have even seen Yeon Woo in his room. We return to Hwon and Yeon Woo, where Yeon Woo told Hwon that she couldn't bring herself to reveal her existence, knowing how much chaos it would bring to the courts, and how she felt guilty for not being able to recognise Hwon. 

Hwon spun around, telling her that it's HIS fault for not being able to recognise her instead. "When you were facing the terror and suffering of death, I couldn't do anything." Yeon Woo quickly denied it, saying that she felt like she could leave the world without regrets, knowing that Hwon remembered her in that eight years.

I'm glad they didn't start going into the It's my fault, No! It's my fault, no my fault!! because I hate it when leads start being all noble and STUPID. It's my pet peeve, don't ever go into that landmind.

Hwon said with determination that he would punish those people who had caused her suffering, but Yeon Woo, knowing what was the true implication, asked if he should just let things be. He was taken aback, seeing that she was the one who assured him that the truth would always be revealed one day. 

Yeon Woo was worried that the truth would only hurt Hwon even more, and that she's satisfied just to be by his side. Hwon asked, "That kind of place which barely sees the sunlight, do you like it?" "Because I have the sun by my side, I don't need other sunlight." Hwon looked at her, touched.

I'm touched too~ And he pulled her to somewhere — his court. Hwon recalled how the first time they met each other, Yeon Woo brought to mind a question of how a king should behave, and he realised that if there's something unreasonable or questionable, then there must be a problem behind it. 

Thus, every time when he listened to the matters of the commoners, he would remember her and Yeom, and think about how they would advice him if they had been by his side. He held her hand and walked a little closer to his usual seat, telling her that he got the craftsmen to come up with something based on the moon and the sun, and he had planned to propose to her with it.

"To request that you be my moon." He let go of her hand, and reached into his sleeve to bring out a pouch. Inside, was a hairpin that was exactly the same as the one he gave her eight years ago. Turns out that the hairpins were meant to be a pair and he had planned to give her the other one after she became his bride.

He handed her the hairpin, and she took it.

He then reached into his sleeve to take out another pouch (hahaha, just how many things do you have up there, Your Majesty?), telling Yeon Woo that after she came into the palace, he had gotten people to get her belongings from Hwal In Seo, and there was the other hairpin. He handed that one over to her too.

"And now, they are finally together."

Gah, with the verse of the sad theme song playing in the background, I'm starting to tear. Yeon Woo started crying, and Hwon reached out to wipe her tears, before leaning in for another kiss. 

With the chorus playing, the camera turns around them,

And ahhh.

-the end-

This episode draws all sorts of reactions from me, that I feel almost ashamed in saying that I was definitely very audible while watching this. Who could contain her (and er…his?) squeals seriously, when you are watching this amazing couple?? I don't care that this episode hardly makes any movement in terms of plot with regards to Evil Dowager & Villainous Official's plan; I mean, I could watch this everyyy dayyy. But if you think about it, this show functions on a very simple plot. At about Episode 10, I wondered worriedly if the drama was just going to be about finding out that Wol was Yeon Woo, and revealing the big conspiracy. And true enough, that was basically all that would be happening for the last three episodes, which is why I hope the Big Fight of Hwon Versus Every Other Evil Person in Palace will be huge and memorable…like wasn't Minister Yoon preparing troops secretly or something?

I have come to love the sad songgg (For your info, I think it's called Back In Time) SO MUCH. It's an amazing track, I loveee it. Love, love, love. 

So a couple of things to comment on this episode. You know I love it, you could definitely tell from the number of caps, and my reactions. The cute moments aside (It will take a day for me to get all the gushing out of the system), I love how the scenes are placed in relation with each other. The two kisses that happen in this episode take place with a much different feel. The first one was playful, almost cheeky and was meant for us to squeal and clap and dance around, I don't care if you didn't, because if you had just sat on your chair without even thinking a single thing like SO CUTE, I don't know what you have been watching. 😛 The second kiss was much more touching in a way, and will be what I consider, the 'first' kiss of their relationship, if you know what I mean. 

It's the kiss that they never had, it's the kiss that showed their love for each other and their promises. 

I kind of really like it too, that Hwon was the one who fought off the assassins while Yang Myung got injured…and my reason is childish in a way. I'm obviously a Hwon — Yeon Woo shipper, and I want to see Hwon protect Yeon Woo in the physical sense. I've watched so many times a second lead sacrificing himself so that the main couple could escape, and this is different. It shows that Yang Myung is not the only one who is able to protect Yeon Woo, and that in a situation where it's no longer King and His Brother, they both have equal standing. 

I appreciate the fact that Yeon Woo remains true to Hwon to the very end. I know, it will be entirely illogical and distasteful if she had wavered for Yang Myung, but I still remain grateful that she has an iron stand about loving Hwon, regardless whether as Wol or Yeon Woo. And that she didn't play Yang Myung on, so I could be sad for Yang Myung that he didn't get Yeon Woo's love, but at least he wasn't led on thinking that he had a chance. I wonder if the common goal of protecting Yeon Woo will bring the two brothers together again though. 

This episode is so. adorable. Please comment! 



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    love love love

    there’s so much love in this episode..

    I love it when Hyung Sun place his arms around his chest.. hahaha


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