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Oh it has been one hectic week, what with the dramas coming to a close. The Moon That Embraces The Sun finally hits a closure, with whooping high ratings, and I'm so glad for that. Kim Soo Hyun is definitely on my celeb-radar list now, and I absolutely can't wait to watch his next acting project! Please let it be a drama, and not movies, we definitely need 20 episodes of you to be satisfied. Pretty Little Liars was sooo good in the last episode! Season finale's in a few days, and wowww, I'm so excited to know who A is! 

Ending Planner has reached its last episode too, and all loose ends get tied up. The recap is in the making right now, so please wait patiently!(: I'm catching up on Strawberry Night at the same time too, and hur hur, am obviously waiting for any sweet Kikuta — Reiko moments. As if that's not enough, I've finished watching Dream High and I'm wondering if I should watch Dream High 2. 

Once in a while, I get this spark of motivation to do something to my livejournal. I change the profile, the sticky note, the layout and so on. It's like a spring cleaning session, to clean out the old and improve for the better. This time round, I've decided to do something different, and that's setting up a shop. Yes, you've read it right. I was just playing around on the net, wondering what I can do and this option pops into my mind. It's a really small project right now, and I don't ever plan to make it big. Heck, I don't even think anything will get sold but it was fun coming up with the first three products of my shop. Heh heh, and so here, I bring you: http://www.cafepress.com/thoughtsramble

I will continue to come up with more designs and products, and leave them hanging in the shop, where hopefully, they will get new owners. I must confess that I don't know much details at all yet, so if you have any queries about the exchange rate, or how to purchase the products, I'm afraid I can't help you out here (I'm floundering in all the details too). Also, I've tried doing my research, but reviews about cafepress ranged from awful to wonderful. 0.0 Most of the complaints had to do with t-shirts, and so I'm sticking to the safe side here first. However, if you have any comments or feedback, like this sucks, just stick to blogging! or I'm not so sure about cafepress, please do leave those comments here and I will try to work on it!(:



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