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Haha I'm only writing about this, because this place is primarily a place for my thoughts to ramble on…and so, my words are merely a process of my thoughts, and not necessarily a conclusion of my feelings. 

For the past few months, I've been following more drama blogs. I didn't do that previously, because I didn't want someone else's writing style affects what I'm thinking and feeling, but lately most of the blogs I follow don't quite write on the same things as I do, and I realise that reading their sites won't quite bring any negative impacts. The thing is, the more I expand the zone of exploration, the more it hits me…that there are quite a few sites out there that are quite famous within a year of setting up. It didn't matter whether they are good or not (I'm not here to criticise) but I could see the amount of effort that has gone into the websites and I'm glad that they have grown so much. 

But this leaves me thinking…(once again, I hear you groan), where do I stand exactly? Some sites jump by leaps within a few months, some have lesser readerships but have great number of comments. If I say that I've been working hard on thoughtsramble for two years* already and counting, and I'm probably not even half as known as those who have started a year ago, then what does this represent? It seems, let's put it childishly, a little unfair at first, because some of these people start out with 'connections', i.e they got famous elsewhere first, so their readers followed them to the new blog. But come on, you can't blame everything on the heavens for being unfair. There must be something that they are doing right and I'm doing wrong…or is it? Or is it that I just don't have enough luck and time? A genuine question there. 

Of course, I give myself some slack. I'm probably one of the younger ones doing this and blah, but no matter what, the urge to compare is still there. Comments? Uncheck. People can go up to 100 comments on one post and I'm not even talking about dramabeans here. Readership? Okay, half-check (a pause in rant here, to say thank you to you guys<3). Do people actually know you?? Uncheck. 

And then I hesitate about posting this, because I don't want to seem as if I'm whining and complaining like a pathetic three year old kid…because I'm not. I'm just feeling pensive and sad but this mood will pass, as most of you usual readers should know. Thoughtsramble gets into her mood, she posts, she thinks, she gets over it. No big deal, she hopes.


*Hahaha call me bipolar if you want, but I'm tickled at how I just found out that my blog wasn't two years old at all 0.0 My memory is horrendous! 

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